Cut-to-Shape Challenge Coins Make a Great Impact When Large Sized

Posted by Signature Coins | June 7, 2013 at 6:45pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

Cut-to-shape challenge coins have a great impact at larger sizes. This allows us to create as much detail as possible to give coins their unique look and to enhance their appeal. Challenge coins shaped like objects like military vehicles, weaponry, country outlines or animals will have a greater impact at larger sizes like 2.75 inch or 3 inches (at the largest dimension). Since the cut-to-shape object may limit surface area of the challenge the bigger size will help to allow room for logos, emblems and text.

This is one of the many ways to make custom challenge coins stand out in a crowd. Whenever considering the design for your coins, consider cutting them to shape. This is an option that is very popular with Signature Coins customers. Take a look at our online gallery for inspiration. This will allow you to create your coins in a manner that grabs people’s attention and gets them ready for all that you have to offer as a business, organization, school, team or club.

Cut-to-shape coins gain attention wherever they go. That’s why so many people use them for advertising and branding their business or organization. It isn’t unusual to see people hand out coins in the place of business cards. The challenge coin is the modern day business card for good reason. It doesn’t get lost easily nor can it be damaged by water or torn.

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