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The Defense Information School is a consolidation of three organizations all working towards the same mission of strength through truth. Both the Defense Visual Information School and the Defense Photography School were melded into the Defense Information School, forming the organization as it is today.

There is representation within the student body from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard, as well as international students. The Defense Information School is an asset of the Department of Defense so all training and education programs are tooled for practical use within all branches of the armed forces. Located within Fort George G. Meade in Maryland, the school is surrounded by historical and beautiful landscapes and destinations. Students at the Defense Information School have Washington D.C. to the south, Baltimore to the North, and are within reach of countless historical sites and natural wonders like those in Annapolis at the Naval Academy or the Appalachian Trail.    

Students at the Defense Information School follow coursework in public affairs, visual communication, and broadcast operations and maintenance. This training readies students to handle the public image and information flow from all different departments within the armed forces.

Defense Information School challenge coins are designed to reflect the rich heritage of the school, Fort Meade, and the beautiful and historical surrounding areas. They also embody the vision of strength through truth and symbolize the dedication, sacrifice, and motivation demanded of each member of our armed forces. Defense Information School challenge coins are carried with a sense of excitement and pride as a mark of their achievements within the school and in acknowledgment of their excellence in service to our Nation!

Signature Coins has years of experience crafting unique Military Academy challenge coins. Our team takes particular care in crafting high-quality and incredibly detailed custom coins whose design justly represents the commitment and sacrifice of each member of our Nation’s armed forces as they pursue further education.

The Front Lines of Public Affairs 
Managing the Flow of Information

Before World War II, the United States realized that there was a vital need for military personnel formally trained in public affairs. The success of all war efforts depends on a well-informed public and an equally well-informed armed service. Prior to the war, the public affairs missions of the armed forces were handled by civilian press organizations but standardized coursework and schooling were put into place so the military could be self-reliant. These training facilities would eventually lead to the formation of today’s Defense Information School. 

The public needs to know what is happening during war and the troops need to know what they are trying to accomplish and how they can succeed. All of this is accomplished through military public affairs. 

The mission of the Defense Information School is to train and sustain Department of Defense communications. They accomplish this by delivering on their pledge to provide professional development and support throughout the careers of all supported communicators from branches of the United States Armed Forces, international military students, and affiliates of the Department of Defense. The Defense Information school does everything within its power to mold students into professional communicators and prepare them for success working on the front lines of public relations Each graduate dedicates themselves to maintaining the motto of strength through truth! 

Defense Information School challenge coins personify the core values of the school: integrity, excellence, and commitment. 

Integrity means that students will forever work towards building trust. It means that they will never communicate in a way that deceives others and that they will always do what is right.

Excellence in service is the standard for all members of the United States Military. Members of the Defense Information School strive to continue developing their programs, professional practices, and individual character for the ultimate performance and accomplishment.

Commitment is the priority of professional obligations over personal affairs. Every opportunity to endure and find another place to add effort is imperative to the continued success of the mission.

The men and women who go to the Defense Information School to teach or to learn to follow these principles. Giving them a custom Defense Information School challenge coins is giving them a reminder of their commitment to excellence in service, integrity, and professionalism in life. The coins are carried as a badge of honor and motivate the holder to keep pushing towards their goals. 


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When to Use Defense Information School Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins have been a tradition stretching as far back as World War I. Commanding officers would hand out custom coins to individual squads, units, or teams to encourage camaraderie and spirit. The coins are always created with unique designs that reflect the values, heritage, and character of individual teams. Important emblems or logos, designations, locations, and dates are commonly included in design. A coin is a symbol of admittance to a select group of warriors. They confirm individual merit and personal worth within the team. Military challenge coins are handed out to initiate new team members, to reward successful missions or acts of valor, and to commemorate time served or group accomplishments.

Challenge coins have spread into civilian life as well with the growing popularity of corporate, law enforcement, firefighter, and even sports challenge coins. All of these iterations of challenge coins stem from the original military challenge coins that are still in use today. 

Defense Information School challenge coins are used to commemorate graduations, to welcome new members, and to reward excellence in scholarly merit for faculty, staff, and students. Custom artwork incorporating the values of integrity, excellence, and commitment as well as depictions of the histories and heritage of the base and surrounding area add emotional weight to the coins. Defense Information School challenge coins set the tone for new students and act as a reminder of all the accomplishments and successes yet to come for graduates. They are meant to be displayed with a sense of fulfillment and joy as they are a reflection of personal merit and dedication to superior service.

Use custom challenge coins to celebrate milestone achievements within the school, to commemorate anniversaries and retirements, and to motivate everyone to persevere in the practice of strength through truth!

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The Defense Information School has a list of over 32 different specialized courses and trains up to 3,200 men and women every year. There is representation from every division of the armed forces in the student body, as well as approved affiliates of the Department of Defense, and international students that have represented over 75 countries! Signature Coins has all the tools necessary to help you create unique Defense Information School challenge coins for any of situation. Get started with your custom set today!