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Locals in Tampa enjoy life on the water. It could be a relaxing afternoon boating with the family, a quiet dinner by the waterways, or a fun afternoon at the beach. The area is a hub for water sports like paddleboarding, jet skiing, and kayaking as well as power boating and parasailing. The bay is also a prime destination for fishing and dolphin spotting.

The natural beauty of the Tampa attracts tourists from all over the world who are looking for the signature laid-back culture that abounds through the city. The bay area of Tampa Florida is home to Clearwater Beach, one of the top-rated beach lines in the country, a world-class aquarium and zoo, and the revamped Channelside District where locals and tourists alike go to enjoy live entertainment and unique venues.

Florida challenge coins are crafted to represent the people, heritage, and culture of the state. Custom artwork of Florida’s landmarks, natural vistas, and references to the incredible history of famous cities add personal value and emotional weight to the coins. 

Tampa challenge coins are used throughout the city to celebrate culture and build camaraderie among teams and organizations. Local military, law enforcement, firefighters and first responders, and businesses use Tampa challenge coins to show appreciation for the efforts of service members and remind them of their value and influence.

Bay Area History
Challenge Coins as Marks of Heritage

Ponce De Leon first landed in Tampa with his expeditionary team in 1513, but the area was not cultivated extensively because the Spaniard’s mission was to settle the eastern parts of Florida. Civilization first began to take form in Tampa during the 1820s when four companies of soldiers in the United States Army established Fort Brooke. The harbor was a strategic location that needed defending and was an integral asset in the development of the area.

Tampa really started to expand when Florida was officially incorporated into the United States in 1845. Soon after, private railroads were finished in 1884, landing at the Hillsborough River and encouraging more settlement and tourism. The railways also expanded the trading and shipping ability of the area. Lavish hotels and attractions were constructed beginning the Tampa’s long heritage as a vacation destination. The increase in population, industry, and the discovery of phosphate-rich deposits along the river beds all worked together to grow the area and make Tampa’s port the seventh largest in the United States today!

The United States Military also played a heavy role in the development of Tampa. Besides settling and constructing Fort Brooke, the port of Tampa was the primary outfitting and embankment location for American troops bound for Cuba during the Spanish-American War.                                  

Military challenge coins are a tradition among all branches of the United States Armed Forces. They are used to show gratitude for the efforts of our troops and for their sacrifices. Many leave their families and homeland to defend our freedom. Custom Tampa military challenge coins show the support of the city for soldiers and their efforts. Not only do they depict artwork of the bay area, but also team specific emblems, logos, and mottos for military units. They are used to build camaraderie, to celebrate the home base for local troops, and to honor a soldier’s courage, perseverance, and accomplishment!

Military bases, recruitment centers, and training centers in the bay area all benefit from custom Tampa challenge coins. Some of the local military institutions we serve include:

  • MacDill Air Force Base
  • Tampa MEPS
  • U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Center
  • National Guard Recruiter Gibsonton
  • U.S. Coast Guard North Moorings
  • United States Central Command 

Tamp challenge coins are pieces of bay area history minted into metal. They honor the heritage of the city by incorporating unique designs calling back to the humble beginning of the city, while also pointing towards the future of industry and culture in the area. The local military has been crucial in the development of Tampa and continues to shape the area today. 

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Challenge Coin Examples


First Responders and Firefighters
Tampa’s First Line of Defense 


Firefighters and first responders must be ready at a moments notice to jump into action. Their jobs entail saving the lives of men and women after accidents and in times of crisis on a daily basis. It requires specialized training, both mentally and physically, and the position comes with immense pressure. The precious few service men and women cable of pursuing a career in firefighting and first response deserve respect. 

Firefighter challenge coins and first responder challenge coins are used for honoring the departments and teams that put the lives of others before their own. By including team-specific imagery, like department or precinct codes, mission statements, or emblems, custom Tampa challenge coins gain a meaningful weight that touches individuals through relatability in their everyday lives. They show appreciation for accomplishment and encourage team pride and unity.

Get started with your set of custom Tampa challenge coins for local firefighters and first responders today! A couple of the local departments and institutions we serve include:

  • Tampa Fire Department
  • Hillsborough County Fire-Rescue Department
  • Clearwater Fire Department
  • St. Petersburg Fire-Rescue Department
  • Largo Fire-Rescue
  • East Lake Tarpon Fire-Rescue
  • Palm Harbor Fire Department


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Tampa Law Enforcement 
Protecting and Serving the Bay Area


Law Enforcement challenge coins are used to motivate teams and show appreciation for their dedicated service to the department. Police officers put their lives on the line to ensure Tampa locals can live in safety with peace of mind. Custom Tampa law enforcement challenge coins allude to the city’s rich heritage and the storied departments that are committed to protecting and serving the bay area.

Some of the local departments we serve include:

  • Tampa Police Department
  • Tampa International Airport Police
  • USF Campus Police
  • Pinellas Park Police Department
  • Clearwater Police Department
  • St. Petersburg Police Department
  • Treasure Island Police Department
  • Hillsborough County Sheriff
  • Belleair Police Department

Tampa police challenge coins are used to reward excellent service, commemorate promotions or retirements, and to foster a culture of teamwork and department unity! Check out some of the custom coins we have designed in the past in our coins gallery or get started with your set of Tampa challenge coins today!

Tampa Corporations
Custom Coins To Motivate Staff


Corporate coins are used to encourage members of a business to align with corporate goals and encourage a culture of teamwork. Custom artwork that includes company logos, emblems, goals, or important dates and anniversaries are used to recognize a team’s accomplishment and to reward incredible service. Showing appreciation and reminding employees of their value is imperative to the success of the company. Custom challenge coins remind staff of their influence and importance. 

Signature Coins has designed custom coins for large corporations like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Red Bull. Our artists are experienced with melding custom artwork with existing logos and designs. Some of Tampa’s influential corporations include:

  • Tech Data Corps.
  • Jabil Circuit Inc.
  • WellCare Health Plans
  • Bloomin’ Brands
  • Raymond James Financial
  • HSN Inc.
  • Teco Energy Inc.
  • Brown & Brown
  • Sykes Enterprises


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Signature Coins 
Tampa’s Local Source For Custom Challenge Coins


Tampa challenge coins personify the spirit of the city, the natural wonder of the area, and the cultural histories and commodities of the locals. Signature Coins has all of the experience and resources required to construct compelling and original challenge coins for local military, law enforcement, firefighters, and corporations all over the city. We take special care in designing and producing custom coins that will be representing the values and character of the service men and women of our nation.

We include signature services on every ordering like:

  • Free artwork
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  • 14 business day delivery on completed orders
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The people of Tampa have created a unique culture that permeates through every crevice of the city. Visitors find it in the historic red brick roads, in the food, and in the people! Tampa challenge coins reflect the special, unusual, and amazing aspects of the city that have come together to create a unique way of life and incredible body of people.

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