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Highway Patrol Challenge Coins


The highway system snaking across the United Stated covers over 40,000 miles and is home to over 250 million cars. American’s all over the country can enjoy the ease of joining the interstate system at any point and follow the road from state line to state line, exploring the massive stretches of American wilderness. Everything is within reach once you jump behind the wheel of a car and drive. 

For a system that is so useable and freely accessible, the United States highway system is immensely complex and requires a vast amount of planning, maintenance, and protection to ensure its dexterity. The responsibility of ensuring the safety of travelers on the interstate all over the Country is proudly held by state highway patrol officers.

Honor the constant dedication and vigilance of the protectors of our interstates with a set of custom challenge coins! Challenge coins are used to reward committed officers for their character and accomplishments during their service. Highway patrol challenge coins incorporate specific team mission statements and mottos, as well as artwork like emblems and logos. They are tangible symbols of all the qualities the highway patrol is dedicated to and are carried as reminders of their oaths to uphold the laws of our country and protect and serve its people.  

At Signature Coins, we have had the pleasure of creating original law enforcement challenge coin designs for local police stations, sheriff offices, and highway patrol groups for over 15 years. We supply the highest-quality challenge coins on the market and are dedicated to ensuring all of our clients are perfectly satisfied with the final product. Because highway patrol units are usually separated by state lines, the potential for custom design on highway patrol challenge coins is huge! State and department heritage, as well as famous attractions or monuments within state lines, can be included in your design to add a personal touch. It all depends on what you are looking for! 

We can serve any highway patrol unit in the United States, however, some of the more popular branches include:

  • California Highway Patrol
  • Florida Highway Patrol
  • Georgia State Patrol
  • Michigan State Police
  • New York State Police
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety
  • Alaska State Troopers
  • Mississippi Highway Patrol
  • Illinois State Police

History of the Highway Patrol
The Long Road to Where We Are Today

President Dwight D. Eisenhower launched the construction of the interstate system as we know it today by introducing a bill called the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956. The idea behind the project was to create an intricate system of roadways that would eliminate traffic jams, and provide a safer means of transportation for American citizens by replacing unsafe and inconsistent road conditions. 

Other benefits listed alongside the project included things like using highways as quick means of evacuation from disasters and imminent atomic attack, as well as aiding in the efficient means of transportation of military supplies, troops, and goods around the country. 

While there may still be traffic jams and there are some sections of the United States Interstates that are far from perfect, the project has been an incredible success. 

The responsibility of watching over every mile of roadway falls upon the highway patrol. Highway patrol units are usually apart of either a state police force or a state Department of Public Safety. There are a few exceptions here and there but, in general, a state government is responsible for looking after the highway systems within their state and they use highway patrol units to do so. 

Highway patrol officer responsibilities include enforcing traffic laws on the interstate, assisting local branches of law enforcement, protecting government officials, and apprehending criminals on a statewide basis. Highway patrol officers are often on the scene after car accidents and assist with first responder duties like ensuring the safe transport accident victims, as well as mitigating traffic to ensure the safety of drivers and those men and women working the scene.  

Custom highway patrol challenge coins are an excellent means of showing gratitude for an officer’s dedication for public safety. They stand for the common goals of all state troopers and are meant to be carried as a reminder of their oath the protect and serve, as well as inspire a sense of accomplishment in their efforts. 

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Police Coin Examples


Highway Facts




The United States highways make up a complex and intricately detailed system with an abundance of interesting facts and figures. Learning a few of them really puts into perspective the scope of the highway patrol’s responsibility.

The road to getting your custom order of challenge coins is smooth and easy with Signature Coins. We have all the resources you need to create unique designs that are sure to be carried and shown off with pride for years to come! 



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Highway Drivers


Chances are that if you have driven on a highway you have had some sort of experience with the highway patrol. The interstates stretching like roots all over our nation are the sources for the easy transportation of goods, equipment for the military, medicinal, and for private use, as well as the source for us to travel up and down the county. Each route has its own unique history, scenic views, storied landmarks, and every inch of it is protected by the highway patrol. 

Signature Coins has the goal of being the premier source for custom challenge coins all over the county. We make unique designs for all walks of life including highway patrol challenge coins, police challenge coins, and military challenge coins. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products and offer signature services to all of our clients like:

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