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Corporate Coins


With 127.34 million people employed on a full-time basis as of April 2018, according to Statista - The Statistics Portal, and having an all time record low unemployment, corporations are looking for ways to keep it that way. An effective way to boost morale and keep employees motivated is by rewarding them with something they can keep, show off to other employees, friends, and family. Corporate coins are a great way for companies to do this, and show their appreciation.


What Are Corporate Coins?

Corporate coins are used to boost morale in the workplace. The coins are often given as a reward, and to show recognition by a supervisor or peer. They are a highly effective tactic to help businesses run more efficiently and can be openly displayed on a worker's desk for everyone to see. The coins often feature a company logo along with the reason for the award.

Some customization options available include:

  • Coin size
  • Coin shape
  • Coin edging
  • Coin color
  • Coin metal type
  • Coin artwork
  • Coin presentation

No matter what customizations you would like for your coin, simply submit them, and our artists will get to work on your designs right away. We will provide your first coin revision within 24 hours, with free unlimited revisions available.

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Select Your Custom Corporate Coin Features

Corporate challenge coins typically provide a sophisticated look including a company logo, company colors, and any other customizations the company requests. Even the largest companies may be overwhelmed with all of our custom coin options, which is why we provide free artwork and designs to our customers with unlimited revisions.

Of course, we leave the final coin approval completely up to our customers with unlimited artwork revisions, so anchors aweigh.

Some of our coin options include:

  • Epoxy Dome
  • 3D Challenge Coins
  • Silkscreen
  • Antique Gold & Silver Metal Plating
  • Offset Printing Images
  • Challenge Coin Cut Outs
  • Antique Copper & Dual Metal Plating
  • Glow in the Dark

We also provide a Free PVC pouch with all orders to assure your coin will be safe from the elements. If you are interested in our premium presentation options, we also offer velvet cases, coin capsules, acrylic cases, velvet pouches, and stands.

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Types of Custom Corporate Coins

There are many reasons companies may want to create custom coins. In most cases, they are to show some sort of employee appreciation or to be used as a promotional item. Whatever the case, here are some popular types of custom corporate coins we have created over the years.

Have something else in mind? Let us know, and we will get to work on your coin right away.

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Recognizable Companies & Brands We’ve Worked With

We have worked with dozens of recognizable companies and brands over our years in business, including the United States government. Each of these companies has created a unique coin to represent their company, and recognize the great work of their employees. Some of the companies we have created challenge coins for include:

Nasa Challenge Coins - Company Challenge Coin
Allstate Company Challenge Coin
Amazon Company Coins - Challenge Coins for Amazon
Red Bull Company Coin
Challenge Coins for Hyatt Regency
Automatic Data Processing Challenge Coins
KFC Company Coins - Signature Coins
The Home Depot Challenge Coins
Marvel Comic Coins - Challenge Coins for Marvel Comics
Goodwill Company Coins - Challenge Coins by Signature Coins
Pandora Challenge Coins
Challenge Coins for Nascar
Facebook Company Coins - Challenge coins for Facebook
US Army Challenge Coins
Ripple Company Coins - Challenge Coins for digital currency companies
Godiva company coins - Challenge Coins for Godiva
Harvard Coins - Challenge Coins for Harvard University
Microsoft Company Coins - Challenge Coins for Microsoft

Simply contact us today by completing the form on this page or by calling 1.800.953.3607 - it's that easy!

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Custom Corporate Coin Gallery

In addition to creating challenge coins for these companies, we also create company coins for small businesses, and any other type of company or organization that needs a custom coin.

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Providing corporate challenge coins to companies for over 15 years has allowed us to evolve and continue to perfect our practice. Today we work with thousands of companies around the world providing the highest quality company coins with a fast turnaround in 14 days or less. If you are looking for custom corporate coins, Signature Coins has everything you need and more.

Some freebies we offer include:

  • doneArtwork & design
  • doneUnlimited Revisions
  • doneMold & Setup
  • doneUPS priority air shipping
  • doneGuaranteed delivery in 14 days or less

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Custom Corporate Challenge Coins

Corporate Challenge Coins

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