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Railroad Police Challenge Coins

Crisscross the Nation with Railroad Police Challenge Coins


Once it became clear that the plan was to have a railway system that joined every corner of the United States together, it also started becoming clear that someone would be needed to protect that railway. The image of bandits pulling off train robberies is as innate to the picture of the American Frontier as the sight of cowboys herding cattle. The U.S. Marshals were the original protectors of the railroads, but in those early days, there weren’t enough Marshals to cover the entire railway system. This led to crimes falling through the cracks and to commuters feeling unsafe on trains. 

Railroad police agencies were created to abate these issues. Initially, the railroad police were private security agencies hired and paid by the railroad companies, and some of them still are, but eventually, public transit police agencies were also created. Railroad police officers are interesting men and women who often carry full police and arrest powers, but those powers tend to only exist in the states where they’re sworn in and in the immediate areas of the railroad. So a railroad officer who lives in California might have full peace officer powers in California, but if the train they’re working on travels out of the state, those powers don’t extend beyond the railroad in those other states. With such specific and distinct jurisdictions, railroad police require police challenge coins that are equally distinct. 

At Signature Coins, we’ve been lucky enough to provide law enforcement agencies all over the country with their own custom challenge coins for over 15 years. In that span of time, we’ve gotten to know a lot about the lives, challenges, and rewards of law enforcement personnel. It’s with a great respect and appreciation to our men and women in uniform that we offer top-tier customer service, high-quality final products, and a 100% Quality Guarantee. Partner with us today for your railroad police challenge coins and embark on a partnership that’s sure to last a lifetime. 

Private Railroad Police Agencies

In the early days, the railroad police agencies were little more than private security forces hired and paid by the individual railroad companies. These private security guards were deputized by local law enforcement to ensure their efforts were legal. This was a distinction because in the time before they were hired, the mining towns and frontier settlements that sprung up around the railroad were being policed haphazardly by vigilante groups. Technically, the actions of these vigilante groups were no more legal than the actions of the criminals they were defending against. 

Initially, the railroad police had their work cut out for them with the need to protect workers from the leaders of strikers who would often attack them for crossing the picket line. But their responsibilities didn’t end there. This security personnel also had to protect the luggage, freight, and livestock on the trains from the bandits interested in stealing them. 

Their responsibilities might have changed over the centuries, but private railroad police agencies still exist. Some of them include:

  • BNSF Police Department
  • CSX Police Department
  • Norfolk Southern Railway Police Department
  • Union Pacific Police Department
  • AG Valley Railroad Police
  • Alaska Railroad Police Department
  • Birmingham Southern Railroad Police
  • Boston and Maine Railroad Police Department 
  • Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Police
  • Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Police
  • Morristown & Erie Railway Police
  • Napa Valley Railroad Police
  • NICTD Transit Police
  • Northern International Railroad Corporation & Police Department
  • Pacific Harbor Line Railroad Police
  • R.J. Corman Railroad Police Department
  • Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis Railroad Police

The men and women serving in these agencies are upholding a long history of protecting our nation’s railways. Their custom railroad police challenge coins are as remarkable as they are. 


Challenge Coin Examples


Public Railroad Police Agencies

Compared to the private agencies, there are far fewer public railroad police agencies. They encompass regional areas and one national agency. The two regional public agencies include the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department (BARTPD) and the Metra Police Department. BART Police are the transit police of the BART rail system in the Bay Area of California. The Metra Police Department provide law enforcement services for the 11 rail lines and 241 stations in metropolitan Chicago's commuter rail system. Unlike other transit police authorities, these two agencies remain specific to their region’s rail system. 

The Amtrak Police Department (APD) provides law enforcement services for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak). Since Amtrak operates nationally, the APD is a public railroad police agency that is also national. Headquartered in Washington D.C., the APD has jurisdiction in Amtrak stations, trains, rights-of-way, maintenance facilities and crimes committed against Amtrak or its passengers nationwide. 

The days of bandits riding up on horseback and robbing American train cars might be past, but the need for protection on the nation’s railways hasn’t gone away. The unique service of the officers in public railroad police agencies sets them apart from other law enforcement agencies, and as such, their law enforcement challenge coins deserve a high level of attention to detail. 

Ride the Rails With Signature Coins


The U.S. railway system began in the 1830s with Maryland and South Carolina being the first states to lay track. Like the railway system, we here at Signature Coins know what it’s like to have a long history, and we’re here to stay. When you partner with us to order your custom railroad police challenge coins, you get a company with a proven track record of providing excellent service and a top-tier product to law enforcement agencies, branches of government, the U.S. armed forces and Fortune 500 companies. 

In addition to our storied history and excellent service, you’ll receive the following freebies:

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  • 100% Quality Guarantee: We guarantee our quality and customer service, and are backed by an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.

Here at Signature Coins, we’re grateful to our men and women in uniform and grateful for the opportunity to earn your business. We look forward to working with you on your current project and future challenge coin needs to come. 



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