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A United states Military Tradition.

Military Honor Coins 

Custom Coins for Members of the Armed Forces 


Military Honor coins are physical reminders of the commitments a soldier has made to our Nation, of the dedication required to succeed, and of the sacrifices that must be made in service. They commend the bravery, selflessness, and excellence in service that each member of the United States Armed Forces must live by to succeed. 

Distinction, recognition, privilege, glory, prestige, merit, respect, esteem: Military Honor coins embody all of these traits. For members of the military, knowing your actions protect the lives of millions is a source of courage. Being a member of the United State Military is being the best that you can be.

  • Honor is only earned, never given freely.
  • Honor is serving with distinction.
  • Honor is recognition that you are only as good as your team.
  • Honor is a privilege that must be earned every day
  • Honor is glory in the eyes of our Nation, and the eyes of those you protect
  • Honor is prestigious because not everyone can rise to the challenge
  • Honor is a result of personal merit and gives credit to your character
  • Honor is respect to the service, to your team, and to yourself
  • Honor is esteem for our country and those few brave enough to defend it.

Signature Coins has been making military honor coins and military challenge coins for over 15 years. In our experience, we have learned a particular respect for the service men and women of our Nation. We strive to produce the highest-quality challenge coins on the market that will do justice to the courage and commitment of the soldiers in service to our country. We use durable materials like brass, zinc, and steel to ensure that coins keep their vibrant colors, detailed designs, and fine shape. Honor coins are sure to be carried with pride and displayed for years to come as a mark of their personal achievement and acceptance within the elite warriors of the world. 

Meaningful and Personal Gifts 


Military honor coins and challenge coins are handed out by commanding officers to build camaraderie and recognize those service men and women who have been performing above and beyond the call of duty. Custom design cues like squad or battalion emblems and team mottos make them even more personal and carry more emotional weight. 

Challenge coins have a long history within the United States Military, dating back a far as World War I. Challenge coins as we know them today became popular during the Vietnam War when soldiers started a game of challenging each other with bullets they carried around in their pockets. Each squad member would carry a single bullet on their person at all times and every so often a member of the group would issue a challenge for everyone to bring out their bullet.
The challenge would usually take place in a restaurant or bar and would start without warning when one teammate pulled out there bullet and slapped it hard onto the table. Every other member of the team would have to pull out there bullet as fast a possible and the last one to slap there round onto the table would have to buy a round of drink for the entire team. Rules changed slightly from team to team, however, today the tradition is still practiced as a sort of team building exercise and source for entertainment among closest friends while deployed or while at home.

The only difference is that today soldiers use challenge coins instead of bullets. Commanding officers began to worry that someone would get hurt or even killed as the challenge game continued to grow in popularity during the Vietnam War. Soldiers started trying to one-up each other by pulling our larger caliber rounds. It got so bad that some soldiers were carrying around anything from .50 caliber bullets to live mortar rounds and slapping them on bar tops all over the place. 

The challenge coin has since taken over and the custom aspects of the coins lead to incredible versatility in regard to making designs personal and meaningful. Including team specific designations, artwork, nicknames, and other designs ensure that soldiers who receive them will never find another coin like it anywhere in the world. Military challenge coins and Military honor coins are symbols of the camaraderie between members of a team, of personal acceptance and appreciation within that team, and of the history and tradition that has formed who they all are together.     

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When to Hand Our Honor Coins

Military Honor coins are meant to reward the service and dedication of soldiers in the field, on base, or in training. There are plenty of different scenarios where honor coins can be given out including:

  • Graduation from Basic Training
    • When recruits join the Marines, they go through a grueling 12-week training that is said to be the toughest of any courses in the United States Armed Forces. Not everyone is able to make it through the boot camp which is designed to break you down physically, mentally, and morally. At the end of it all, the bonds you share with the fellow recruits with whom you have trained with are stronger than most bonds you have had in your entire life. At graduation, recruits are addressed as Marine for the first time, and many new Marines accept the honor with tears in their eyes. Successfully completing basic training for any branch of the military involved earning a unique respect and admittance into a select group of brave defenders of our Nation. Custom honor coins represent their dedication and success and commemorate the important graduation ceremony.
  • After Successful Missions
    • When a well-trained group of soldiers performs, they are making their country and our Military proud. In success, squads and battalions are representing the prowess and superiority of our Military and deserve respect and honor for their bravery and determination to win.
  • After Commemorative Ceremonies
    • Promotions, retirements, Military Balls, and any other kind of ceremonies. Honor coins are a personal way to recognize the achievements of members within the United States Armed Forces. The symbolize commitment, courage, and accomplishment through service and are meant to be carried and displayed with pride.

Military honor coins and challenge coins are more than just tokens. They are personal and meaningful gifts that elicit strong emotional connections to specific groups and team. They are a perfect means of showing your appreciation for the service of the brave soldiers in the Military who chose to defend our Nation as their calling in life. 

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Signature Coins has been making custom military challenge coins and honor coins for over 15 years. We have created an easy three-step system for ordering that has streamlined the process while still in keeping with our core values of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. On all orders, we include services like:

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