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Navy Belt Buckles


In the regimented military lifestyle of the U.S. Navy servicemembers are expected to maintain high standards of discipline in both their behavior and dress. This extends from the way a sailor interacts with civilians and commanders to the correct wear of their uniform coats and belt buckles. Navy uniforms especially have strict parameters on what to wear and how to dress with authorized clothing for multiple situations. However, Navy Belt Buckles have the distinction of being one of the few clothing articles that allow for individual customization and design so long as it demonstrates “appropriate naval insignia, designs, or devices to which the wearer is entitled.”

Because of broader uniform regulation for belt buckles, custom Navy Belt Buckles are one of the most popular items requested by sailors from Signature Coins. Designs can range from simple plated designs with the insignia of the U.S. Navy to colorful and elaborate designs featuring mascots and slogans. Having operated for over 15 years, Signature Coins is an industry professional in creating custom belt buckles for use by Active Duty sailors and servicemembers on shore leave. Our team of experts design unique products that help breath unique character to their wearers.

U.S. Navy Regulations on Belt Buckles

Part of the reason for the strict regulation of uniform wear in the U.S. Navy is to help enforce group cohesion between sailors and build camaraderie between crew members. A uniform dress code helps enforce the concept that each crew member is part of the same team and working together on shared goals. In the Navy, regulations exist for almost every part of their uniforms and extend to multiple uniform types intended for different situations. 

Navy belt buckles, however, are offered slightly more leeway, the following are regulations listed from the Naval Uniform Regulations:

Officers/CPOs: Naval officers are required to wear plain gold anodized Navy belt buckles for official inspections and ceremonial functions in their dress uniform. Outside of that, however, officers can choose between plain or decorated gold belt buckles. Decorated belt buckles must be decorated with naval insignia, designs, emblems, or other symbols related to, their command, or if they’re stationed ashore, to a previous sea command.”

These regulations apply to the belt buckles worn by the following ranks:

  • Chief Petty Officers (CPO)
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)
  • Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)
  • Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)

Enlisted Sailors: For official inspections and ceremonial occasions, lesser ranks are allowed to wear a plain anodized silver belt buckle.  Like their officers, they otherwise have a little more leeway outside of those occasions, with choices between wearing plain belt buckles and decorated belt buckles bearing naval insignia, designs, emblems, or other symbols related to their group.

These regulations apply to belt buckles worn by the following ranks:

  • Seaman Recruits (SR)
  • Seaman Apprentices (SA)
  • Seaman (SN)
  • Petty Officer Third Class (PO3)
  • Petty Officer Second Class (PO2)
  • Petty Officer First Class (PO1)

Ordering Custom Navy Belt Buckles

Clients come to Signature Coins for custom Navy Belt Buckles for multiple reasons, some sailors just want a distinctive belt buckle for their unit or just for themselves while other custom belt buckles might be ordered in bulk to be sold at fundraisers. Whichever is the reason, our company is experienced with working individually with military clients to design custom belt buckles for every occasion. 


Simply follow our easy and streamlined three-step design process to begin designing a unique belt buckle for your needs.

  • Step One: Send Us Your Ideas

Our free quote form makes it easy for you to provide us with all the necessary details and options for your coins. We also work to integrate any ideas, artwork, logos, and text into the final design. Whether you have a clear idea drawn up or no idea where to start, our team of professional artists works with you to come up with a unique design based on your information. Once all of the information is submitted for a belt buckle design, we immediately work on developing a free digital color proof of your written description or sketch and send a finalized price quote for your project back to you usually within 24 to 48 hours. 

  • Step Two: Proofing and Ordering Your Custom Navy Belt Buckle

After receiving your free art proof, check our design and make sure it passes muster on exactly how you want the buckle designed. If a client is dissatisfied with any aspect of a belt buckle design, we revise it based on their feedback completely free of charge and as many times as needed to create a perfect design.

  • Step Three: Receiving Your Finished Belt Buckles

We immediately start production after completing your order and have it delivered usually within three weeks via FREE UPS Air shipping.

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Customizing Navy Belt Buckles


At Signature Coins, we offer a host of customization options for belt buckles specialized to stay within Navy uniform regulations but still offer unique custom designs for our clients. We can design the buckle itself with a standard web belt or hook clasp as our most popular options, and modify the size itself to your needs. We offer plating options in both gold and silver for officers or enlisted sailors. Our order sizes range anywhere from as small as 10 belt buckles to as many as 800 or more, with larger orders saving on the cost per belt buckle.

Clients can customize almost every feature of their belt buckles including:

  • Size: We can make belt buckles as small as 1.25” or as big as 3.5”
  • Color: Clients can pick up to seven different colors on their belt buckles to create vibrant designs that are immediately noticeable. Our company uses Pantone colors so every color you see will look exactly the same no matter which screen you view it from.
  • Belt Buckle Edge: Choose between a flat edge, rope edge, and spur edge. Additionally, we offer premium machine cut options including oblique line edge, cross cut edge, and flatweave edge.
  • 3D Design:  One of the most popular design options for belt buckles is to make their designs fully 3D to fully represent a design’s sculpting and look.
  • Presentation: Our custom belt buckles are commonly used as gifts or uniform items and we offer presentation options including clear PVC bags, velvet cases, and velvet bags.
  • Sequential Numbering: For orders to be distributed to a large group of sailors, we offer sequential numbering on each belt buckle to make each belt buckle truly unique.