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Soccer players require a level of stamina, speed, and strength that many other sports can hardly compete with. The level of training that goes into shaping a successful player and a successful team takes more and more dedication as players get older. It is a nonstop battle to become the best and to lift your team above the rest! 

Awarding trophies and medals at any level of Soccer is not a new concept, however, the potential for customization and the wide range of use has not spread much farther than as simple end-of-season mementos. Custom soccer medals and soccer challenge coins can have a much more profound effect on your team when they are introduced at the right time! Soccer players put their heart and sole on the field with each match! Reward their efforts with a custom medal or challenge coin that brings players closer to their teammates and shows appreciation for their dedication and work ethic! 

Signature Coins has been crafting soccer medals and challenge coins for over 15 years. We understand the importance to supply meaningful products that speak volumes about your team aims and represent the spirit of your players! If you are looking to add a personal touch of inspiration to your squad, you have come to the right place! 

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Start a New Tradition

Custom challenge coins and medals are your team’s new tradition. Upon the start of the season, coaches hand out team challenge coins for each player. Tell them to keep the coins handy all season long: during games, at practice, at school, and at home. Wherever they go their soccer team challenge coins are with them as a reminder of their acceptance and appreciation within a tight squad, as well as reminding them of their dedication to making the team better.

The custom soccer medal bring teammates closer together both on and off the field! And the most important part of these medals and coins is that they need to be unique! Players should take one look at them and know immediately that it belongs to their team and their team alone! 

Signature Coins offers a wide assortment of customization options including:

  • Color
    • You can be sure to match your team’s colors exactly with our Pantone Color Matching System (PMS). Think of it like matching colors at a hardware store! Our coins and medals are vibrant and don’t fade, so you can be sure to have a bright display for years to come!
  • Materials
    • We use durable metals to ensure high-quality and longevity. Zinc, Brass, and Steel are all popular options for design, and each offers their own avenues for intricate and detailed artwork. Each has a meaningful weight and significant feel that imparts a sense of ceremony that no plastic coins would ever be able to achieve
  • Design
    • Our experienced team of artists can craft an original design that captures the essence of your team. We can include team mottos or mission statements, mascots, numbers, or significant dates or tournament names! Whatever the occasion, we can make it happen for you!

Take a look at our pricing page and see a list of all the options, sizes, and shapes we offer or get started today!

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How To Use Soccer Medals and Soccer Challenge Coins

The tradition of the challenge coin stems from a long history within the United States Military. Ranking Officers hand them out to their squads and teams to build camaraderie and instill a sense of team pride and individuality within the otherwise enormous uniformity and scope of the Armed Service. They make the team stand out to each other among the throng and keep them close both in deployment and when at home!

Sports metals and challenge coins work the same way. Holding a custom soccer challenge coin from your team reminds you of the importance to train hard and play hard! They bring teammates together on and off the field and remind them not just to play for themselves, but to build up the team as a whole to succeed!

Use them as rewards for exceptional efforts after games or practices. These medals are perfect motivators to get your team moving! Once the first player gets one, the rest of the team will come to each practice and each game with one thing on their mind! Be the best, and earn a challenge coin! Make sure to give the coins out, not only to the players who performed the best but also to the best team players and the most improved players. Foster a culture of teamwork and see how fast your team improves!

At the end of the season, custom medals are perfect to commemorate a the months of work and dedication! After the grind of a long season, and the constant battle to earn challenge coins and build their team up, custom soccer medals evoke emotions of pride and accomplishment. There are not just participation trophies; they are earned through dedication!


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What You Can Expect Working With Signature Coins

We don't have any standard coins or medals, and we do not stockpile coins in a warehouse. Every product we make is completely original and made on an individual basis. This means that no matter where you go, you can be certain your team will be getting something completely unique that they will not see anywhere else! 

Signature Coins specializes in making completely custom soccer medals and soccer challenge coins for all levels including professional, amateur, collegiate, high school, and intermediate. We have experience crafting:

  • Soccer Medals
  • Baseball Medals
  • Football Medals
  • Running Medals
  • Hockey Medals
  • Tennis Medals 
  • Rigby Medals
  • Cross Country Medals
  • Track and Field Medals
  • Wrestling Medals
  • Golf Medals
  • Martial Arts Medals
  • Surfing Medals
  • Lacrosse Medals

Whatever you are looking for, we are sure to meet your needs. We have earned the trust of our clients by establishing a firm reputation of high-quality and complete customer satisfaction. With every order, we include our signature services like:

  • Free custom Artwork and Free Quote
  • Free Unlimited revisions 
  • Free Priority Air Shipping
  • 14 Business Day Delivery on Completed Orders
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We work hard to meet all deadlines, but it's never too early to start getting ready for the season! Get started with your free quote and artwork today and you can expect your first proof within 24-48 hours! Take a look at our original design and let us know what you think! We can make any changes you would like to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for!

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