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Military Police Challenge Coins

Does your Military Police Battalion have challenge coins?


Members of the Military Police Corps earn their challenge coins by shouldering both the burdens of law enforcement and the responsibilities of a combat zone. Even if they are neither treated as glamorous as the special forces nor as well-known as Active Duty Army, the Military Police Corps continue to perform a respected and essential role for the U.S. Military. It falls to MPs to perform reconnaissance, first-response, law keeping, damage control, and more.

Operating both during war and peacetime, servicemembers in the Military Police Corps have operated since the Revolutionary War when George Washington appointed William Maroney to the position of provost army general. MPs follow many of the same protocols and traditions as other military outfits within the military such as the U.S. Army. 

One of those traditions they share is the gifting of military challenge coins, specially made medallions often given to officers who perform exceptionally in the completion of their duties. At Signature Coins, we are honored to be a trusted industry source of unique custom-made challenge coins to military clients within every branch of the U.S. Military. Regardless of whether you have a design on paper or you have no idea where to start, our team of professional graphic designers helps you develop the perfect design incorporating all of the emblems, slogans, and symbols of your unit.

What Are Military Police Corps Challenge Coins

A tradition that purportedly began in World War I, challenge coins are given to soldiers throughout the military as common practice to recognize individual outstanding achievement and to build group cohesion between members of a military unit. Each challenge coin is unique to the regiment, division, officer, or commander who commissioned their construction, but they typically include the unique emblems, mottos and/or symbols of their organization. Many Military Police Corps challenge coins, for example, would incorporate the golden crossed pistol insignia or the regimental insignia “Assist. Protect. Defend.”

Military Police officers are installed throughout the nation and deployed around the world to assist other branches of the military including the U.S. Army and the U.S National Guard.

Unique Military Corps Challenge Coins, custom-made for each occasion, may be awarded to an officer who:

  • Demonstrates exceptional bravery while conducting law enforcement.
  • Assists in maintaining and restoring order to a heavily destabilized zone.
  • Provide essential reconnaissance to a wider military operation.
  • First joins a unit as a means of building their cohesion with the unit.
  • Graduates from The United States Army Military Police School (USAMPS.)
  • Takes part in a major military deployment of the nation’s forces.

Ready To Get Started?

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Designing Military Police Corps Challenge Coins

Police schools are very popular across the United States, while nearly 14 percent of students are unable to complete the training program. For the ones that do, it is quite the accomplishment. Many of these police schools award police school challenge coins upon graduation from these programs. We are proud to provide custom police school challenge coins to establishments looking to reward their students for their achievement of completing the program. .

Popular Police Department Challenge Coins

We are honored to provide consistent high-quality challenge coins and excellent service to all of our clients in the military. At Signature Coin’s our process for creating a challenge coin follows a simple and straightforward three-step process with live representatives working with clients every step of the way.

Step One: Complete our quote form with all the basic information of your order, and we’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours with a free art proof of your challenge coin and a preliminary quote.

Step Two: We don’t move forward to production until you give us final approval on a design. If any aspect of our initial design needs to be changed, we revise per your feedback free of charge as many times as needed to make it right.

Step Three: Production begins immediately after you approve of a design by completing our online order form, and you should receive your order in 14 days or less through free UPS Priority Air Shipping within the continental U.S.

Each order of coins is fully customizable with both free and premium customization options for size, shape, color, edging, plating, and more. No two orders of challenge coins from Signature Coins are the same, and every order is uniquely made to the exact needs and specifications of a client. While challenge coins are traditionally shaped like coins, we are capable of completely changing both the look and feel of an order to better fit the requirements and esprit de corps of every organization we work with.

View our pricing page to explore our full suite of design options and complete our order form to receive a free quote and initial proof of a design within 24-48 hours. We’ve worked with clients who’ve had a clear design already on paper as well as clients who had no idea where to start. As long as you give us basic details, our team of professional artists is prepared to assist you with every part of the design process.

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Signature Coins creates consistent high-quality products for all of our clients and keeps you updated throughout the process. With a team including military veterans, we understand how important these products are to their recipients and perform our best effort to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with our products. Trust us to bring your unit quality challenge coins, reliable service, and a name you can trust at Signature Coins.

Our services include:

  • Free Artwork and Quote for All Orders
  • Free Unlimited Revisions for All Designs
  • Free UPS Priority shipping for All Orders
  • Mold and Setup for Orders Over 300
  • 100% Guarantee on Quality and Workmanship

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