Golf Ball Marker Challenge Coins Are a Hit on the Green

Posted by Signature Coins | January 11, 2012 at 9:58am | Topic: Challenge Coins

Like other sports enthusiasts, golfers love custom challenge coins. They use them in a variety of different ways on and off the green. In addition to being keepsakes at tournaments and charitable events, coins can be used as golf ball markers. These items mark the spot on the green when the golf ball is obstructing the path of other players’ golf balls.

Because they are flat and shiny, custom challenge coins make great markers. Golfers can see them from far distances. They can also personalize them according to their interests. The challenge coins can even be created to look like golf balls. This makes them easily recognizable by others.

Challenge coin ball markers can be handed out or sold at golf courses around the world. They are attractive and durable which makes them easy to hang onto year after year. Coin shaped ball markers can be packaged like golf balls. There can be several markers in each package. This gives golfers the freedom to move about the course naturally. They don’t have to stop and pick up the markers each and every time they hit the ball.

Challenge coins are great because they are double sided. This allows you extra freedom over your design. You can determine the size and shape that you want your ball markers to be based on the artwork you decide to use on your challenge coins. They can be round, square, rectangular or cut-to-shape depending on how much text is included and how small or large an image may be.

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