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The United States Department of Defense employs over 3 million people worldwide. Over 450,000 thousand of them are in foreign territory either at sea or on land managing United States facilities and installations and running Department of Defense operations. Coordinating the massive amount of manpower and numerous sub-departments that make up the Department of Defense takes careful planning, experienced leaders, and a budget unrivaled by any single organization in the United States Government. 

419.3 billion dollars are allocated to the Department of Defense and divided up into the many organization and sub-departments that form the structure of our Nation’s defensive force. The President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense spearhead the entire organization whose main components are:

United States Government challenge coins and military challenge coins are a traditional and essential organizational instrument for motivating staff, building unity, and instilling pride in country and in service.

Department of Defense challenge coins exemplify the organization’s core values of duty, integrity, ethics, honor, courage, and loyalty. As the largest employer of Americans in the United States, there are plenty of opportunities to use Department of Defense challenge coins to honor the excellent service and bravery of the Nation’s defenders. Some work in offices and others on the front lines, but each is dedicated to the same mission: to provide a lethal Joint Force to defend the security of our country and sustain American influence abroad.

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Department of Defense Headquarters

The Pentagon has three times more floor space than the empire state building, covering over 17 miles of corridor space alone. It is one of the largest office buildings in the world and has been officially declared as a National Historical Landmark. As headquarters to the Department of Defense, the Pentagon is run by some of the most influential and indispensable military and civilian personnel.

Over 26,000 people work in the Pentagon every day. Each person spends their time studying, planning, and implementing defense operations and dedicating themselves to national security. It is a historic and powerful place in which every U.S. military and defense operation goes through before being put into action. Those brave men and women who staff the headquarters of the Department of Defense deserve recognition for their devotion to protecting the American people. 

Signature Coins can make custom Department of Defense challenge coins with designs of the historic Pentagon as well as team specific imagery like important anniversary dates, designations, or team mottos and goals. Challenge coins reinforce the values of the Defense Department and reward leadership. They can be used to distinguish members of staff that set the standard for excellence or to commemorate important feats and team achievements. Get started with your custom coins today!

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The Commander in Chief and the Leader of the Department of Defense

The President of the United States, along with the Secretary of Defense and National Security Council, determines the defensive needs of the nation and implements actions that will provide the best possible results. Challenge coins have long been a tradition for the office of the Commander in Chief.

Since President Bill Clinton was in office, each president has had a custom presidential challenge coin minted that they use during their term in office. The coins are handed out as keepsakes by the president himself, usually through a subtle handshake. The informality of the exchange adds even more to the personal nature of the challenge coins. It is not so much about ceremony, but more of a small gift bestowed on those who have earned recognition through courage, accomplishment, or character.

As leader of the Defense Department, the acting president sets the example in use of custom Defense Department challenge coins as tokens of appreciation, acknowledgment, and inclusion within a chosen group of individuals working tirelessly to defend our nation!

Defense Department Challenge Coins and Where To Use Them

The Department of Defense is incredibly diversified with branches spread across all corners of the globe. There are all sorts of positions to fill and expertise needed to excel in the long array of institutions. While everyone working in the Defense Department is aligned towards the same goals and molded by the same values, each team is staffed by unique individuals whose differences should be celebrated.

Custom challenge coins are extremely versatile and can work in any team setting. Custom designs incorporate the small, seemingly insignificant, difference that set teams apart. These subtleties are where the character and spirit of a team truly lie. Incorporating team related artwork, designations, important dates, or information of individual team members add to the personal value of the coins and encourages an emotional connection.

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For members of the military and each division within the Defence Department, it can sometimes be easy to feel insignificant working within such an enormous military defense organization. Custom Department of Defense challenge coins remind team members of their value and their influence within the organization. They promote feelings of self-worth and pride in country and in service.

Department of Defense challenge coins can be designed for teams and groups within all branches of the organization.

These organizations, and every other organization within the Department of Defense, can benefit from custom challenge coins. Take a look at some of the coins Signature Coins has designed for our past clients in our coins gallery to get an idea of what we have to offer!

Custom Department of Defence challenge coins can also be designed for building team unity, motivating service members, and commemorating organizational achievements within the Combatant Commands all over the world. The unified commanders have geographic and sometimes worldwide areas of responsibility and are the direct link form military forces to the President and Secretary of Defense. The combatant commands that can benefit from unique Department of Defense challenge coins are:

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The United States Department of Defense operates on a scale unrivaled on the world stage. It takes precision, tantamount organization, and a determined spirit to perform under the pressures of upholding the national securing of the United States. The courageous men and women who form every segment of the Department of Defense deserve acclaim for their commitment and gratitude for their accomplishments. 

The actions of each member of the Defense Department reflect on the organization as a whole. Therefore, each member of the organization upholds a strict code of conduct, adhering to professionalism and ethics so as to properly exemplify the incredible service and standard of the Defense Department. Custom Department of Defense challenge coins are the personification of the organization's core values of duty, integrity, ethics, honor, courage, and loyalty. They inspire those people that carry them to perform at their best and remind each person of their influence, their worth, and their indispensable service.

Signature Coins has been crafting unique military challenge coins and Department of Defense challenge coins for over 15 years. We take pride in our work and exercise particular care when designing and manufacturing custom challenge coins for the remarkable service men and women who dedicate their lives to the defense of our Nation. Ensuring that our coins do justice in representing their sacrifices, their courage, and their achievements is our priority.

We aim to provide the best customer service and industry standard quality with all of our products and services. On every order, we include competitive services like:

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