Royal Canadian Air Force Challenge Coins

Take to the Skies with Royal Canadian Air Force Challenge Coins

Before the establishment of the Royal Flying Corps Canada, soldiers interested in fighting for their country from the skies had to obtain a basic flying certificate and then relocate to Great Britain in the hopes of being selected to serve. That process changed in 1917 with the creation of the RFCC. The corps was created to recruit and train Canadians for service in WWI. By WWII, Canada would become the seat of training of almost all Royal military pilots through the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP).

Today, the Royal Canadian Air Force works closely with the U.S. Air Force in providing for the defense and protection of Canadian and North American airspace. They’re one of three environmental commands within the unified Canadian Armed Forces. The men and women serving in the RCAF belong to a long history of distinguished service and their dedication and sacrifice deserve to be honored with Royal Canadian Air Force challenge coins. 

With a long history of providing challenge coins to every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, Signature Coins is excited for the opportunity to show our respect and appreciation to the brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces as well. With Signature Coins, you’re getting the very best in challenge coin design and creation coupled with top tier customer service. Give us a call today and let our team of highly trained and dedicated specialists get to work creating the perfect challenge coin for you. 

On The Wings of the Royal Canadian Air Force

The Royal Canadian Air Force is comprised of 14 wings spanning from Ontario to British Columbia. No two wings of the RCAF are exactly alike. They vary in size, base location, personnel, equipment and even Colours. . 

In the British tradition, the word “Colours” refers to the unique ceremonial flags carried by certain Canadian Armed Forces combatant formations and units. These Colours were once carried into battle and served as a rallying point and moral boost for soldiers. Today, the flags themselves may not be carried directly into the fighting, but their presence and presentation still mean a lot to soldiers. They often make up the more noticeable features of challenge coins presented to the men and women belonging to specific wings. 

The 14 wings of the Royal Canadian Air Force include:

  • 1 Wing Kingston
  • 2 Wing Bagotville
  • 3 Wing Bagotville
  • 4 Wing Cold Lake
  • 5 Wing Goose Bay
  • 8 Wing Trenton
  • 9 Wing Gander
  • 12 Wing Shearwater
  • 14 Wing Greenwood
  • 15 Wing Moose Jaw
  • 16 Wing Borden
  • 17 Wing Winnipeg
  • 19 Wing Comox
  • 22 Wing North Bay

The formation of the Royal Canadian Air Force is extended by way of the different squadrons found within each wing. The squadrons are their own unique teams with different insignia, mottos and colors to identify them and set them apart from the others. 

Increasing the team unity and cohesion of each wing and within each wing of each individual squadron can be accomplished through the presentation of custom challenge coins unique to those wings and squads. 

Training With the Royal Canadian Air Force

The Royal Canadian Air Force takes the training of its pilots very seriously. Through Goose Bay Foreign Military Training and NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC), the RCAF is one of the only national military units that offers training to pilots in Air Force units across the world. Canada’s allies around the world are always welcome to join one of these programs and use the wide open spaces above the large country to train their combat pilots. 

For their own pilots, the RCAF relies on the following schools to provide their top notch training:

  • 2 Canadian Forces Flying Training School
  • Canadian Forces Aircrew Selection Centre
  • Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies
  • Canadian Forces School of Search and Rescue
  • Canadian Forces School of Survival and Aeromedical Training
  • Contracted Flying Training and Support
  • Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Academy

Graduation from any of these schools is an occasion best marked by the presentation of Royal Canadian Air Force challenge coins. The moment marks the cadet’s official entry into the RCAF and joining of a unique squad. Strengthening their attachment to the others on their team with custom challenge coins is always for the best. 

Some of the squadrons situated under certain RCAF wings are specifically designated to the training of other soldiers. The Operational Training Units of the Royal Canadian Air Force include:

  • 403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron
  • 410 Tactical Fighter (Operational Training) Squadron
  • 10 Field Tactical Training Squadron
  • 426 Transport Training Squadron
  • 406 Maritime Operational Training Squadron
  • 404 Long Range Patrol and Training Squadron
  • 51 Aerospace Control and Warning Operational Training Squadron
  • 419 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron
  • 402 Squadron

Why Royal Canadian Air Force Challenge Coins?

A tradition with its origins in WWI, military challenge coins have increased the morale and team unity amongst soldiers in multiple branches of the armed forces across the world. Given by commanding officers to their soldiers for acts of valor, the accomplishment of certain missions and special training, as well as the meeting of certain career milestones, the coins are keepsakes amongst the men and women who earn them. 

Soldiers who earn Royal Canadian Air Force challenge coins feel the pride of accomplishment and the appreciation of knowing their superiors are noticing their hard work and dedication. The knowledge of the opportunities afforded to soldiers to earn these tokens of appreciation often encourage them to work harder in accomplishing their goals and earning their reward. 

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