A US Navy Boot camp Tradition.

Navy Boot Camp Challenge Coins


It might be strange to consider, but the official training of Navy sailors before their assignment to a ship didn’t begin until 1911. Prior to President Theodore Roosevelt, Navy recruits simply showed up to their ships and started learning on the job. With a flick of his pen in 1905, President Roosevelt invented the first Naval Recruit Training Command (RTC), better known as “boot camp.” The mission of the Navy boot camp was, and continues to be, to instill sailors with all the basic skills needed to serve in the world’s greatest Navy. The process to achieve those goals is long and grueling. What better way to reward a recruit’s hard work than with custom Navy challenge coins?  

Choosing Signature Coins to provide the custom challenge coins for your Navy recruits means you’ll be partnering with a company that has a long history of showing appreciation to our nation’s military men and women. There’s nothing that compares to serving your country, and here at Signature Coins, we believe that the least we can do to show our appreciation is to create the highest quality challenge coins and provide our men and women in uniform with a keepsake they’ll be able to cherish for the rest of their lives. Our dedication and excellent customer service has led to an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Start your free artwork and quote with us today and witness why we’ve earned that rating first hand.

What Are Navy Boot Camp Challenge Coins?

With its very inception, the Naval boot camp was a radical notion. Not only was the idea of training recruits before they began serving on their respective ships unheard of, the location selected for this training was thousands of miles away from the ocean. In the years that followed, the Naval Station Great Lakes would become the only RTC facility for the Navy. 

Much like the establishment of the Naval Station Great Lakes, when a rich lieutenant in WWI created custom coins for the people in his unit, little did he know they would become such a ubiquitous part of military life. But today, military challenge coins have become a common part of life within the armed forces, and they serve to boost morale amongst enlisted soldiers as well as instill a sense of unity and belonging. 

Being a Naval recruit, in particular, is a lot of hard and grueling work as they’re broken down and reshaped into world-class sailors. The tradition of the challenge itself goes a long way towards increasing the morale of recruits. When a recruit is challenged to produce his or her custom navy boot camp challenge coin, they must do so immediately or suffer the consequences. These consequences often involve buying a round of drinks for the other recruits or performing some other service for the challenger. If, however, the recruit is able to produce their challenge coin when asked, it’s the challenger who has to buy the round of drinks. 


Coin Customization Options

One thing we pride ourselves on here at Signature Coins is our outstanding customer service. With us, you are always at the helm, the entire look and feel of your custom challenge coins is up to you. 

Some of our most common customization features include:

  • Shape and Size-- Our coins range in size from 1” - 3” and while the circular coin shape is traditional, other shapes more specific to the milestones your recruits hit are also available. 
  • Color-- The full Pantone color spectrum is at your disposal for your coins. You can either leave the coin in a classic metallic coloration or choose up to seven colors for either, or both, sides of the coin.
  • 3D Options-- Raised lettering, logos or other design elements can really make your Navy challenge coin pop.
  • Coin Edge-- From classically smooth to an intricate crosscut, there are six different options for the edge of your coin.
  • Plating-- Would you prefer an antique gold, silver or copper plating for your custom coin? If you’re having a hard time choosing one option, you can always combine two for a truly unique look.
  • Offset Printing-- Offset printing creates an exact replica of an image or photograph on the surface of your coin.
  • Silk Screen-- Let your coin maintain a perfectly smooth surface by silk screening your design’s colors onto the coin.
  • Epoxy Dome-- Some customers like the original feel of the metal on the coin, but if you want a glassy and smooth finish over one or both sides of a coin, choose the epoxy dome option.

Unsure of which options will best suit your special recruit training command challenge coins? Give us a call and let our specialists help you decide today!

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Special Display Options

Custom boot camp challenge coins from Signature Coins are built to last and to be handled. For an object that’s intended to be presented upon request, it wouldn’t make much sense for them to be too delicate to be handled. But life out at sea can be rough, and any regularly handled object needs a little protection from the elements. 

Along those lines, we offer the following unique display options for your custom challenge coins:

  • PVC Pouch-- Transparent for easy viewing and acid-free for safe, long-term storage, the classic PVC pouch is offered for FREE with every order. 
  • Coin Capsule-- Hard, crystal clear and smooth to the touch, the cover and base of the coin capsule snap together firmly to form a perfect seal of protection for your challenge coin. 
  • Plastic Stand-- An elegant high-quality display stand for military challenge coins, corporate coins or antique coins, the plastic stand is the go-to method for setting your coin on display on a desk or in a display case.
  • Acrylic Case-- With a velvet lined interior and hard plastic display cover to keep your coin protected, the acrylic case combines display functionality with refined elegance.
  • Velvet Pouch-- For a more personal touch, these black velvet drawstring pouches are easy to use but elegant at the same time.
  • Velvet Case-- A black velvet finish covers the outside of the case while inside is a recessed 1 9/16'' circle cutout that will perfectly fit and protect standard challenge coins.

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Let Signature Coins Help You Celebrate Your Navy Recruits


At Signature Coins, we have over 15 years experience bringing custom challenge coins to armed forces service members in every branch of the U.S. military. We understand the hard work and dedication it takes to complete the RTC program, and we want to help commemorate your recruits’ achievements with our high-quality challenge coins. 

The occasions for a recruit to earn challenge coins from their Recruit Division Commanders are plentiful. When your recruits set new workout records, pass tests or otherwise distinguish themselves in training, reward their hard work with a Navy boot camp challenge coin from Signature Coins.