Custom Running Medals


Racers train. Racers compete. Racers cross the finish. Whether the competition is a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon the gleam of a shining custom race medal is sought by those who compete to cross the finish line. Custom race medals are worth more than their weight in gold to those who earned them through sweat, tears, and buckled knees. Racing medals are symbols of accomplishment made through a singular effort by racers to test themselves and go the literal distance.  

Some racers reach only for the top, pushing themselves to exhaustion to be the first over the hill and earning that first gold at the finish. Other racers have more personal goals, dedicating themselves to changing a lifestyle and rebuilding themselves mile by mile to lose weight, to overcome physical weakness, or to simply prove to themselves that they can. No matter their cause, our company considers them all champions.

Custom Running Medals for First Place and Finishers

Award medals are a sports tradition found in nearly every official racing event and are about as synonymous with racing as poker chips at a casino. The top performers at a race traditionally receive uniquely designed road running medals made for first, second, or third place in recognition of their distinct accomplishment while “Finishing” medallions are often given to all participants who perform the impressive feat of completing a racing event.

Some outsiders may roll their eyes at the thought of a “participation medal,” and it’s true, some runners don’t bother keeping the finisher medals for smaller events like 5K road runs. However, both champions and finishers alike often treasure their individual medals for first or finish especially when they are given in recognition for completing some of the toughest races and competitions. 

Examples of road running competitions worldwide where the simple act of participation is an exceptional test of athleticism in of itself include:



Runners Racing for Glory, Medals, and Charity

Runners run for the glory of testing themselves and move the distance so they can prove to themselves and others that they have achieved a great thing. Other runners simply like running races for the sport of it and have a collector’s joy for gathering a unique collection of road running medals earned through sheer effort of a race. 

Some medals are awarded as and kept as trophies, while others are awarded and kept as keepsakes of races run for charitable causes. Those medals a racer wins for a cause they believe in are often treasured above the medals they earned simply for their athleticism and hold a special place in their collection.

Major running events held to raise money for a charitable cause include:

  • Relay For Life, a series of 6-24 hour relays organized by the American Cancer Society to advocate and raise money for cancer care.
  • Run for the Water, a charity run organized by the Gazelle Foundation to build sources of clean water in Burundi Africa, and have provided over 84,060 people with reliable clean water.
  • Wings For Life World Run, run by international not-for-profit foundation Wings For Life for spinal cord research, pits racers against a “catcher car” to try and keep racing for as long as it takes before they are caught.
  • The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a series of 5K runs and fitness walks held worldwide to raise money and awareness to breast cancer. Since beginning in 1983, the event has attracted more than 1.6 million participants worldwide and raised over $2.9 billion for its cause. 


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Designing a Custom Running Medal

Racing medals are uniquely designed and produced for each event or competition using a variety of metals and shapes. While the most iconic racing medals are the simple gold, silver, and bronze medallions given to Olympic athletes, event organizers often design their medals in various shapes and sizes including flag designs, helmets, mascots, or more. 

With over 15 years of experience designing unique medallions for both running champions and weekend warriors, Signature Coins is a foremost supplier of racing medals for competitors across the country. Our services design unique custom-made race medals unique to each competition whether it be anything as quick as a 5 to 10-kilometer “fun run” to a  full 26.25-mile marathon. Our company is a trusted industry source for designing and making custom sporting medals, military challenge coins, corporate challenge coins, and more.

Signature Coins has over a decade of experience working with the military, businesses, race directors, and more. We’ve created an easy three-step process for designing and customizing unique medals for both placement medals and finisher medals.


                                                           Signature Coins Three-Step Process


Step One: Complete the quote form for a preliminary estimate of the project and free art proof of your medal design based on the specifications you’ve provided within 24 to 48 hours.

Step Two: Give final approval of a design. We won’t move to production until our clients are completely satisfied with a medal design. To that end, we offer unlimited free revisions for each order based on client feedback until we’ve come up with something they are completely happy with. 

Step Three: Once our company receives final approval of a project, we begin production immediately. Orders are delivered within 14 business days via free UPS Priority Air Shipping.


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At Signature Coins, goal is to create consistent high-quality products for all of our clients over quick turnover times. Each order is treated with respect and dedication from our team of professional artists who work with clients one on one to create unique medals specific to every order. 

Our services include:

  • Free Artwork and Quote for All Orders
  • Free Unlimited Revisions for All Designs
  • Free UPS Priority shipping for All Orders
  • Mold and Setup for Orders Over 300
  • 100% Guarantee on Quality and Workmanship