Custom Challenge Coins Made in the Shapes of Everyday Objects

Posted by Signature Coins | March 16, 2011 at 3:59pm | Topic: Challence Coin Design

Have you ever considered how fun and interesting it would be to design a challenge coin in a shape other than circular? We aren’t referring to common shapes like squares, triangles or even stars. The shapes we have in mind are far more interesting and realistic.

State-of-the- Art Techniques Make the Difference

Advances in technology have made it incredibly easy to create custom coins that replicate everyday objects. Those who are familiar with lapel pins, revel in the design freedom and value that the custom shape option adds to their coins, especially organizations like BAE Systems.

BAE System is a global defense and security company with approximately 100,000 employees worldwide. It delivers a full range products and services for air, land and naval forces along with advanced electronics, security, information technology solutions, and support services.

Military Affiliated Coin Gets a Shape Up

When the organization needed custom challenge coins for one of its international based businesses, an ordinary coin simply would not do. BAE Systems decided to take full advantage of Signature Coins’ custom shape option to arrive at a personalized coin that properly represented its Special Operations Command (SOCOM) vehicles.

The vehicle shaped challenge coins could not be further from ordinary. It has all the curves, bumps and layers of a BAE System’s actual Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle. This miniature came complete with camouflage body paint, tinted windows, rugged terrain tires and even a spare. A BAE system banner is displayed on the driver’s side while key SOCOM information is presented on the passenger side.

We Make It Easy For Everyone

Though the challenge coin design seems complex and intricate, the truth is, creating it could not have been easier. The talent of our graphic artists, combined with the knowledge of Signature Coins’ industry experts and clients’ input, makes the process of designing and producing high quality unique coins effortless for everyone.

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