European Command Challenge Coins

American Forces in Europe Upholding the Terms of NATO


Department of Defense challenge coins are often created for the soldiers and personnel of the 10 Combatant Commands. These Combatant Commands are responsible for large areas of the globe and all of the military personnel within those areas report directly to the leaders of their specific Combatant Command. All of the U.S. Armed Forces in the European region report to United States European Command (EUCOM). 

Prior to 1952, all of the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy forces stationed in Europe maintained separate commands and individually reported to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Now all of those forces are organized under EUCOM and report directly to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). Of the U.S. Military personnel currently stationed in Europe, roughly 52,000 are there in support of EUCOM. European Command challenge coins are used to honor those soldiers, a lot of whom are a long way away from home, for their hard work and dedication in representing the U.S. to the best of their ability and upholding one of the most important alliances in U.S. history. 

For over 15 years, Signature Coins has worked to provide the very best in custom challenge coins to the brave men and women serving in Armed Forces across the world. It’s a great source of pride that soldiers around the globe are currently carrying our custom challenge coins. Commissioned by commanding officers and presented to soldiers in acknowledgment of their place within a unit or exceptional service, challenge coins are a special and highly personal part of military life. Creating a keepsake a soldier will remember and cherish forever is nothing compared to the sacrifice and skill these men and women exhibit each day, but it’s the least we can do to say thank you to our brave service members. Call us today and see what we can do for you. 

EUCOM Unit Challenge Coins

Within each branch of the U.S. military, a soldier’s unit becomes his or her family during their term of service. This can be especially true for units stationed far from home. The approximately 52,000 soldiers of EUCOM might all report to the same general command, but they’re all divided by their specific branch of military and from there into even smaller units. The bonds within these units last a lifetime, and strengthening these bonds is a task often accomplished with challenge coins. 

Some of the service forces of EUCOM that could benefit from custom challenge coins include:

  • 2nd Cavalry Regiment
  • 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team
  • 12th Combat Aviation Brigade
  • 7th Army Training Command
  • 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command
  • 21st Theater Sustainment Command
  • The United States Sixth Fleet
  • Navy Region Europe
  • Third Air Force (Air Forces Europe)
  • Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa
  • 16th Sustainment Brigade
  • 18th Military Police Brigade

Each unit features its own unique insignia, motto and colors. These items come together to unite soldiers under a common cause. They also serve as great inspiration for the design of your custom challenge coins. Creating unit challenge coins gives soldiers a reminder of the ties that bind them together that they can carry around with them wherever they go. 

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Customizing A Coin of Your Own

As an arm of NATO and with the distinct responsibility of protecting American interests as well as defending Europe from external threats and upholding the alliance established with the North Atlantic Treaty, EUCOM is a unique entity within the Department of Defense. Given this singular status, European Command challenge coins should be as unique as possible. To those ends, Signature Coins gives you a range of customization options for your set of challenge coins. 

When creating your set of EUCOM challenge coins, make choices amongst the following options:

  • Size — The most common sizes are between 1” to 3”, but we’ve made coins as large as 9”.
  • Shape — Challenge coins are traditionally created in the disc shape, but we can create coins in every shape imaginable including weapons, badges, emblems or mascots.
  • Color — Choose to leave the coin in its natural metallic color or have it painted with up to seven colors on either side chosen from the full Pantone color spectrum.
  • Coin Edge — There are six different options to decorate the edge of every coin, providing a unique look and feel to each order.
  • Plating — Plate your coin in antique gold, silver copper or one of our many other options. Double plate a coin to create and highlight key details.
  • 3D Coins — Allow specific details or elements of a design to literally pop or stand out of a coin’s surface by ordering a 3D coin.
  • Offset Print — Offset printing creates an exact replica of an image or photograph on the surface of your coin.
  • Silk Screen — Create a perfectly smooth coin surface by silk screening your design’s colors onto the coin.
  • Epoxy Dome — Create a glassy and smooth finish over one or both sides of a coin with an epoxy dome.

If you feel at all overwhelmed by the options or unsure about which choices allow you to get the most out of your custom challenge coin order, our team of well trained artists and customer support specialists are here to help. Our artists have created custom coins based off of little more than written ideas and rough sketches on cocktail napkins. If you can imagine it, we can create it, so give us a call today and let our team get to work for you.

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Through quick, accurate and exceptionally high-quality service, Signature Coins has climbed to the top of the challenge coin industry. We’ve dedicated ourselves to learning as much as we can about the unique needs of military personnel and outfitting ourselves to best meet those needs. For over 15 years, we’ve provided custom challenge coins to members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and we’re proud to say that we’ve maintained our customers’ business by offering the best service along with the following freebies:

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