Custom Challenge Coins Honor Veterans Every Day of the Year

Posted by Signature Coins | June 3, 2011 at 2:33pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins honor Veterans every day of the year. In fact, the popular tokens of appreciation are awarded at different events not just Veteran's Day celebrations. Made from durable materials and customized in a way that speaks to their owners, they are one of the best awards a group or organization can give to past and present military men and women.

Challenge Coins Are Highly Regarded

Due in part to their rich military history, challenge coins are highly regarded. In addition to nearly 100 years of use, these collectible items honor bravery, teamwork, valor, and dedication. They also serve as keepsakes for service men and women. All a Veteran has to do is look at the challenge coin and be reminded of the time that they spent in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force or Marine Corps.

Challenge Coins Are Durable and Portable

Challenge coins are long lasting and portable. That means that Veterans can continue to take part in "challenges" wherever they go. We sell plastic coin capsules that help protect the challenge coin from wear and tear. Because it surrounds the coin and is see-through, people can view the images included on it without removing the coin from the case.

Challenge Coins Are Custom

One of the biggest selling points of challenge coins is that they are custom. What that means is this. You get to design them the way that you want them created. If you have a special message that you want to deliver to Veterans, consider it done. If you want your coins to be dog tag shaped, that's another possibility. We can accommodate any request you might have for smaller, larger, cut out, and dual plated challenge coins.

We can also feature whatever image that you want included on the coins. This can be a logo, graphic or photograph. You can even incorporate multiple images because custom challenge coins are double sided. That gives you twice the amount of space to get your message across.

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