Royal Canadian Navy Challenge Coins

In 2010, the Royal Canadian Navy celebrated 100 years of service to the nation. In that time, the organization has provided indispensable training, organization, and operational execution in both world wars, the Korean War, the cold war period, and more recent conflicts. Through a dedication to excellence and unbreakable spirit, the Royal Canadian Navy has earned a prestigious pedigree in war and earned respect on the world stage.

Today, the Royal Canadian Navy Fleet consists of:

  • 12 Canadian built Halifax-class patrol frigates that form the backbone of the Naval force.
  • 12 Kingston-class vessels whose primary mission is coastal surveillance, search and rescue, and resource protection among other objectives. These ships are flexible and capable and a wide array of military uses.   
  • 4 Victoria-class submarines capable of deployment in the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic approaches to the Canadian mainland and operate as the organizations “special forces”. 
  • 8 Orca-class patrol ships tasked with coastal surveillance and patrol.

There are 5 more Arctic and Offshore patrol ships and 2 Joint Support Ships currently in production, which will add even more to the maritime presence and military prowess of the Canadian Royal Navy. The expansion of the Canadian fleet, combined with the proven ships in service today, gives evidence to the bright future that lays ahead of the Canadian Royal Navy. They are a formidable presence on the oceans of the world and will continue to be for generations to come.

Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins are commissioned and designed to reflect the incredible histories and future goals of each branch of service to the nation. Custom Royal Canadian Navy challenge coins embody the spirit of progress as the fleet continues to expand and solidify its presence as a dominant force in the high seas. Sailors dedicate themselves in service to the nation and deserve special regard and appreciation. Royal Canadian Navy challenge coins are symbols of distinction and marks of accomplishment that honor their service.

Royal Canadian Navy History - A Well Proven Power At Sea

With the largest amount of coastline out of every nation on earth, the importance of the Canadian Royal Navy cannot be overstated. Patrol vessels are vital for enforcing the securing of the nation’s borders, however, it was not until May of 1910 that the official Canadian Royal Navy was born. This was almost 43 years after the establishment of the modern Canadian state.

With only a few years to organize, train, and deploy troops and ships, the Royal Canadian Navy managed to operate as security and offshore patrol during the first world war. The efforts of leaders and sailors alike are commendable as they scrambled forces to aid British and Allied ships in defense of important shipping ports and coast lines around the nation.

In World War II, the Royal Canadian Navy made a name for itself in efforts against the German U-boats operating in the North Atlantic. While 1943 could arguably be the nation's worst year in naval efforts, 1944 is easily their best. The Royal Canadian Navy took responsibility for convoy support in all Allied shipping efforts, defending important supply vessels from attack. By the time the war ended, 33 enemy submarines had been destroyed by the Royal Canadian Navy during defensive missions over shipping routes. 

Their defensive efforts played a key role in the supply and overall victory of allied forces. Without the aid of the Canadian Royal Navy, hundreds of crucial resource and transport ships would have been lost.

During the last decade, the Royal Canadian Navy has started to modernize the fleet as much as possible. With the commissioning of 5 new Arctic and Offshore patrol vessels and 2 Joint Support Vessels, the first steps have been taken in the much-needed update efforts. The 12 Halifax frigates, as well, have been contracted to go through a complete modernization and are being shuffled through decommissioning for fabrication and recommissioning for patrol. 

The Royal Canadian Navy has proven itself to be a formidable opponent at sea with a strong wartime pedigree of defensive success. Today, their strengths lie in patrol efforts all around Canada and in their ability to deploy across the globe at a moments notice.

Royal Canadian Navy challenge coins honor the incredible history and indispensable service of both the fleet and sailors. Custom Royal Canadian Navy challenge coins can be crafted with artwork of individual ships from the fleet and used during the inauguration ceremonies coming up when new ships are deployed. Common design cues included on navy challenge coins are ship names and designations, important anniversaries within the service, and allusions to the mission of the service: integrity, loyalty, courage, and excellence.

Honor the brave sailors that commit their lives to the protection of Canada’s shores with a custom set of Royal Canadian Navy challenge coins!

To celebrate the centennial of the Royal Canadian Navy, a new mascot, SONAR, was recruited into service. A Newfoundland dog was chosen as the mascot for the Navy because they are known to be vigilant, watchful, protective, and loyal. These are the qualities the Royal Canadian Navy expect in service members. The actions of each sailor in the organization reflects on the Navy as a whole. Therefore, each enlisted sailor is expected to adhere to these values and perform their duties with pride and honor. The name SONAR was chosen because it represents the service’s proud and successful role in submarine warfare.
Mascots improve morale and team unity in the same way that Royal Canadian Navy challenge coins encourage camaraderie among teams. Custom coins symbolize the same values of loyalty, vigilance, and pride in service and country that are prevalent throughout the Navy. They act as a rallying point for sailors and remind them of their commitment to service.

Custom designs for Royal Canadian Navy challenge coins incorporate imagery of SONAR, of the homeland that sailors protect, and of the unit or ship they serve. Sailors carry their custom challenge coins with a strong sense of fulfillment and display them with pride as a badge of acceptance among the nation’s greatest guardians. 

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Royal Canadian Navy challenge coins personify the spirit of a team. They reference the illustrious history of the service, the exceptional service of sailors, and the bright future that lay ahead. The most important aspects of the Navy are the courageous men and women who serve their country by protecting Canada’s shores. Sailors hold their custom Royal Canadian Navy challenge coins and are reminded of their influence and their value within the service.