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The Department of Defense has 10 unified Combatant Commands that have a dedicated mission of deterring war and upholding national security. Southern Command, located in Doral, Florida, is a Combatant Command responsible for the coordination and implementation of defensive efforts in Central and Southern American and the Caribbean. 31 counties and 16 dependencies fall into the jurisdiction of Southern Command, representing one-sixth of the total landmass assigned to the 10 unified commands. 

Southern Command challenge coins represent the organization’s vision to be a trustworthy and innovative partner in cooperative security through a networked defense. This is accomplished through mutual respect and understanding and the promotion of regional stability. Southern Command challenge coins embody the character of the organization and garner a sense of personal value from those to whom they are awarded. Soldiers carry Southern Command challenge coins as a symbol of their commitment to integrity and excellence in service. 

Commanding officers award Department of Defense challenge coins to the individuals who show courage in the line of fire, leadership in times of need, and the ability to overcome any obstacle. Southern Command challenge coins are a mark of personal merit, earned through dedication and exceptional service. Custom artwork is fashioned for the units of the Southern Command including:

  • 12th Air Force/Air Forces Command Southern
  • U.S. Army South
  • U.S. Marine Corps Forces, South
  • U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S. 4th Fleet
  • Special Operations Command South
  • Joint Task Force-Bravo
  • Joint Task Force-Guantanamo
  • Joint Interagency Task Force South

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What Are Challenge Coins, And How Do You Use Them?

Custom military challenge coins are used by military units, police departments, fire stations, corporations, and countless other team-based organizations. Custom designs are crafted to illustrate the spirit and heritage of individual teams and groups. 

Southern Command challenge coins incorporate custom artwork of unit insignias, mottos, and mission statements. Commemorative dates are pressed into metal as a means of adding ceremony to events like promotions and retirements, or when celebrating achievements and successful mission. 

Challenge coins are a traditional gift awarded to battalions, companies, and units to show appreciation for service and to build camaraderie. Soldiers receive challenge coins after boot camp, cementing the bonds forged in the crucible of training. The coins represent the physical and mental struggles that have been overcome, and the earned right for a soldier to stand among the ranks of America’s warriors. 

By incorporating team emblems, Southern Command challenge coins are a means of building camaraderie through shared vision and experience. The coins represent the missions and values of a unit like courage, commitment, and honor. They are carried by every member of a team as a symbol of unity. 

USSOUTHCOM units are stations all over the country and have missions all throughout the southern regions of the Americas. Bases like Fort Sam Houston, home of U.S. Army South, and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, home of the 12th Air Force, commission custom Southern Command challenge coins with base mottos and symbolism included in designs. They become a representation of a unit’s heritage and base history pressed into metal.  

Custom Southern Command challenge coins motivate team members, show appreciation for excellent service, and act as a badge of honor. Get started on your coins today by following one of the links below!


History And AOR
Southern Command Challenge Coins Representing Heritage

The United States established the Caribbean Defense Command during World War II. Operations took place mostly in the Caribbean Sea, however, in the 1950 their area of responsibility (AOR) shifted focus to Central and Southern America. The Kennedy Administration had the organization's name changed to the Southern Command during the 1960s as their presence in the Caribbean became non-existent. 

The Southern Command focused on defending the Panama Canal and worked on contingency planning during the Cold War. They also partook in military assistance programs in Central and South America to accelerate regional development. 

Today, Southern Command’s AOR consists of the landmass of Latin America south of Mexico, the waters adjacent to Central and South America, and the Caribbean Sea. It is in this area that Southern Command accomplishes its mission of supplying rapid response ability, collaborating with partner nations, and promoting regional cooperation. Southern Command challenge coins are a testament to the organization's capability to support the security efforts of the United States, defend the Southern approaches to the Nation, and uphold stability. 

Every member of the Southern Command is a crucial part of the culture and history of the organization. Southern Command challenge coins personify the values and character of each unit and honor their sacrifices in service. 

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