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The Strategic Command is one of 10 Combatant Commands in the United States Department of Defense. While headquarters are rooted in Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, the Strategic Command possesses a world presence and substantial influence in our Nation’s security. The primary components of the organization are:

  • Joint Force Air Component Commander (JFACC) at Barksdale AFB
  • Joint Forces Space Component Commander (JFSCC) at Peterson AFB
  • Combined Space Operations Center (CSpOC) at Vandenberg AFB
  • JFCC-Integrated Missile Defense (IMD) at Schriever AFB

The priorities of each of these command components are providing strategic deterrence, decisive response to threats, and a combat-ready force. Strategic Command challenge coins are tailored for specific teams and units within these branches of service to promote camaraderie and unity. The coins depict handcrafted designs of group emblems and missions statement, creating a shared vision for all to rally behind. Strategic Command challenge coins are a mark of personal merit and are earned through dedication to professionalism and integrity.

With a broad range of expertise in the Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), the avenues for unique artwork are plentiful. The primary capabilities of USSTRATCOM forces include:

  • Nuclear 
  • Cyber
  • Space
  • Global strike
  • Electronic warfare
  • Missile defense
  • Intelligence 

Strategic Command is adept in supporting worldwide operations for the other combatant commands and allies of the United States. Department of Defense challenge coins honor the service of the men and women working around the clock to ensure the safety of our Nation. For members of USSTRATCOM, custom coins are a physical representation of the courage, capability, and sacrifice it takes to perform as one of our Nation’s heroes. Each person has earned respect and honor for their efforts. Strategic Command challenge coins capture their spirit and are carried with pride.

Vision And Mission
Strategic Command Challenge Coins To Honor Service

The vision of the Strategic Command is to train, sustain, and deploy a warfighting team to deter conflict in any and all domains wherever needed. Through this, they are capable of fulfilling the mission of the Department of Defense to ensure America’s national security. Strategic Command challenge coins are created to build camaraderie by symbolizing the history and culture of individual teams. 

Leaders and commanding officers have custom coins minted with team emblems and mission statements forged into designs. Soldiers and civilian personnel earn challenge coins by completing missions and setting the example in service.

Our clients order coins for celebrations like graduations, promotions, and retirement. Special events for training and fundraising are perfect for custom challenge coins as well. Commemorative dates, names, and event information are included in coin construction. 

Strategic Command challenge coin are each a small piece of organization history pressed into metal. Members carry them as a symbol of personal merit and achievement. They promote values and understanding within teams and display the Commander's Intent of:

  • Demonstrating Strategic Command’s capabilities to any adversaries who pose an immediate threat or question the resolve of the organization’s military force. 
  • Engaging military, government, allied, academic, non-governmental and commercial entities to strengthen relationships and contribute to alliance strength.
  • Preparing for any possible situation by organizing and integrating joint and coalition capabilities to reach success and reduce vulnerability. 

Within each branch of the organization, Strategic Command challenge coins are held in high esteem because of their ability to portray the personality of a team and convey shared visions of success they all share. 

Get started on your custom set of Strategic Command challenge coins today by following one of the links below! We offer free artwork for all of our clients. After filling out an order form, our team will have a proof ready within 24 to 48 hours. 


Customization Options
Creating Unique Strategic Command Challenge Coins

Signature Coins provides a competitive list of options in coin construction. Our goal is to ensure each client has the ability to see their inspirations for custom artwork come to life. By submitting an order form, our team will receive your ideas and get to work. We do not use any stock imagery or template coin designs. Everything is created from scratch to meet your supplied criteria. 

Common ideas for artwork include original character art of mascots, team designations, military base information, and custom insignias. We are capable of recreating existing logos and emblems as well. Using the Pantone Matching System gives our team the ability to find the exact shades and color pallets used in existing imagery. Think of it like picking paint chips at a hardware store. 

Other aspects of design that are completely customizable include:

  • Size & Shape
    • We can work with any specifications. We have created dual purpose coins with integrated bottle openers and screwdrivers molded into designs. Standard medallion coins are the most popular shape.
  • Materials
    • To ensure the dexterity and longevity of each coin, we use sturdy materials like brass, zinc, and steel. Quality is of the utmost priority. We want to ensure that your coins maintain their shape, resist scratching, and keep their vibrant colors.
  • Presentation
    • Signature Coins offers a few avenues for presentation include plastic coin capsules and coins stands, as well as velvet pouches and display cases. Strategic Command challenge coins are meaningful gifts and offering a method of display give the recipients to show their team pride.
  • Color
    • The whole color spectrum is available. Using the Pantone Matching System allows us to match pre-existing designs perfectly as well. This ensures brand consistency across all platforms.
  • Edging & Plating
    • Custom edges and dual plating add unique spins on classic designs. Feel free to try out a few different options to get an idea of how they look. 

Take a look at our pricing page to see a full list of options and their descriptions. We are committed to supplying the highest standard in challenge coin quality and the best custom artwork available. Get started today by following one of the links below!

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Signature Coins is focused on providing unrivaled customer satisfaction, industry-leading coin construction, and preeminent original artwork. We have refined our expertise in over 15 years of service and earned a trusted reputation by delivering on our promises. Our team works closely with military units in every branch of service, with local fire stations and police departments, and with corporations like Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. 

Our simple 3 step approach is an easy and fun way to get unique challenge coins fast, without sacrificing quality. 

  • First, fill out an order form. A free proof of artwork will be ready within one or two days.
  • Second, send us your feedback. We offer free unlimited revisions, so feel free to try out different options and change artwork to suit your needs.
  • Third, finalize your order.

With production and shipping, delivery takes around 14 business days. Tracking numbers and updates throughout manufacturing will be provided, keeping you in the loop. We are happy to provide suggestions and help with any steps of the process where you may feel stuck. Just give us a call, and one of our friendly specialists will be available work with you.

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