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Firefighter Challenge Coins

Does your fire department have custom challenge coins?


Creating firefighter challenge coins for over 15 years has allowed Signature Coins to learn everything there is to know about the industry, without the experience of performing the actual daily tasks of a firefighter. We have a tremendous amount of respect for our firefighters, which is why we pay close attention to detail when we create coins for them. We make sure everything is perfect in each way for our customers prior to sending the coins and make it a priority to send only the highest quality products, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Firefighters have come to Signature Coins for over 15 years because we offer a friendly and easy process of creating custom challenge coins. Not to mention, providing high-quality products to our customers, with a focus on getting your challenge coins completed and delivered to meet deadlines.

What Are Firefighter Challenge Coins?

Firefighter challenge coins are used to increase morale and improve performance within fire departments. What started as a military strategy to boost morale has carried over to other occupations by its members. The same challenge coin rules apply to members of a fire department as they do for members of the military.

When a member of a fire department presents a challenge coin to other firefighters, these firefighters must produce their challenge coin. If these challenged members do not produce their challenge coin immediately, they are required to purchase a round of drinks for the other firefighters. If they all produce their challenge coin, the challenger must purchase the round of drinks.

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Firefighter Coin Gallery

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Types of Firefighter Coins

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There are many different categories of firefighters, which means there are also many types of firefighter challenge coins that are needed. These challenge coins are completely customized to fit the needs of each department requesting the coins. A few types of firefighter coins we have created, but are not limited to, include:

We also create all other types of firefighter coins that our customers request, and are able to make any customizations. Plus, we offer free artwork, free unlimited revisions, and free price quotes to all of our customers.

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Fire Academy & Fire School Challenge Coins

In most cases, firefighters that are looking to make a career out of firefighting will attend a fire academy, and/or get a fire science degree. These academies and degrees can be earned through many colleges and universities throughout the country. By going through these programs, it will enable them to reach higher career levels, and help more people through gaining knowledge in the field. We provide custom coins for firefighter academy graduations, fire school graduation, and much more.


Most Popular Fire Department Challenge Coins

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With over 327,300 firefighters across the United States in 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and a seven percent expected to increase through 2026, many firefighters are maintaining the tradition of carrying a challenge coin. Some of the most popular fire department challenge coins are created for the largest fire departments in the country. A few of these popular fire department coins include:

  • New York City Fire Department (FDNY) Challenge Coins
  • Chicago Fire Department Challenge Coins
  • Houston Fire Department Challenge Coins
  • Seattle Fire Department Challenge Coins
  • Los Angeles Fire Department Challenge Coins
  • Boston Fire Department Challenge Coins
  • Denver Fire Department Challenge Coins
  • Philadelphia Fire Department Challenge Coins
  • Detroit Fire Department Challenge Coins
  • Colorado Springs Fire Department Challenge Coins

We have created challenge coins for dozens of fire departments across the country, and take pride in making unique custom challenge coins for each department. No matter the size of your fire department, we can help create your challenge coins within your specified budget. Send us your challenge coin ideas by submitting a free artwork and quote form. We will give you a free quote and prototype in 24 to 48 hours.

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Firefighter Coin Customizations

When fire departments come to Signature Coins for their challenge coin customizations, they can expect to get their challenge coins created in three easy steps:

  • First, send us your ideas through an online form submission anywhere on our website, or by giving us a call. We will then contact you and send you a free proof between 24 and 48 hours, along with a free price quote.
  • Second, review your challenge coin for any possible spelling errors, or other modifications you would like to add and get free unlimited revisions during this phase.
  • Third, when your coin passes your approval, submit an online order form, and we will start custom coin creation and shipping phase. You can expect to have your challenge coin at your fire department in 14 days or less.

A follow-up, this is not a necessary step, but we would be very appreciative if you reviewed our great work on Google and Facebook. We take great pride in our artwork and designs and hope that our customers do too. Show off a picture of your challenge coins on social media and review us to show your appreciation.

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At Signature Coins, we provide the easiest, friendliest way to create high-quality firefighter challenge coins online, period. With over 15 years of experience helping fire departments, police departments, military units, and corporate organizations create custom challenge coins, we have learned the likes and dislikes of each type of customer. With this, we are able to create the perfect challenge coins for each customer, and ones they can take pride in.

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