Hinduism Challenge Coins

Celebrate Your Faith With Hinduism Challenge Coins


In recognition of rites of passage, as gifts or simply as a celebration of the ties that bind, Hinduism challenge coins serve as a constant reminder of a person’s faith and devotion. They can instill a sense of unity amongst the people who worship at a specific temple, and celebrate a particular deity of your choice. Whatever purpose you intend for your custom coin, you can rest assured that religious challenge coins from Signature Coins are created with the very best materials and with the utmost amount of respect and reverence.

With over 15 years experience providing custom challenge coins for military ceremonies, weddings and other sacred events, Signature Coins understands the solemnity that goes along with presenting these items. We’ve worked hard to cultivate a relationship with our customers that’s based on respect and honor, and we pour that respect into the creation of challenge coins you’ll be able to cherish for a lifetime. Partner with us today and bring your perfect Hindu challenge coins to life.

Festival Hindu Challenge Coins

Some of the most exceptional challenge coins are often given in celebration. Whether it be celebrating a promotion, a retirement or possibly a wedding, these coins commemorate a very special moment in a person’s life and carry that significance with them for all time. Some of the most remarkable and colorful celebrations exist within the Hindu tradition. Creating custom challenge coins in celebration of these festivals makes for a great gift for festival attendees. 

Some of the occasions for these festival Hindu challenge coins include:

  • Holi — Celebrating the slaying of the demoness Holika by Lord Vishnu's devotee Prahlad, Holi is a springtime festival of color. 
  • Pongal — An early-year celebration, Pongal celebrates the gradual lengthening of the day. 
  • Vasant Panchami — A celebration of the blessing of Saraswati, goddess of wisdom and the arts.
  • Thaipusam — The festival commemorates the occasion when Parvati gave Murugan a spear so he could vanquish the evil demon Soorapadman.
  • Maha Shivaratri — The Night of Shiva.
  • Rama Navami — Celebration of the birth of Rama. 
  • Ganesh Chaturthi — Celebrated as the arrival of Ganesh on the earth.

Challenge coins created for these festivals can carry emblems, symbols and scenes from the festivals themselves, or they can be emblazoned with aspects from the stories behind the celebrations. Whatever customization features you choose, we know that the recipients of your Hindu challenge coins will be grateful for such a unique and personal keepsake.


Challenge Coins Celebrating Hindu Rites of Passage 

In all cultures and all religions, special ceremonies commemorating important life events are commonplace. These rites of passage ceremonies are often marked by the giving of gifts to the person being celebrated or perhaps to the parents if the child is too young. These special and unique gift-giving occasions call for special and unique gifts that will be cherished. 

In the Hindu tradition, rites of passage are often performed in a temple or in the home as family plays a major role in the lives of practitioners. These highly personal rites can benefit from the presentation of highly personal and customized Hinduism challenge coins. 

Some of the most recognizable Hindu rites of passage include:

  • Anna Prasana — First Solid Food
  • Karnavedha — Ear piercing
  • Vidyarambha — Official beginning of a child’s education
  • Vivaha — Marriage ceremony
  • Antyesti — Funeral
  • Kesanta and Ritu Kala — Male and female coming-of-age ceremonies

Receiving custom challenge coins for these momentous occasions ensures that the ceremony will be remembered as fondly as possible. These custom commemorative coins immortalize these moments in classic style and elegance forever. 

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Crafting the Hinduism Challenge Coins That’s Right For You


At Signature Coins, we believe that the only limits to designing your custom challenge coins should be those of your own imagination. To those ends, when you partner with Signature Coins, you’ll have a long list of customization options at your disposal when creating your custom challenge coins: 

  • Shape and Size — Most of our coins range in size from 1” - 3”, but larger coins are growing in popularity, and while the circular coin shape is traditional, other shapes are also available. 
  • Color — The full Pantone color spectrum is at your disposal for your Hindu challenge coins. You can either leave the coin in a classic metallic coloration or choose up to seven colors for either, or both, sides of the coin.
  • 3D Options — Stand out from the crowd with coin elements that literally stand out from the rest of the coin. Lettering, logos or other design elements can really make your custom coin pop.
  • Coin Edge — From classically smooth to an intricate crosscut, there are multiple different options for the edge of your coin.
  • Plating — Would you prefer an antique gold, silver or copper plating for your custom coin? These are just three of the options for the plating technique of your coin. If you’re having a hard time choosing one option, you can always combine two for a truly unique look.
  • Offset Printing — Offset printing creates an exact replica of an image or photograph on the surface of your coin.
  • Silk Screen — Let your coin maintain a perfectly smooth surface by silk screening your design’s colors onto the coin.
  • Epoxy Dome — Some customers like the original feel of the metal on the coin, but if you want a glassy and smooth finish over one or both sides of a coin, choose the epoxy dome option.

While the overall design and final look of your challenge coin is up to you, you don’t have to be a classically trained artist to get a professional-looking challenge coin. Our team of artists are on staff to help bring your unique vision to life. We’ve created amazing challenge coins based on nothing more than written descriptions and rough sketches on cocktail napkins. 

Signature Coins wants to make your next festival or ceremony as special as possible. Our top tier customer service and streamlined revision and order process, by design, create the most fulfilling customer experience possible for ordering such a customizable product. Give us a call today and watch as our artists and specialists work their magic for you!