Employee Recognition Coins

Increase Your Employee Retention and Productivity 


As the leader of a great team within a strong company, you stay pretty busy. You’ve got clients to juggle, complaints to rectify and meetings to organize. But as a good leader, you know that your team is the force behind allowing the business to flow smoothly. As such, why not recognize them for their career milestones and accomplishments?

At Signature Coins, 15 years of experience have given us a particular insight into the benefits of custom corporate coins. In addition to increasing the productivity and morale of your current employees, as news of your custom challenge coins spreads, the appeal of your company culture of recognition will make your organization a very appealing place for applicants. Don’t allow your employees’ anniversaries and various personal accomplishments go unrecognized and unrewarded for another day. 

What Are Employee Recognition Coins?

Like so many traditions, the history of challenge coins can be traced back to the military. As ex-military members started transitioning into roles in the private sector, the tradition of recognizing soldiers for going above and beyond and marking certain progression milestones began to spread into the corporate world. 

It’s not surprising that this practice would be at home within the business world where there’s such a striking correlation between recognition and job satisfaction. Studies have shown that seven out of 10 employees who say they’ve received some sort of appreciation from their supervisor report that they’re happy within their job. When employees do not receive that recognition for their work, only 39 percent claim to be happy at work. It’s no secret that happy employees perform their jobs well and remain with their companies longer. 

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Occasions for Employee Recognition Coins

In the military, custom challenge coins are often earned when a soldier completes basic training, is inducted into a new unit, or completes a specific mission. While it might seem like the occasions for earning challenge coins are more obvious in the armed forces, that shouldn’t suggest that occasions within corporate life are scarce. 

Some of the general times when you might reward an employee with a recognition coin are as follows:

  • The anniversary of their hire date
  • The completion of a major project
  • Upon being named an employee of the month
  • Achievement of a sales or production goal
  • Landing a new account
  • At the completion of the employee probationary period
  • The implementation of one of their ideas/suggestions
  • In recognition of a raise or promotion
  • Completion of a specific training program or the acquisition of a new skillset
  • In recognition of a moment when they’ve gone above and beyond expectations

Employee recognition coins don’t have to only be tied to on-the-job accomplishments either. If you have an employee going through classes or schooling related to the duties they’re performing, you could present them with a coin upon the completion of their class. 

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Custom Corporate Coins Made Easy

Signature Coins created its design and order process with busy business leaders like you in mind. We know how many different tasks you’ve got to juggle each day, so our highly dedicated service experts are here to help you through all three steps in the custom corporate coins ordering process. 

  1. Submit Your Request: You have multiple options for delivering your request to us. You can call, email or submit one of our easy to fill out quote request forms online. 
  2. Design:  Perhaps you know what you want your custom challenge coins to say and where the company logo should go, but not much more than that. Our team of artists is here to work with you to come up with the perfect, unique design for your coins. After placing your quote request, our artists will get back to you in 24 hours with the first proof. From there, you’ve got unlimited free revisions until we come up with the best design for you. 
  3. When you’ve selected a design you’re happy with and submitted your order, our industry-leading turnaround time will ensure your coins are delivered in 14-16 days. All shipments are made via UPS Red Label at no additional charge to you. 

Who We’ve Worked With

When you come to Signature Coins for your corporate coin needs, you not only benefit from our 15 years of experience, you’re also partnering with an organization who has created coins for some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the country. 

Some of the companies we’ve made employee recognition coins for in the past include:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Facebook
  • NASA
  • Godiva
  • Havard
  • Microsoft
  • Allstate
  • Amazon
  • Red Bull
  • Hyatt Regency
  • ADP
  • Home Depot
  • KFC

And that’s just the beginning. What we’ve learned from working with corporate giants is just as easily applicable to smaller size companies as well. Take advantage of our skills and information and let Signature Coins help to make your employees lives special. 

The difference between a happy employee and an unhappy employee, an employee that stays and one that starts looking elsewhere, can be as simple as feeling recognized and appreciated for what they do. Take a few minutes to call, email or submit a quote request form today and watch as the perception of your company changes overnight.