Pacific Command Challenge Coins

The Oldest and Largest of the U.S. Unified Commands


United States Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) is one of six geographic combatant commands defined by the Department of Defense's Unified Command Plan (UCP). The area covered by Pacific Command encompasses 52% of the world’s surface, stretching from the western shores of the U.S. all the way to India and including nations like Australia, China, North and South Korea and an untold number of smaller islands. With so much space to cover, it’s no surprise that Pacific command is the largest of the U.S. Combatant Commands organized within the Department of Defense. And established on January 1, 1947, it’s also the oldest. 

Representing such a large and historic command is no easy task. Pacific Command challenge coins honor the men and women working hard to keep such a large and eclectic region safe. Keeping an area comprised of 36 nations speaking 3,000 different languages and featuring only five U.S. allies unified is about as difficult a task as you’re likely to find in the military. But the service members within PACOM work at it each day and their efforts deserve to be commemorated with custom challenge coins. 

For over 15 years, Signature Coins has provided Department of Defense challenge coins and military challenge coins to soldiers and personnel stationed around the world. Increasing the team unity and camaraderie of service members is what we do best. With so much experience under our belts, we’ve dedicated ourselves to learning as much about the unique needs of our many military and government clients as possible. To create a keepsake your PACOM personnel will cherish forever, contact us today and see what our team of artists can do for you. 

Unit Specific Pacific Command Challenge Coins

As a part of the DoD Unified Command Plan, the efforts of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command can only be successful if the members of the command are, in fact, unified. Unit specific challenge coins have worked to keep members of military units unified since the beginning of the challenge coin tradition. 

When stationed far from home, the members of a soldier’s unit become their family. Unit challenge coins are a physical embodiment of the bonds they share and a portable keepsake they can carry with them as a reminder of their unique brotherhood. 

A command that covers 52% of the world can’t help but to be massive and intricately organized. Some of the units creating the force structure of Pacific Command include:

  • United States Army Pacific
    • Eighth Army
    • The 7th Infantry Division
    • The 25th Infantry Division
    • United States Army Alaska
    • United States Army, Japan
    • The 8th Theater Sustainment Command
    • The 94th Air Defense Artillery Command
    • 18th Medical Command
    • 5th Battlefield Coordination Detachment
  • United States Pacific Fleet
    • U.S. Third Fleet
    • Naval Air Force Pacific
    • Naval Surface Force Pacific
    • U.S. Naval Forces Korea
    • Joint Region Marianas
    • Task Force 73/Commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific 
  • United States Pacific Air Forces
    • Fifth Air Force
    • Seventh Air Force 
    • Eleventh Air Force
  • United States Marine Corps Forces Pacific
    • I & II Marine Expeditionary Forces
    • Marine Corps Activity Guam
    • Marine Rotational Force-Darwin
  • United States Forces Japan
  • United States Forces Korea
  • Special Operations Command Pacific
  • Special Operations Command Korea

Each unit features its own unique insignia, motto, and colors. These items come together to unite soldiers under a common cause. They also serve as great inspiration for the design of your custom challenge coins. Challenge coins for these and other PACOM units are only a phone call away. Reach out to us today and get your first artwork proofs in less than 48 hours.


Displaying Your Custom PACOM Challenge Coins

During a soldier’s years of service, their custom challenge coins will be carried with them at all times. This is the only sure way to be prepared for the moment a challenge might take place, but once service ends, consideration has to be paid to the best way to display your custom challenge coins for the long run. Signature Coins isn’t simply concerned with creating your unique challenge coins, we also pay close attention to the details surrounding the longevity of your order. Along those lines, we provide these particular options for storing and displaying your Pacific Command challenge coins when the time comes that you no longer need them on your person 24/7:

  • PVC Pouch — Transparent for easy viewing and acid-free for safe, long-term storage, the classic PVC pouch is offered for FREE with every order. 
  • Coin Capsule — Hard, crystal clear and smooth to the touch, the cover and base of the capsule snap together firmly to form a perfect seal of protection for your coin. 
  • Plastic Stand — An elegant high-quality display, the plastic stand is the go-to method for setting a coin on display on a desk or in a display case.
  • Acrylic Case — With a velvet lined interior and hard plastic display cover to keep your coin protected, the acrylic case combines display functionality with refined elegance.
  • Velvet Pouch — For a more personal touch, these black velvet drawstring pouches are easy to use but elegant at the same time.
  • Velvet Case — A black velvet finish covers the outside of the case while inside is a recessed 1 9/16'' circle cutout that will perfectly fit and protect standard running coins.

If you’re ever unsure of which options best suit your particular order of custom coins, our team of customer support specialists are here with helpful suggestions. Over the years, we’ve seen it all and know the best ways to get the most out of your PACOM challenge coins. Reach out to us today and get your order started as soon as possible!

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