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Graduation ceremonies celebrate the end of a long journey. But they also mark the beginning of new adventures. Each is a celebration of all the long nights of study and stressful hours of examination. They are a monument to scratched up notebooks, crumpled papers, and empty ink pens. Students climb the stairs of the graduation podium, on their way to shake hands with the Dean, and remember lectures, tailgating, school clubs, and experiencing life in a state of independence. 

What happens next is a transformation from academic to professional life. Accepting the degree and walking off the stage is a student’s first step into a brand new world of possibilities. It is a transformation from academic to professional life. The lessons learned and skills acquired through the course of study will carry former students into the world as they begin their lives anew. Graduation coins are a reminder of the indispensable knowledge and unforgettable experience a student takes with them into the world. 

Signature Coins handcrafts custom college challenge coins and graduation coins for schools all over the Nation. In over 15 years of service, we have had the pleasure of working closely with every branch of the United States Military, police and fire academies, and universities of every kind. Graduation coins are carried as a mark of identity and acceptance by alumni. Each is created with particular attention to detail, honoring the heritage and culture of individual schools and learning facilities.

Just like school rings, graduation coins are a defining symbol of scholarship, integrity, and personal merit. They are used to identify fellow alumni and supporters outside of school and are displayed with pride. Get started with your free artwork by following one of the links below! A free proof will be ready within 24 to 48 hours!

Military Graduation Coins

Honor and glory are reflected on those brave Americans that pursue a career in the United States Armed Forces. Some of our Nation’s most traditional and storied schools are military academies. Instrumental historical leaders like Ulysses S. Grant, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Douglas MacArthur attended military schools in America. 

Cadets enter a military university and immediately become apart of a long and storied heritage of victory, integrity, and patriotism. The bonds forged through the crucible of training are unbreakable. The trial by fire is designed to shape the world's most capable and fearless warriors. Earning a degree from military institution puts cadets into a class of elite Americans. Only a proud few are capable of achieving as much, and graduation coins capture their spirit.

Signature Coins designs custom graduation coins for military use in:

Boot camp is an intensive training program designed to test the physical and mental limits of every enlisted soldier. Those who possess the spirit and strong will to carry them through to the end emerge as more than just cadets. They become United States soldiers. Each is a member of the world’s most incredible force.

The remarkable few that graduate from boot camp and go on to serve our Nation deserve the utmost respect and honor. Graduation coins are created with unit emblems and values emblazoned across the face of each coin. They are earned through commitment, courage, and integrity. They are never just given away. When presented at the end of training, graduation coins become a part of a team’s history. They are proof that a unit has risen to the challenge and emerged victoriously! Signature Coins makes custom:

Each graduation coin personifies honor and glory! Follow the links below to get started now! 


Colleges, Universities, A High Schools
Graduation Coins As Symbols For The Future

Artwork is designed to incorporate school colors, emblems, and original character art of mascots. High school graduation coins are a lasting peace of school history that is carried forward into life. They are brought to college and brought along in careers. Each high school graduation coin holds the memories of friends and family that shaped a young person’s life. 

Colleges and universities order graduation coins wholesale and sell them for fundraisers, or hand them out to students as they register for graduation. Our team of designers works closely with each client to ensure the graduation coins we produce are the pinnacle representation of school heritage and student accomplishment. Graduation class dates are often included in designs, as well as degree program information and school mottos. Graduation coins are a representation of the values instilled in each student: scholarship, honesty, and excellence.

Some clubs and school organizations have custom graduation coins made for members as well. Not only is university symbolism included in design, but also club heritage and character. Signature Coins has created original coins for groups like:

Graduation coins are commissioned as gifts for graduates. They are carried after school as a mark of inclusion within the organization and as a reminder of experiences with a new family found in the school.

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Police Academy And Fire Academy Graduation Coins

It takes comprehensive training and unparalleled skill to become a successful police officer or firefighter. Every future officer studies strategy, weapons training, and communication. Mental and physical limits are pushed to the very brink of capability, getting trainees accustomed to high-stress situations. This equips every officer with the tools and experience necessary to combat any situation head-on and win. 

Firefighters learn how to save lives. Their work is crucial to the prevention of disaster and the preservation of life and property. Each is trained how to combat fires, provide emergency medical services, and prioritize in crisis situations. 

After natural disasters or in the aftermath of man-made disasters, firefighters and police officers are the first on the scene to save lives, provide relief, and maintain order. Completing training is a remarkable feat. Each man and woman earn respect and honor through dedication, courage, and integrity. Graduation coins reinforce these values in new graduates and are carried with a strong sense of accomplishment and pride. Graduation coins are earned. They are never freely given away.

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Signature Coins
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Customer satisfaction, high-quality products, and unique artwork are the cornerstones of our company. Our team takes their time recreating a school’s history and culture through tasteful design and unrivaled workmanship. Signature Coins is the premier source for graduation coins and challenge coins on the market. We have earned a trusted reputation by committing to excellence and delivering on our promises. Each of our clients is given:

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Delivery can take as little as 14 business days. Our staff will provide tracking numbers and updates throughout production. Our simple 3 step approach for ordering makes the whole process easy and fun! Just follow these steps to get started:

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