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One Giant Leap for Custom Coins

Each astronaut is allowed to bring a kit of 20 different personal items into space with them. The kits can’t weigh more than 1.5 pounds, but any 20 items that these heroes want to bring into the vast nothingness of space are up for grabs within that weight limit. Luckily for each rocketeer blasting off, one NASA challenge coin from Signature Coins only weighs roughly 1.5 ounces, making it the perfect addition to any Personal Preference Kit.

Taking Astronaut Challenge Coins to Infinity and Beyond

With a flick of his pen, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act into law, and as a result, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was born. October 1958 marked the beginning of NASA, and America’s stake in the space race became official.

Strapping people to rockets was an unprecedented concept when NASA took aim at the moon, so, of course, the logical place to start looking for the brave men and women who would take that first small step for mankind was the United States Military. Buzz Aldrin distinguished himself in the U.S. Air Force, while Neil Armstrong was a pilot with the Navy. Throughout challenge coin history, soldiers leaving their service for other positions have been the main factor in custom coins becoming popular in other professions.

Today, as we continue to argue about whether or not Pluto is, in fact, a planet, NASA continues to do the difficult work of trying to gain a better understanding of our universe and our place within it. With each new project and every new discovery, the men and women at NASA commemorate their hard work and dedication with the presentation of challenge coins.

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Completing Huge Projects Requires Big Challenge Coins

Often, scientific discovery can be a slow process. Data has to be gathered and analyzed for years to be able to draw accurate and complete conclusions about any given hypothesis. So, imagine you’re a scientist working on a team at NASA for years on a given project. Every bit of your attention and efforts are poured into this one enterprise, and your discoveries are likely to inform a lot of our decisions and choices going forward. How does NASA best say thank you for your efforts?

Luckily for everyone involved, NASA understands the importance of recognizing the hard work of their scientists and team members. They also understand that the only proper way to recognize the successful completion of an oversized project is with the presentation of an oversized challenge coin.

NASA oversized challenge coin

It’s a rare instance that we see coins any smaller than 2” from our NASA customers, and while 2” might be on the smaller end of the oversized challenge coin spectrum, there’s no doubt about the weight of the coins in hand. Ordering larger than average coins also allows the artwork and the classic NASA logo to be presented in the most striking detail.

Designing the Best NASA Challenge CoinslDesigning custom astronaut coins for NASA means matching their meticulous attention to detail. Getting the NASA logo just right on each coin is a must. To those ends, our art team has different versions of the logo on file to be implemented at a moment’s notice.

NASA blue translucence

A lot of NASA coins not only feature the administration’s famous orbit logo, they also feature artwork depicting the sky and the vastness of space — each in the same familiar NASA blue. To make sure we get the exact brand colors right on all of the coins we create, our artists rely on the Pantone Color Matching System. When you order custom NASA coins from us, you can be certain that the colors of your coins will perfectly match the established NASA branding guidelines in all ways.

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Taking Challenge Coin Design Where No One Has Gone Before

The most surprising thing about custom NASA coins is just how little they tend to push the boundaries of challenge coin design. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible upgrade and design options on the market. When you can get coins with intricate and detailed 3D molds, cut outs and glow-in-the-dark enamel, sticking with straight forward 2D die struck coins can seem like a missed opportunity.

NASA assembly facility challenge coins

For NASA in particular, an administration known for pushing the boundaries of what’s humanly possible, a collection of medallion shaped challenge coins with soft enamel colorfill seems particularly egregious. One customer willing to think outside of the box is all NASA needs to take their challenge coins to the next level. If you’re looking for a company to honor your rocketeers with the best and most intricate challenge coins imaginable, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for custom cut to shape coins or even spinner coins, let our sales team know and we’ll get to work immediately bringing your challenge coin ideas to life.

NASA supper guppy challenge coin by signature coins

All challenge coin orders from Signature Coins are accompanied with the same 100% quality guarantee. That means that even if you take a risk with the design of your NASA coins, it’s always a calculated risk. If the coins arrive with any production errors, simply let us know and we’ll replace the coins for free!

Partnering With the Best Challenge Coin Makers

NASA is the best at what they do that the world has ever seen; it only makes sense that they would partner with the best coin maker online to launch their designs. When you partner with Signature Coins you get the benefit of working with a company that’s been making some of the most impressive challenge coins since the year 2000.

Fill out a quote request form today and let us know how many coins you need, when you need them by, and your thoughts about the design of your coins, and our artists will create your first free proof of artwork within 48 hours. From there, all revisions are completely free until you’re certain the coin you see in the proof is the one you want.

For more visual customers, we created a challenge coin design template that provides space for you to sketch out your coin ideas, select upgrade options, and even write in notes to help organize your thoughts. The template is not a requirement for submitting a quote request. Our artists have created amazing coins with nothing more than a few quickly jotted down notes. So give us a call today and let us blast your NASA challenge coin design into the stratosphere. download-challenge-coin-design-template-signature-coins mobile-free-challenge-coin-design-template

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