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For most, the Greek life system is as quintessential to the college experience as the library or sports. Students entering college right out of high school sometimes know what sorority or fraternity they’re going to join before they even know what their major will be. Considering the fact that the students within a chosen Greek organization are likely to live together, take classes together and participate in community service and other social activities together, where a student decides to pledge is the kind of choice that will have lasting implications. 

As a student, you can switch your major, you can play a different sport if you decide you no longer like football, but a lot of Greek organizations have it down in their bylaws that you can’t join them if you’ve been a part of a rival fraternity or sorority on campus. With so much riding on this decision, it’s no wonder students take issues surrounding Greek life so seriously. A great level of care goes into choosing which sorority or fraternity to join, and it only makes sense that these organizations give as much thought and consideration to the design of their custom challenge coins.  

The Greek life organizations that choose Signature Coins to deliver their challenge coin needs do so because we’ve offered excellent customer service and high-quality products for over 15 years. We’ve worked hard to earn the business of Fortune 500 companies, branches of the U.S. military and government, and special interest groups around the world. And through hard work and dedication, as well as providing an unparalleled customer service experience, we’ve been able to keep our customers’ business for years after their initial order. The same bonds of loyalty that sustain your sorority or fraternity are what propel our business ever forward. 

Challenge Coins and the Stepping Tradition

The traditions surrounding Greek life offer ample opportunity for participants to earn challenge coins. One of the unique opportunities available to fraternity and sorority members alike is the ability to incorporate challenge coins into the tradition of Stepping. 

With origins in historically African American fraternities and sororities, Stepping has roots dating back to the early 1900s. “Greek sings” were events in which chapters would get together and sing uplifting songs and cheers about their organizations. These would often take place upon welcoming in new pledges and served to show pride in the fraternity or sorority. Over time, movement such as marching and clapping was added to the singing, and from there is was only a matter of time before the rhythmic stomp and percussion aspects of Step grew. 

Today, Stepping has grown into a nationally popular competition, and challenge coins fit in perfectly with any kind of competition. Sports medals and challenge coins are becoming more popular as they instill team unity and provide an incentive to push harder to achieve even greater goals. While your fraternity or sorority is training for its next Step competition or performance, use your custom Greek challenge coins to inspire the team to push themselves even further and create a show that will amaze the judges. 

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Sorority Challenge Coins

Originally termed “women’s fraternities,” sororities have been in existence since 1851 with the formation of Alpha Delta Pi. As with a lot of aspects of women’s education in this country, the existence of sororities served to prove the fact that women and men are equal and deserve equal access to the same resources. It was clear that fraternities served as hubs for networking and academic advancement, and by creating an equal system, women were staking their claim to the same opportunities. 

Like the military tradition that precedes them, sorority challenge coins help to build a sense of unity and sisterhood amongst the members of the sorority who carry them. They can be earned by pledges as a way to welcome them to the group. The coins can also be earned by established and alumni women within the Greek organization for reaching certain goals and milestones. 


Fraternity Challenge Coins


Founded with an interest in sharpening its members’ oratory and debate skills, fraternities have been apart of the American higher learning system for as long as it’s existed. In the early days, college men would gather together and hold debates and increase their knowledge about subjects not included in the traditional university curriculum. At their inception, these organizations were frowned upon by the faculty and administrators of the universities who sought to keep aspects of education tightly controlled and modulated. 

As secret organizations, fraternities have long used a complex set of identification symbols. These have included handshakes, Greek letters, pins, badges, ciphers and passwords. With the increasing popularity of fraternity challenge coins, the means by which members of specific organizations can identify each other is expanding. 


Coins as Unique as Different Greek Organizations 

No two fraternities or sororities are alike. The members and ideologies that govern them are as varied as the Greek letters used to create their names. And to take this unique customization a step farther, each organization has different chapters situated on different college campuses across the nation. Here at Signature Coins, we respect the diversity found amongst and within these different organizations. 

As a reflection of the unique characteristics of your specific organizations, we offer the following advanced customization options for your fraternity and sorority challenge coins:

  • 3D Coins-- Help your Greek letters stand out even more by having them pop right off of the surface of the coin.
  • Sequential Numbering-- Add a unique touch to each individual coin by giving them a personal sequential number. The numbering option makes each coin in your order that much more special as no two numbers are ever repeated. 
  • Edge Numbering-- If the design of your coin doesn’t allow for a natural space for the sequential numbers, consider having this feature added to the edge of the coins.
  • Cutouts-- Enhance the unique shape of your custom coins by adding strategic cutouts.  
  • Glow in the Dark-- Make sure your coins stand out in the light of day as well as in the dead of night with our special glow in the dark enamel. 
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