Track and Field Medals


Comprising of running, leaping, and throwing events, the sport of track and field has a long history dating back to the original Ancient Greek Olympics. Events under the umbrella of track and field are largely accomplished solely through natural athleticism by competitors without the use of tools or vehicles, as opposed to other sports such as biking or volleyball which require specialized equipment to compete. These events test competitors on their natural physical ability and training. Track and field medals are earned based on athlete’s ability to race a distance within a time frame, reach a height or length in a single jump, or throw an object at a distance.

In modern times, track and field are one of the most respected modern Olympic events, attracting international competitors from around the world. When imagining Olympic competitors and sports, track and field events and athletes are among the first to come to mind. Track and field gold medalists like Usain Bolt are among the most respected sports athletes in the world and these competitors undergo years and months of intense physical conditioning and training before each event.

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Track and Field Events

Track and field events fall under a variety of different athletic tests and competitions usually taking place in large outdoor stadiums or tracks. According to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), track and field events are broadly separated between running, jumping, and throwing competitions with many athletes specializing in a specific event or competition. However, combined events are also very common, known as decathlon or heptathlons, these events test athletes on their proficiency across multiple events and judging them on their combined performance across each track and field event.

Running Events

Track and field athletes competing in running events are judged on their ability to expediently cover both long and short distances. Running medals are awarded to top performers who manage to maintain consistent speed and pacing throughout their event to reach the finish line first. 
Examples of track and field running events include:

  • Short-distance sprints (100m, 200m, 400m) - The shortest and quickest events, testing an athlete’s ability to reach full-speed immediately and maintain that speed until reaching the finish line.
  • Middle-distance runs (800m, 1500m, 1600m) - Requiring runners to balance consistent speed and stamina, middle-distance runs require athletes pace themselves throughout the race to ensure success.
  • Long-distance runs (3000m, 5000m, 10,000m) - The longest of track and field running events, long-distance runs test runners most heavily on their endurance and consistent pacing than it does their top speeds. 
  • Relay races (4x100m, 4x400m) - Relay races are the only team-based running event under track and field. Running teams of four athletes compete for a section of the race before passing a baton over to a teammate who runs their section until every member of a team completes a circuit.
  • Marathon run (26.2 miles) - A stand-alone long-distance event, marathons take runners across the country as they race to finish one of the longest and most grueling athletic challenges.

Jumping Events


  • Jump events test athletes on their combined physical ability to use speed and agility to leap as far as possible from an initial takeoff point. These events are among the oldest Olympic challenges and athletes are awarded sports medals based on the distance they overcome in a single bound.
  • Long Jump - Combining speed, agility, and strength, the long jump measures an athlete’s ability to cover a horizontal jumping distance.
  • Triple Jump - A track and field horizontal jump event, the triple jump event has competitors performing a series of three leaps and bounds over a course before finally landing into a sand pit.
  • High Jump - A vertical jump competition where athletes are tested on their ability to leap unaided over a horizontal bar.
  • Pole Vault - The only event in track and field requiring any type of specialized equipment, participants in a pole vault competition make a running jump before pushing themselves vertically into the air with a pole over a horizontal bar.

Throwing Events


  • Track and field encompass four main throwing events that test athletes on their strength, mobility, and flexibility. Originating from historical spear throwing and other war-based activities, throwing events are among the oldest Olympic track and field competitions.
  • Shot Put - A competitive event measuring an athlete’s ability to throw a heavy metal ball as far as possible with one hand.
  • Javelin Throw - An athlete makes a running start and then throws a metal javelin as far as possible with one arm. Historical events had participants measuring both accuracy and distance, but modern javelin throwing only measures a throw’s distance.
  • Discus Throw - Athletes throws a metal discus as far as they can into a marked area while remaining within a 2.5m circle. 
  • Hammer Throw - A metal ball attached to a wire is thrown two-handed by athletes into a marked sector measuring their distance. Despite the name, no hammers are involved with this event.


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