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Regardless of what the name of the sport implies, cross country runners aren’t running from border to border in a chosen country. A more accurate name might be over country running in order to denote that cross country races are distinguished from marathons by way of the runners not running on roads. These races take into consideration issues like the terrain, the weather and exposure to the elements in a way standard road races and track events don’t necessarily have to. 

Another aspect of cross country racing that sets it apart from other races is that it’s simultaneously a team and an individual sport. Members of a team race together and their respective finishes within the pack are factored into deciding the team score. Even though where you finish effects the overall team score, the individual people who place in the race are also rewarded for their performance. As both a team and an individual sport, the opportunities for earning sports medals are varied. 

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Why Cross Country Medals?

Traditionally, cross country races take place in the fall and winter, and they take place across multiple levels of participation. Athletes often use cross country racing as a way to train for more traditional road races and other track events. But the completion of these races requires hard work and training in their own right.

With its unique status as both a team sport and an individual competition, a lot goes into preparing for a cross-country race. The best case scenario for any team is for all members of the team to finish in the first five to seven places in the race. Each runner to finish is assigned a point total equal to the place in which they finished (one point for first place, two points for second, and so on), and the team with the lowest score wins. 

However, since it’s not always likely that any given team will perform in exactly that manner, the teams have to employ a strategy to win. Since the two team members with the highest point total are dropped from the total score of the team, the best bet is to make sure that those two runners place in such a manner that they can hurt the final run times of the next closest team. In this sense, there’s a distinction to be made between the best overall performance in a race and the best teammate. 

It’s exactly this type of distinction that makes cross-country medals so crucial to the sport. Because medals and challenge coins have historically been used to reward get performance as well as instill a sense of unity amongst a team, they’re perfectly situated for cross country runners. Each team member can have a team medal that signifies their belonging and their place within the group, while each individual runner pushes his or herself hard to earn the individual achievement medals. Meanwhile, all participants in the race can feel accomplished regardless of where they finish by earning finisher medals. 



Running Medals For Different Levels


Cross-country racing is a sport that not only takes place at varying elevations on the course but also occurs at multiple levels across the nation. Men and women compete in the races at the middle school, high school, varsity, junior varsity, Division I, II and III college levels. 

Running medals are available for the different distances run at each level. Men generally run in the 8k or 10k distances while women generally compete at the 5k or 6k distances. For the youth sport, high school courses tend to come in at 5k while middle school students stick with 2.4k or 3.2k distances. 

The youth races are the perfect place to get young athletes excited about this unique sport. Earning custom medals at a young age gives the youth athletes a sense of accomplishment and something to strive for. It makes the sport more fun than work and creates a passion for cross-country that lasts well into adulthood. The simple presence of cross-country medals at a young age can create someone who will be a competitor for life. 


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With its long history, cross country running has produced some outstanding athletes. Just some of the remarkable record setters include:

  • Vicky Huber-- completed the 5k race with a record time of 15:59.86 in 1989 for the D1 women’s race.
  • Max Truex-- holds the D1 men’s record for fastest four miles at 19:12.3 set in 1957.
  • Henry Rono-- holds the D1 men’s record for fastest 10k at 28:06.6 set in 1976.
  • Ednah Kurgat-- holds the D1 women’s record for fastest 6k at 19:19.5, this record was set more recently in 2017.
  • Carlos Lopes-- first man to win World Cross Country title three times.
  • Doris Brown-- won the International Cross Country Championship for five consecutive years.
  • Zola Budd-- won the women’s World championship twice while running barefooted. 

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