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County Police Challenge Coins

Motivation, Honor, Commitment


County police are entrusted with the safety and law enforcement of local areas all over the United States. There is a wide spectrum of differentiation between county police departments all over the country since they are regulated on state and city levels. Each state and each city in the United States has specific needs in proportion to population, city limits, neighboring cities, and many other factors. In general, however, county police officers have the same responsibilities as any other police officer or sheriff anywhere in the country and you can count on them to protect and serve the people in their precinct. 

Signature Coins has over 15 years of experience designing and crafting custom police challenge coins for departments all over the country. We are committed to superior customer service and quality, making sure our coins are personal and meaningful so they do justice to honoring the service men and women of our Nation. County police challenge coins are symbols of an officer's commitment to the force, of their oath to uphold the law and protect and serve the people of our country, and of their accomplishments and sacrifices working in the line of duty.

Crafting a set of unique county police challenge coins is a means of honoring your department. Design cues as simple as department names, original artwork alluding to the area or precinct, and team mottos and values can add a personal touch that results in emotional weight. Law enforcement challenge coins motivate a team by showing gratitude for their dedication and imparting a sense of acceptance within a select group of sworn officers.

Follow one of the links below to get a free mockup of your finished challenge coin! Our team of artists will get to work as soon as you provide us with a little information on what you are looking for!

Types of County Police Department

County police departments are generally put in control of a set precinct around a city or metropolitan area. With a larger population there is a greater need for law enforcement, therefore, many small counties throughout the United States go without a county police department and instead have Sheriff offices or State police. County police departments responsibilities and capabilities largely depend on state policy. Every state has their own law enforcement systems and needs, so there is a great deal of differentiation between county police all over. 

Commonly, county police fall into one of three types of services:

  • Full service
    • Carry out all forms of state law enforcement practices within their precinct. This includes patrol, criminal investigation, security, traffic code enforcement, serving of court mandates, protecting of government personnel and court officials, etc.
  • Limited service
    • Similar to full service however their ability to take on all cases and address all situations is limited. Responsibility must sometimes be passed onto state or city police who have jurisdiction and are better prepared to handle certain instances.  
  • Restricted service
    • Provide support to other police departments as well as securing county parks and county-owned facilities. 

Regardless of the type of county police station, every county police officer is trained to apprehend criminals and protect the innocent citizens of our Nation. They deserve gratitude and respect. County police challenge coins are carried with honor and displayed with pride! They are a perfect gift for members of a county police force because they depict a team’s commitment to excellence in service and recognize their dedication to the vocation of protecting our Nation’s people! 


Challenge Coin Examples


Customization that knows no limits!
Make You Coins Personal

You have control over a wide assortment of aspect in coin design when working with Signature Coins. We strive to give our clients every creative avenue possible to ensure they have all the tool necessary to make their vision come to life! You can expect to manage details on your coins like:

  • Artwork
    • Our experienced team of designers will craft a completely original piece of art for your coins. If you already have art in mind, send it our way! We can recreate logos, emblems, and artwork with incredible detail. If you are not totally sure what you are looking for, all we need are some impressions and ideas. Even a drawing on the back of a napkin helps! We will have a proof ready for you within 24 to 48 hour after you have completed one of our order forms!
  • Color
    • We use the Pantone Matching System for consistency across all devices and brands. Think of it like picking paint colors at a hardware store. We can match any department or precinct color schemes perfectly!
  • Material
    • We use durable metals like brass, zinc, and steel in our coin construction to ensure dexterity and longevity. You can rest assured that your county police challenge coins will maintain their smooth surfaces, vibrant colors, and crisp design for years to come.
  • Edging
    • We have a list of edging options including spur edging, rope edging, and cross-cut edging just to name a few! Custom edging can accentuate design cues and make artwork stand out even more.
  • Plating
    • We have multiple plating options like antique gold, silver, and copper as well as dual plating options that can add an extra custom feel to your coins.
  • Other Options
    • You can add fine details like sequential numbering, cut out designs, glow in the dark enamel, or even craft bottle opener challenge coins to give your coins a dual purpose. 

You can check out examples of all of these options and more on our coin pricing page! You will see detailed descriptions of sizing options, presentation options, and so much more! Give us a call or get started with one of our order forms today! We want to make sure the county police challenge coins we make are high-quality, personal, and meaningful so that they do justice in representing the dedication, accomplishments, and values of the force! 

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All of us at Signature Coins are dedicated to the core beliefs in customer satisfaction and quality assurance. We strive to be the industry leader in both categories by offering the most competitive, consistent, and friendly service available. You can expect to receive:

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County police challenge coins are designed to impress upon those who receive them the importance of their work, the accomplishments they have made in the fight against crime, and their acceptance and appreciation among the team. They are important resources for building camaraderie and commemorating and honoring the brave service men and women our Nation who have dedicated their lives to the protection and service of our people!

We look forward to getting started on your custom order of police challenge coins and thank you for choosing Signature Coins.    



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