Custom School Challenge Coins Present a New Way to Show Academic Pride

Posted by Signature Coins | February 14, 2011 at 1:24pm | Topic: Challenge Coin Design

There many different ways in which educational institutions promote and support themselves. School t-shirts, mugs and bags adorned with the school’s logo are some of the most popular and commonly used custom products. If you are an administrator looking for a fresh new idea for your school or educational organization, why not choose custom challenge coins?

Uniquely Boosting School Morale

Challenge coins are very prominent throughout the military and many civilian groups. What makes them special is the simple fact that they can be customized. Custom coins can be fashioned in any shape and size as well as with any colors, theme, graphics and text you desire. Rather than use only one side of the coins, you can maximize its overall effect by applying the same challenge coin design, or a different one, to the opposite side, creating a double-sided a coin.

For example, the school coin we created for Socorro High School celebrates the Navy ROTC institution’s long championship history. You can see the school’s name, championship status and years as well as its mascot are featured on one side. The backside proudly displays the type of educational facility it is, custom graphic art and text.

Multifaceted and Multifunctional

The challenge coin above is a prime example of how well choosing the right customization options will work when they are all brought together. Another unique and interesting take on this coin would have been to design it in the shape of the school’s main building or mascot and incorporating its signature colors. The many ways in which this and any other challenge coin can be designed are unlimited by nature which also allows them to be used in several ways.

There are many different reasons and events educators can design and use personalized coins for. Giving award coins as gifts of achievement create a major impact at recognition and graduation ceremonies. Thank you coins will let contributing sponsors know that their donations and support funding are greatly appreciated.

We guarantee however you decide to use your custom school coins will benefit your institution in very surprising ways. However, in order for that to happen they need to be designed in a way that not only properly represents the school, but engages the best talent, skill and coin manufacturer available.

Signature Coins is committed to delivering high quality custom challenge coins that organizations and businesses cannot imagine themselves without. Visit our Coin Gallery to see why!

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