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Wrestling medals are used for motivation. They are the reward waiting at the top of a mountain of conditioning, training, wrestling, and winning. It is a long road to the top but getting there proves that a competitor is strong enough, dedicated enough, and skilled enough to be the best at their craft. Custom wrestling medals are physical symbols of achievement. They represent all of the struggles, all of the victories, and the years of dedication and commitment that is required to reach the podium. They honor competitors and recognize their achievement!

Sports medals of all kinds have been used to build camaraderie among teammates and reward talent and incredible performance. Signature Coins makes custom wrestling medals and custom sports medals of all kinds for competitive teams, schools, and clubs all over the county. We provide a diverse range of customization in our designs and work diligently to ensure all of our product personify the history of wrestling as a competitive sport, the unique heart behind a team, and the powerful drive that lives in each wrestler. 

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Wrestling History
An Ancient Art

Evidence of wrestling can be traced as far back as 5,000 years ago to the Ancient Sumerians. Moving forward into Egypt, there are depictions of wrestlers grappling for a title with set rules and referees in place within the organization. For the Greeks, wrestling was an art form and an important pursuit for young men. It was also an important event in the earliest Olympic Games. In the ancient Pentathlon, competitors took part in 5 events: The discus, the javelin, the long jump, the foot race, and wrestling. Wrestling was the most important event as it decided the winner of the Pentathlon, which was the only crowned event in the earliest Olympic Games. 

The modern styles of wrestling within the Olympics were first introduced in 1904 with freestyle wrestling. In the following games of 1908, the second popular style of wrestling, Greco-roman wrestling, was introduced and both have been practiced ever since with the exception of a few years here and there. In Greco-roman style wrestling, fighters can only attack with their upper bodies and hold an opponent from the waist up. In freestyle wrestling, fighters are free to attack and hold with both arms and legs. As it was in the beginning and is now, wrestling is a complex sport with many different moves and methods within each style and it requires immense strength, stamina, and skill.  

After the 2016 Olympics, The Open Matt website put together a list of the best freestyle wrestlers in history and the list of medals and achievements each wrestler has earned give evidence to the grueling dedication it takes to count yourself among the best in the world.

The list is comprised of wrestlers like:

  • Yojiro Uetake
  • Levan Tediashvili
  • John Smith
  • Arsen Fadzayev 
  • Makharbek Khadartsev
  • Ivan Yarygin
  • Sergei Beloglazov
  • Bruce Baumgartner
  • Buvaisar Satiev
  • Aleksandr Medved

Aleksandr Medved was never defeated in Olympic competition and won 3 gold medals. Buvaisar Satiev also claimed 3 gold medals, and Bruce Baumgartner is one of two men in history to have won 4 medals in wrestling events across 4 Olympic Games. He won two gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. No wrestler has ever won 4 gold medals in wrestling. 
Custom wrestling medals and Olympic wrestling medals are symbols of individual achievement and should be worn with pride and shown with excitement and honor. Adding custom design cues like team names, allusions to classes or divisions in competition, or even thoughtful artwork of the venue or tournament add to the personal and meaningful value of the medals. They commemorate the matchups and do justice in representing the prodigious skill and unyielding spirit that brings wrestlers to the top spot on the podium.

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Levels Of Wrestling Competition

High School
High School wrestling is popular across private and public school all over the country. High schoolers train before and after school, build up or cut down to reach weight classes for competition, and strive to become nationally ranked. Using custom wrestling medals for your high school team can lead to stronger team unity and will develop a culture of mutual dependency between teammates. A team is only as good as its weakest fighter, so it is imperative that teammates learn to work for more than just their own success. They need to work for each other!

College wrestling is highly competitive as well and teams train hard to reach national dominance within the NCAA. Right now, the top 10 college wrestling teams ranked by the NCAA are:

  • Penn State
  • Ohio State
  • Missouri  
  • Michigan
  • Oklahoma State
  • NC State
  • Iowa
  • Lehigh
  • Arizona State
  • Virginia Tech

Signature coins can create custom wrestling medals and custom wrestling challenge coins for any college teams. Custom design cues like school mascots and colors, team mottos, and record-breaking accomplishments can all be included in artwork, custom edging, or plating. Handing out wrestling medals and wrestling challenge coins is a means of giving your team a symbol to rally behind. They are a mark of dedication, team unity, and team history stamped in metal. Challenge coins and medals have been used across all sorts of different sports teams to reward improvement, recognize achievement, and distinguish those players who put teamwork before all else!

Olympic Games
The Olympic Games have been the ultimate battleground for competitive athletes across all disciplines for hundreds of years. Wrestlers dedicate their lives to the routine of intense training, conditioning, and performing to reach their goal of the winner’s podium once every four years. There are 7 weight classes for men’s freestyle wrestling and 4 weight classes for women’s freestyle wrestling yielding a wide array of competitors of different specialty in speed, power, and mobility. Greco-roman style currently has 4 men’s and 3 women’s weight classes in the Olympic format. 

Olympic wrestling medals are the absolute pinnacle in achievement within the sport. Only the best competitors in the world earn a medal in their professional lifetime, but it is the ultimate goal of all who compete. The particular care and attention to detail that goes into crafting custom Olympic wrestling medals is equivalent to the determination and dedicated regiment of training and improvement that wrestlers put into their craft. While wrestling has modern structure and strategy, the sport is still an ancient art form and Olympic wrestling medals are designed to personify both the artful history of the sport and the incredible feats required to achieve the title of champion.

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WWE Medals and Challenge Coins
Character Driven Entertainment 

The World Wrestling Entertainment group is a character-driven, action-filled, entertainment show that has been going on since the early 1980s. Famous contestants throughout the years include Hulk Hogan, Dwayne Johnson, and John Cena. While the show is mostly scripted and choreographed, there is still a great amount of strength, stamina, and practiced skill that is required of contestants to ensure safety and to perform some of the more incredible stunts. It is common for WWE wrestlers to get injured during shows or during practices due to the intensity of some of the stunts that must be performed. 

Signature Coins can create custom WWE wrestling medals and challenge coins to suit any of your needs. Use WWE medals to commemorate tournaments, honor specific wrestlers, or to build camaraderie between your group. Signature Coins can also create custom belt buckles in the spirit of WWE championship belts. We have a range of sizing options and can add any numbering or letting, as well as custom 3D design, metal plating, and coloring that you would like! Fill out one of our order forms and see what we can draw up for you!

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