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Commanding the seas as the Naval branch of the Australian Defense Force, the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) defends Australia through the training and command of maritime military forces. During times of conflict or war, the organization is charged with defending Australia’s borders and national interests through strategic strikes against hostile forces, protection of shipping and trade, escort duties, gathering intelligence, and providing surveillance over Australia’s territories. However, a military organization is little without its servicemembers and assets. Maintaining a fleet of 50 vessels and over 16,000 sailors, marines, and staff, the Royal Australian Navy is considered one of the most impressive military presences in the Pacific Ocean and its forces provide not only a strong defense in times of conflict, but a professional and organized response to humanitarian crises located all over regions in the Pacific Ocean.

The men and women of the Royal Australian Army are charged to fight and win at sea to secure Australia’s borders and protect its people. However, in peacetime, Naval forces continue to perform essential roles including maritime surveillance and response within Australia’s borders, oceanographic and meteorological support, search and rescue operations, and humanitarian aid where needed.

In honor of their services and to recognize exceptional performance, many officers and units within the Royal Australian Navy design and gift challenge coins to their servicemembers. These coins are given prior to major operations to represent a sailor’s service in a much larger conflict, as “unit coins” representing their membership as part of a specific crew or unit, and sometimes commanders award their own “commander coin” as a symbol of their direct regard and respect to an individual servicemember. Marked with unique symbols representing the organization, individual, ship, or unit, every challenge coin in the Royal Australian Navy is distinct and represents a storied history of service.

At Signature Coins, we design custom challenge coins for military organizations, law enforcement, and major corporations. Whether from land, sea, or air, we’ve worked with military units in almost every field of expertise and conflict. Using a team of professional artists and expert designers, we craft high-quality products that capture the spirit of our clients.

Fleet Ships and Watercraft of the Royal Australian Navy 

To defend Australia and its interests, the Royal Australian Navy employs a variety of different ships and watercraft within its forces. From small survey ships to massive destroyers, each of these ships is crewed by Australian sailors and marines who work tirelessly in their duties to complete their duties and help Australia’s allies. Often at sea for months at a time, Naval crews form tightly-knit communities on-board the decks of their floating homes. To commemorate their shared experiences working on a specific vessel many members of the Royal Australian Navy commission the design of unique Naval ship challenge coins specifically designed to represent the unique culture and experiences each crewmember has shared on their craft.

Within the forces of the Royal Australian Navy are a variety of watercraft, including:

  • Amphibious Assault Ships - Specifically the Canberra Class Amphibious Assault Ship, responsible for transporting and deploying both ground and air forces.
  • Destroyers - Warships designed to escort other ships. Destroyers provide the Royal Australian Navy with both air defense and undersea warfare capabilities.
  • Frigates - Including both long-range radar and sonar capabilities, frigates are essential long-range escort ships intended to provide forward reconnaissance with both air and undersea defensive capabilities.
  • Coastal Mine Hunters - As their name implies, specialized ships designed for hunting and removing coastal mines. Australian Huon Class MHC are outfitted with advanced sonar capable of scanning ahead over 1,000 meters of a ship.
  • Patrol Boats - Armidale Class Patrol Boats are essential to patrolling the sovereign borders of Australia’s waters and intercepting ships partaking in illegal activities. 
  • Guided Missile Submarines - Capable of quietly surveying swathes of oceanic territory and launching advanced missiles, Collins class submarines are tailored specifically for its defence and two-ocean surveillance.
  • Survey Ships - Specialized ships for charting the ocean and providing nautical data charts to ensure safe navigation. 



Challenge Coin Examples


Designing Royal Australian Navy Challenge Coins


Like members in the U.S. Navy, many officers in the Royal Australian Navy commission their own custom challenge coins to be given out to troops under their command as a sign of personal regard. Our company, Signature Coins, is an expert at designing professionally-made challenge coins for members of the military. We offer our services to members in all three branches of the Australian military, and do our part to respect the unique values and cultures of the organizations who come to us for our services. 

Each military unit, ship, or crew, forms its own unique culture based on the role they play in Australia’s military. With a number of veterans on our staff, we understand how important these cultures and their traditions are to unit’s esprit de corps. Whether a client knows immediately what design elements they want or they need assistance deciding on a final design, we offer expert advice and research the most important elements of a unit including the values of an organization and their motto.

For example, a design we might build for challenge coin meant for the Royal Australian Navy might implement the core values of the Navy including honour, honesty, courage, integrity, and loyalty. An admiral’s coin might include their insignia of rank as a highlighted detail of the coin and a unit-wide coin might feature the Royal Australian Navy’s emblem as a calling card for the organization as a whole.


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With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we’ve developed a streamlined and easy process for our clients to design custom challenge coins for their needs. Our staff of graphic artists works one-on-one to create designs based on any information provided. Filling out our quote form gives us all the information we need to get started immediately. If you have any special requests or ideas for a specific design, we also work to integrate any ideas, artwork, logos, and text you may send into the final design.

Once all of the information is submitted, we immediately work on developing a free digital color proof of your written description or sketch and send a finalized price quote for your project back to you usually within 24 to 48 hours. This initial proof is based entirely on your specifications, but if any part of the design fails to satisfy, we offer unlimited free revisions on any part of the coin’s design to modify and change it exactly as you want. No design goes to production until you give us final approval, but once you do, we immediately start production after completing your order and have it delivered usually within 14 business days via FREE UPS Air shipping.