Encourage Others to Give Thanks This November

Posted by Signature Coins | October 21, 2014 at 2:10pm | Topic: Challenge Coin

The act of giving thanks is profound. It has a ripple effect. It strengthens communities and builds people up. Schools get the support that they need. Businesses grow and profit. Organizations are more successful in their fundraising efforts. Children accomplish more by being thankful for what they have.

Thanksgiving, one of the most notable holidays in North America, is a time for being grateful. That doesn’t mean that you can’t give thanks other times throughout the year. In fact, you can outwardly encourage others to give thanks in November as well as the months that follow by creating a custom challenge coin in your choice of size, shape, style, and colors.

We offer a number of different ways to make your custom coins stand out in a crowd. For example, have you seen a challenge coin with glow-in-the dark enamel on it? How about a 3D image? Sequential numbering is a nice touch. So is a decorative edge.

You can have the coins dual plated or plated in antique metal. You can have areas of the coins cut out or you can add silkscreens to the design. You get to call the shots where your challenge coin design is concerned. Let us know what we can do to make the artwork exceptional and memorable. Revisions are part of the design process.

Encourage others to give thanks this November. Hand out custom challenge coins that tell people how to help out their communities. Put volunteer and donation information on the coins. Inspire others to develop an attitude of gratitude. People will be grateful for the meaningful gift you gave them.

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