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The boys of fall put in their work, form friendships that will last a lifetime, and learn what it really means to put your team before yourself when they play football. In a sport so reliant on planning, strategy, and fluidity, teamwork still holds precedence over all! Every defense is only as good as the individuals that form it. Every offense is only as good as the players that run it. Success comes to those teams that are cohesive. Teams that build each other up and work together to reach greatness!

Football medals, challenge coins, and trophies are monuments to a team’s struggles, to their achievements, and to their ideals. They are meaningful symbols of what comes from a commitment to excellence and dedication to reaching a shared goal. Custom football medals are used to build loyalty and camaraderie among teammates by giving them a shared vision and shared marker that can be carried on and off the field. It should be something they are proud to wear and proud to display.

Crafting unique sports medals and challenge coins have been our specialty at Signature Coins for over 15 years. We are dedicated to ensuring all of our products are original and made to order so that our clients receive completely custom products unlike anything else on the market. 

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Get Your Team Motivated!

The best way to motivate your team is to get them to motivate themselves! Sometimes there is nothing more you can do. It all depends on how much your team wants to win; how much they want to succeed. But how do you cultivate that kind of winning culture?

The first thing you need to understand is that a selfish team will never make it to a championship. You could have an all-state quarterback, a couple of all-star running backs, or any number of superstars scattered throughout your team, but that does not mean they will succeed. If your players are out on the field playing for themselves, that is where the problem lies.

You need to bring them together. Show them the common goal and get them to depend on each other more than depending on just themselves. When a team is united towards a single goal, and the machine is firing on all cylinders, is when you will start to see what success really means. Players motivate themselves when they are on the field for their teammates. Once they stop thinking, “I need to go out there and perform” and start thinking, “How can I help my team perform?” you have made it!

Football medals are used to build team spirit by acting as a common banner for players to unite under. A football game is a war, and football players are warriors. Their medals represent a team’s absolute commitment to improvement, to perfection, and to defeating all challenges! The medals are symbols of the team, reminding them that they are only as good as their weakest link. It motivates them to help each other: build each other up, so they can win together!

The avenues for customization allow you to create compelling and intricate football medals and football challenge coins that can depict original mascot artwork, team mottos, inspirational quotes, illusions to future goals, or represent passed achievements! Whatever the case may be, Signature Coins is dedicated to helping you create an original design to inspire and motivate your team.

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How To Use Football Medals and Challenge Coins

Sports medals and challenge coins are so much more than just trophies for the end of the season. They are meaningful representations of dedication and reminders of a players commitment to their teammates.

In the United States Military, challenge coins are used to commemorate excellence in service, and to mark achievements and successful missions. They build teams up and give recognition to those individuals who perform above and beyond the call of duty. 

The same concept can be applied to all sorts of different teams. For your football team, use the custom football challenge coins to reward those players who fight to help their teammates succeed. Give them to the players who put in the work, grind for the season, and improve more than the rest. Hand them out to those players that embody those aspects of humility, dedication, and commitment to the cause and see how fast your team improves. Those players that have been performing will be reassured that their efforts are being noticed, and the rest of the team will know what who to look for as an example. 

This cultivates the perfect culture of teamwork and teaches your players that success is earned, never given. They need to work to achieve their goals. At the end of it all, a custom challenge coin is a unique trophy that players will carry with them at all times. It represents their hard work and their ability to do whatever they put their mind to!

At the end of the season, custom football medals embody the motifs and themes that your team has worked tirelessly to create. Each year is unique, and each team is unique. When the fall is over, and it's time for the team to disband, mark the occasion with something meaningful for them to take away. Give them something that will remind them of what they achieved for years to come. Something they can display with pride and wear with honor! 


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