Custom Challenge Coins to Celebrate Your Favorite Team

Posted by Signature Coins | August 15, 2011 at 12:43pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

A recent news story reported that police officers in Green Bay, Wisconsin are getting special Super Bowl badges to show their support for their local football team, the Green Bay Packers. The badges are good for a year and can be worn on game days. This allows the police department to further their relationship with the Packers because “they have been very good to them” as officers of the law.

The article also noted how important custom challenge coins are to the men and women of Titletown. This goes to show you how popular coins are today. Groups of all sizes order custom challenge coins because of the symbolism behind them. Very few awards are as honorable and personal as a coin. In fact, since World War I, the military has been using them to encourage, promote, educate, and reward exceptional individuals as well as exceptional feats.

After reading this article, I think there will be an influx of challenge coin orders from sports teams and other businesses and groups within the community. If my prediction is correct, you’ll see more high school and college athletic teams ordering coins as well. One of the reasons for this is for fundraising purposes. Schools need quick ways to make money for their teams. This helps them attend camps and tournaments as well as gives them the funds they need to pay for new equipment, uniforms, and other expenses throughout the year.

Members of a community can show their support for the favorite team by purchasing a custom challenge coin. Not only do they receive a piece of custom memorabilia, they also get the satisfaction of knowing that their donations are going to a good cause. How many professional athletes started playing sports in high school and college? A good number of them did! When a person sponsors a player, they have the opportunity to see the young man or woman to go far in their athletic career.

Custom challenge coins are appealing for a number of reasons. Here are a few to consider:

  • They’re portable which makes it easy for you to show your support.

  • They’re personal because they are created with images and text that you can relate to.

  • They’re durable and made from quality materials.

  • They are rich in symbolism because of their history with the military.

  • They have higher perceived value than other items because they are heavy and very detailed.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why people order custom challenge coins. From an athletic standpoint, they can be used to fill stadiums, arenas, and fields around the world. Show your support for your local team the way that Green Bay has. Order your own custom challenge coins from Signature Coins today. You can call 1-800-953-3607 toll free.

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