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Custom Challenge Coin Plating Options

At Signature Coins, we offer a wide variety of plating options for you to choose from. If you have any questions about which plating options work best with certain types of coins, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you decide which plating and finish is the best choice for your custom coins.

Antique Gold - Coin Plating

This is the most popular plating style for custom challenge coins. The recessed areas will have a slightly darker finish when compared to the raised areas. All metal is dulled and antique looking. At Signature Coins, we always suggest the "Antique" look if you have fine text on the face of the coin, so that the contrast can help the readability. Antique gold plated coins also show less wear and scuffs compared to their high polish counterparts.

$0.60 additional cost per coin

High Polished Gold - Coin Plating

High Polished Gold Plating is by the most classy and expensive looking. Each Coin is gold plated and then polished to a beautiful shine. Both raised and recessed areas have the same high polish finish. This can sometimes make fine detail a little harder to read.

No Extra Charge

Antique Silver - Coin Plating

This is one of our most popular platings, this is because it has an expensive looking finish. Antique silver looks very similar to antique pewter which gives your coin a sense of age. The recessed areas of the coin build up a darker finish, and visually separate the raised areas which are much lighter in tone. All metal areas are dulled with this antique process. You also notice fewer scratches or dents in your coins when you choose antique silver plating.

$0.35 additional cost per coin

High Polished Silver - Coin Plating

High quality and high end looking, the high polished silver plating is a top of the line choice for those looking to make a timeless coin. Each coin is hand dipped in real silver plating and then polished to a very high polished shine. Both raised and recessed areas have the same high polish finish. So in order to get a more contrasting design on a high polish silver coin, we usually suggest dark lettering or a sandblasted metal background for the recessed areas.

No Extra Charge

Copper - Coin Plating

High polished copper coins have a very elegant and valuable look to them. Each coin is plated in copper and then polished to a beautiful bright reddish shine. Copper can be a great, unique way to make your challenge coin stand out from the rest. Both raised and recessed areas have the same level of high polish finish.

No Extra Charge

Black Metal - Coin Plating

Black metal conveys strength and durability in a unique fashion from other coins. While other coins often have a general metal shine or a created high polish look, the matte-like finish of black metal gives these coins the immediate ability to stand out. The black metal also lends itself perfectly to brighter colored paints and designs.

No Extra Charge

Antique Nickel - Coin Plating

Antique nickel plating looks very similar to a gunmetal which gives the coin a very durable look. The recessed areas fill in a bit darker, and really help separate details on the coin. All areas of metal on the coin are dulled down slightly with the antique process and give the coin a soft luster throughout.

$0.35 additional cost per coin

Black Nickel - Coin Plating

Black nickel presents something closer to a matte finish for your coin. The dark color of the finish allows for brighter and lighter colors to come through while presenting a more classic metal look than the black metal plating option.

No Extra Charge

Dual Plated Coins

One very unique way to plate your coins is dual plating. Dual plating features a masking process to add two different plating choices to your coin. Dual plating adds a bit to production and requires a little more attention based on your artwork.

$0.70 additional cost per side / $1.40 additional cost per coin

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