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The United States Northern Command works in tandem with the North American Aerospace Defense Command to secure the safety of the continental United States and Alaska and while also coordinating with the defense forces of Canada and Mexico. Forces are trained and deployed in response to natural disaster, aiding in relief and providing support for people in need. Defending our Nation from external threats is a primary objective as well. 

Americans sleep easy knowing that the Northern Command is on duty, protecting our borders, coastlines, and skies. Retired Navy Adm. Bill Gortney said, when taking command of Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, "We are accountable to our nations and the execution of our duties, 24 by seven…Rest assured, we will succeed. We have the watch."

Resonating throughout the entire organization, Gortney’s message has become an integral piece of the Northern Command mission and vision. Northern Command challenge coins capture the spirit of the organization by incorporating these words, as well as custom artwork of unit and team emblems. 

Signature Coins handcrafts custom Department of Defense challenge coins for units and departments all across the globe. As a component of the Unified Combatant Commands in the DoD, Northern Command plays an integral role in the mission to provide the military forces required to deter war and uphold the security of our Nation. Northern Command challenge coins motivate teams by creating a shared vision and building camaraderie through experience and heritage.

Soldiers, commanders, and support staff earn Northern Command challenge coins through superior service that sets the example of excellence. Each coin personifies the values of courage, commitment, and honor. Every member that carries Northern Command challenge coin possesses a source of inspiration, and a reminder of the mantra, we have the watch!

Components of the Northern Command 

The Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) has components spread all across the Nation, however, organizational headquarters are located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. Superior officers and team leaders commission Northern Command challenge coins with depictions of base emblems and mottos. Custom artwork of the grounds and headquarters are often included as well. Custom artwork of team insignias adds to the personal value and emotional weight of each coin. 

Signature Coins has all of the tools and resources necessary forge unique Northern Command challenge coins for:

  • U.S. Special Operations Command, North
  • U.S. Marine Forces Northern Command
  • U.S. Fleet Forces Command/U.S. Navy North
  • Air Forces Northern
  • U.S. Army North
  • Joint Task Force North
  • Joint Task Force Civil Support
  • Alaskan Command
  • Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region

Each of these units has a specific set of skills and a particular range of expertise. Their services are assigned to a diverse set of missions and objectives, however, each unit remains focused on the defense, protection, and security of the U.S. and its interests.

Northern Command challenge coins are a physical representation of the organization's vision of outpacing all threats, maintaining faith with the American people, and supporting them in their times of desperate need. Northern Command challenge coins are a mark of distinction. They are handed out after successful missions to show respect and gratitude for service. Custom coins are handed out to commemorate and celebrate retirements, promotions, and graduation. Soldiers earn Northern Command challenge coins. They are never given away.


Northern Command Challenge Coins To Honor Heritage
Powerful Symbolism and Meaningful Messages  

The crest of USNORTHCOM is traditional and meaningful to every member of the organization. It is the embodiment of the values, missions, and culture that have defined the teams and individuals working in USNORTHCOM.

The imagery is familiar to many Americans. An eagle is centered in the crest and his holding an olive branch on the left and a cluster of thirteen arrows on the right. The eagle is turned towards the olive branches, representing USNORTHCOM’s primary mission of peace. The 13 arrows on the right represent the original 13 colonies and symbolize the organization’s wartime capabilities. 

Behind the eagle is USNORTHCOM’s area of responsibility: the continental United States, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. Marked on the map are three gold stars commemorating the sites of the September 11th attacks in 2001. Gold was chosen as a representation of honor and glory for the people that lost their lives in service and in remembrance of the victims of that terrible attack. 

Above the eagle are five stars symbolizing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The stars have 8-points, symbolizing the points of a compass and USNORTHCOM’s mission to combat the global threats of terrorism.

Northern Command heritage and culture are captured in this crest. Soldiers see a reflection of themselves, their mission, and their values in the incredible imagery. Northern Command challenge coins incorporate this emblem to bolster the meaningful weight of each coin. Soldiers carry Northern Command challenge coins as a source of inspiration and pride.

Challenge coins are a means of showing gratitude for the service of units and teams within an organization. USNORTHCOM is an enormous military force, with components spread all over the nation. It requires tantamount organizational efforts and focus to keep everyone on the same page. Members of Northern Command are highly trained and cable individuals that deserve respect and honor. Northern Command challenge coins show value in each member. They are awarded as a reminder of a person’s influence in team achievements and are each a mark of personal merit.    

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The United States Northern Command is the sentinel protecting our Nation. Americans can rest easy knowing that USNORTHCOM is on the watch, capable of any defensive measures and prepared to fight.

Signature Coins has over 15 years of experience handcrafting custom challenge coins for the United States Military. We have gleaned a unique perspective on the services that make up America’s defensive force and understand the sacrifice, courage, and integrity of each soldier. We, therefore, take special care to ensure each Northern Command challenge coin is minted to the finest industry standard. The goal of our company is to create original and compelling designs for challenge coins that do justice in representing the incredible service of America’s heroes. 

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