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Jewish challenge coins refer to challenge coins incorporating symbols of Jewish faith and are commissioned to honor not only the piety of their owners and to give them a symbol of their beliefs but also to honoring membership or service. Most commonly commissioned from soldiers stationed in Israel or in the service of Israeli organizations, Jewish challenge coins incorporate symbols of Judaism such as the six-pointed Star of David or excerpts from the Hebrew Bible to inspire and motivate the faithful. As a type of religious challenge coin, the shapes and symbols of Judaism challenge coins hold a unique significance to many of their owners.

Religious challenge coins are often crafted to pay homage to the traditions and beliefs of the client, often times incorporating distinct emblems or religious messages that motivate their owners and pay respect to their beliefs. At Signature Coins, we are honored to offer our services in the design and production of these unique emblems of service and piety. With over 15 years of experience designing unique challenge coins honoring military, law enforcement, religions, and other organizations throughout the world, we understand just how important the symbols and iconography of a design can be and work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality products and service.

Honoring Both Jewish Piety and Recognizing Service in Israel

Jewish challenge coins are commonly inspired by significant Jewish iconography and symbols of the Jewish faith. As challenge coins are primarily a U.S. military tradition, it’s actually fairly rare to find Jewish challenge coins in the United States or religious focused challenge coins entirely as most challenge coins will focus more on uniting their servicemembers or units under the symbols and pride of the organization rather than their individual religious beliefs. However, one place where Jewish challenge coins are quite common is within military organizations and forces stationed in Israel including both native Israeli military units and with international security forces such as the military police stationed at the U.S. embassy. Prescribed as a Jewish state following the end of World War II, Judaism is an important facet of the nation’s cultural and national identity, which is further reflected by the designs of challenge coins commissioned by organizations within its borders.

In Israel, both military, government, and civilian organizations commission challenge coins that feature the Star of David or the seven candle menorah symbolizing the Jewish faith and featured on the Israeli coat of arms. Beyond being featured on military challenge coins, Jewish challenge coins are also used to commemorate major events or religious sites. For example, in 2017, upon U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Temple Institute groups including the Mikdash Educational Center commissioned a unique silver half-shekel featuring President Trump and ancient Persian King Cyrus. This coin commemorated Jerusalem’s recognition as the capital of Israel by the U.S. and promoted the organization's wish for development of a Third Temple within Jerusalem.

Organizations that often incorporate iconography or religious symbols significant to Judaism often include various groups within the Israeli Defense Force who are responsible for different specialized roles. Organizations that often commission Judaism challenge coins include:

  • The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) - Different organizations within the Israeli Defense Force including units in the Army, Navy, and Air Force may commission unique challenge coins for their specific group, but some commanders also mint coins representing the overall force.
  • The Israeli Security Forces - Representing the law enforcement organizations and protectors of law and order within Israel.
  • The U.S. Marine Security Guard Detachment - U.S. security detail stationed at the former U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv. 
  • Rhode Island Department of Health - To commemorate a collaboration between the RI Department of Health and Israel, the department commissioned unique challenge coins bearing Israeli insignias and Jewish religious symbols.


Customizing a Judaism Challenge Coin

When designing a religious challenge coin, the symbols, words, and emblems depicted on the coin are especially important. To ensure complete accuracy and best represent the Jewish faith, we at Signature Coins offer a complete selection of customization and design options that allow our clients to create the perfect coin to depict their faith and membership. Whether you seek to make a pronounced memento or a subtle homage to the Jewish faith, our team of experts works one to one with each client to ensure high-quality products with quick turnover times that are sure to impress.

Our company is capable of changing almost every aspect of a challenge coin including:

  • Size - Our products can be as small as a U.S. quarter 1”, 3” or as large as 9” for truly standout challenge coins.
  • Shape - Most challenge coins take the form of disc-shaped medallions or simple metal coins, but challenge coins can take any shape or size to represent the unique character and faith of our clients. For example, some challenge coins are shaped like the Star of David
  • Plating - We offer a variety of different plating options for a challenge coin’s material including different types of silver to fulfill requirements for a half-shekel.
  • Color - We offer to design coins with up to seven colors on both sides of a coin using the Pantone color system, ensuring complete viewing accuracy no matter what type of monitor you view our designs from.
  • Edge - Edge customizations include both free and premium options that allow clients to change the coin’s edge or add text.
  • Text - Every design can include text either imprinted as part of the design or along the outer edges of the coin. If you can imagine it, we can put it together for you.

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At Signature Coins, we’ve worked with clients across multiple faiths and responsibilities located all over the world. One of the greatest hallmarks of our services is the respect and attention to detail that we offer to all of our clients. We understand the significance of Jewish symbols to our clients and the future owners of a religious challenge coin and we strive to provide high-quality products that truly represent a person’s faith. Whether you are a community leader helping to form spiritual bonds with your community or a national organization paying respects to the membership, we offer valuable insight and quality services you can count on.