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Taking a Piece of the Ship to Shore

For sailors out at sea, their vessel becomes their floating home away from home. Close bonds are formed among the ranks and camaraderie grows as a sense of belonging builds over time. Navy ship coins are not only a testament to the storied careers of a specific vessel but also a nod to the long line of sailors who have become a part of that story. A ship becomes a piece of every crew member's identity, and having a unique Navy ship coin gives sailors a chance to take a small piece of that ship home.

Just like every ship is unique, so is every custom Navy ship challenge coin unique. Our team creates brand new designs for every client, working carefully to capture a team’s character and honor their history. Take a look below at some of the incredible coins we have produced for any number of vessels in the United States Navy.

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How to Make a Unique Design

There are plenty of ways to make Navy challenge coins that are personal and meaningful to a vessel's crew of sailors. Not only should artwork be inspired and high quality, but it should also have custom style and appeal. We made these coins for the USS Ronald Reagan. Specifically, they were ordered for members of the media department aboard the ship. In these examples, the custom design is presented in rainbow metal plating. This effect is created through a careful heat treatment process after the coins have been anodized with a specific metal plating. One of the most interesting aspects of this method is that no two coins will ever come out looking exactly the same. When it comes to plating, we offer everything from high polish gold and silver to antique nickel and black metal. When you hold a rainbow metal coin like this, it looks as if it changes color as you turn it over in your hand and different parts of the coin catch the light.

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If you want a more subtle presentation that still offers eye-catching appeal, something like this antique silver plating may be a better option. The design is unchanged, but looking at the same coin in antique silver suddenly draws the eye away from the plating and focuses attention on the intricate artwork. The USS Ronald Reagan is depicted cutting through the harsh Sea of Japan with a blood-red sun rising behind it. Translucent red colorfill was added to the sun to give it that shimmering color. We also added a custom flat weave edging that is reminiscent of rippling water. All of these things combine to make an incredible coin that honors the CVN 76 and her crew.

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Honoring Sailors and Special Events Aboard a Vessel

Custom coins are minted for commissioning ceremonies and decommissioning ceremonies, for anniversaries, and for celebrations aboard any navy ship. Ticket shaped challenge coins are popular items to hand out at Navy Balls and formal events for sailors. This coin, for example, was created for the crew of the USS Halsey.

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The theme for the Halsey’s formal dance was a masquerade ball under a starry night sky, so we included the intricate masquerade masks on the back side of each coin. Since everything we make is custom designed, we can easily make coins to match themes or colors for an event. This coin became a small piece of the USS Halsey’s history and is cherished by her crew in remembrance of their time at sea and the bonds formed in service and celebration. Instead of honoring a special event, Navy ship challenge coins are sometimes created to honor a specific sailor. Not only can a custom coin symbolize the storied career of a vessel, but it can also serve as a memory of one sailor’s journey. This coin was created for Chief Warrant Officer Peter Ruggiero of the United States Coast Guard. While not a Navy ship challenge coin, we thought it was an excellent example of how a design can incorporate the significance of both a ship and a sailor into one design.

The front side of the coin has Ruggiero's name, rank and years of service pressed into the center of the design. Along the rim are the names of every vessel on which he served during his career. The antique gold plating and blue colorfill help make everything legible and pleasing to the eye.

Custom Shape Coins

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Challenge coins do not have to stick to the traditional medallion format. Many of our clients choose to make custom shape coins. As an example, this coin was made for members of the USS Warrior and is shaped like a spartan helmet. Not only is the custom shape eye-catching and unique, but it is also a functional bottle opener.

A few more examples of cut to shape coins are these custom products we made for the USS Antietam and the USNS Carl Brashear. Both of these coins are created from 3D molds, adding considerable amounts of intricate detail and depth to the artwork. The samurai coin for the USS Antietam is a prime example of how careful use of color helps breath life into any kind of 3D design. The diving helmet and seahorse design for the USNS Carl Brashear coin is plated in antique silver but still conveys a strong sense of character without the need for colorfills.

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No matter what kind of design you’re looking for, you can be sure our team will bring your ideas to life. If you

Designing Navy Ship Challenge Coins

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Designing a Navy ship challenge coin presents unique creative opportunities. Each Navy ship has an illustrious history of service in different conflicts and operations all over the world. When working with our artists, you can expect our team to account for every detail in that history as we craft unique designs representing the service and bonds forged at sea.

It doesn’t matter if you need a traditional medallion style coin or an 18 piece submarine puzzle coin set (yes, we have made that). Our Signature Coins team has years of experience handcrafting memorable and meaningful coins that honor the service of a United States vessel and her crew.

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Navy Coin Customizations

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When departments come to Signature Coins for their challenge coin customizations, they can expect to get their challenge coins created in three easy steps:

  • First, send us your ideas through an online form submission anywhere on our website, or by giving us a call. We will then contact you and send you a free proof between 24 and 48 hours, along with a free price quote.
  • Second, review your challenge coin for any possible spelling errors, or other modifications you would like to add and get free unlimited revisions during this phase.
  • Third, when your coin passes your approval, submit an online order form, and we will start custom coin creation and shipping phase. You can expect to have your challenge coin at your fire department in 14 days or less.

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