A US Navy Tradition.

Naval War College Challenge Coins


For much of the history of the U.S. Military, training and education of troops to be the best soldiers, they could be was the primary focus of the different branches. Academies and boot camps sprung up across the nation to accomplish these goals, and they were, and continue to be, highly successful. However, in the 1800s, Rear Admiral Stephen B. Luce recognized something lacking in the education of troops; there was no place within the Navy to study the one topic central to all sailors and officers: war. With that fact in mind, Luce earned a spot in military history by creating the U.S. Naval War College (NWC). 

At Signature Coins, we choose to honor the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform by providing the very best in custom military challenge coins. This practice encompasses all branches of the U.S. Military, and it extends to military academies and universities the world over. Naval War College challenge coins are keepsakes that can be granted to incoming students, graduates, alumni, faculty, staff and even guest speakers on campus. However you decide to utilize your NWC challenge coins, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed when you partner with us for all of your challenge coin needs. 

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More Than Just Fun and Wargames

The faculty at the Naval War College work hard to impart to students crucial understanding about how wars begin, how wars are fought, how wars end, and how wars can be prevented. To accomplish this, the school employs a unique, holistic view on the subject of war incorporating topics such as governmental management, finance, decision-making, logistics, campaign planning and tactics, international relations and grand strategy.

But the NWC is more than just those topics. Rear Admiral Luce understood that to truly dig deep into the topic of war, subjects that other academies and branches of the military hadn’t concerned themselves with would also have to be explored. The social sciences, politics, history, management and international law all play a major part in the curriculum at NWC.

One place where NWC truly excels is in its practical, hands-on training practices in the form of wargaming. Wargaming has been an integral part of Naval War College since 1887. It’s grown to the point that NWC conducts more than 50 wargaming events per year. These events present a unique option for presenting winners and participants with custom Naval War College challenge coins. Using a strategy often employed in marathons and other races, the students who perform well in the wargames have the opportunity to earn high ranking challenge coins, or medals, while everyone who participates qualifies for finisher medals

The games foster an understanding of the decisions that military leaders and civilians make in maritime and joint warfare. However, wargaming at NWC isn’t simply about naval war strategy. Topics covered by wargaming include:

  • Space
  • Cyber
  • Political-military relationships
  • Sea control
  • Nuclear deterrence
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Disaster relief
  • Homeland security/defense

Each topic carries with it distinct design opportunities for the challenge coin and sports medal associated with it. Fill out the quote request form found on this page and our team of artists will get started immediately bringing your Naval War College challenge coin ideas to life. 


Coins as Unique as the Curriculum


Offering programs such as the Fleet Seminar Program, International Maritime Staff Operator Course, Executive Level Operational Level of Warfare Course and Maritime Advanced Warfighting School, the curriculum at the Naval War College is as customizable as our challenge coins. 

With Signature Coins, you gain the ability to choose from the following customization options:

  • Shape and Size — Most of our coins range in size from 1” - 3”, but larger coins are growing in popularity, and while the circular coin shape is traditional, other shapes more specific to NWC classes are also available. We’ve created coins shaped like badges, dog tags, mascots and many other options. 
  • Color — The full Pantone color spectrum is at your disposal for your NWC challenge coins. You can either leave the coin in a classic metallic coloration or choose up to seven colors for either, or both, sides of the coin.
  • 3D Options — Stand out from the crowd with coin elements that literally stand out from the rest of the coin. Lettering, logos or other design elements can really make your custom coin pop.
  • Coin Edge — From classically smooth to an intricate crosscut, there are multiple different options for the edge of your coin.
  • Plating — Would you prefer an antique gold, silver or copper plating for your custom coin? These are just three of the options for the plating technique of your coin. If you’re having a hard time choosing one option, you can always combine two for a truly unique look.
  • Offset Printing — Offset printing creates an exact replica of an image or photograph on the surface of your coin.
  • Silk Screen — Let your coin maintain a perfectly smooth surface by silk screening your design’s colors onto the coin.
  • Epoxy Dome — Some customers like the original feel of the metal on the coin, but if you want a glassy and smooth finish over one or both sides of a coin, choose the epoxy dome option.

With so many options at your disposal, the final look and feel of your Naval War College challenge coins is in your hands. The only limits to your design are those of your own imagination. 

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