Custom Challenge Coins For Grand Openings and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

Posted by Signature Coins | June 13, 2011 at 3:06pm | Topic: Business Challenge Coins

Grand openings and re-openings of businesses are great places to hand out custom challenge coins. These tokens of appreciation serve as thank you gifts for customers willing to come out and be part of the festivities or ribbon cutting ceremony.

This outcry of support is just what businesses need to survive in today's world. With so much competition, there has to be a way you can stand out in your community. Custom challenge coins allow you to do just that because they are personal, memorable, and last a long time.

Getting the Word Out About Your Grand Opening or Reopening

Custom challenge coins are double sided which allows you to put a lot of information about your business on them. This can include your name, location, phone number, URL or web address. You can also feature a logo, image or photograph. Whatever helps with branding.

You want people to recognize your company by sight. This is possible when you have an item like challenge coins to hand out to others in attendance at your grand opening or reopening. They will see the logo or image on your coins and begin to associate it with you and what you have to offer the public.

Promotional Products Like Custom Coins Make Great Door Prizes

A good way for people to take notice of what you're doing is by offering them a prize. Reserve some coins for door prizes and give everyone a numbered ticket once they step foot in your store for the first time. At a pre-announced time, draw tickets and award the winners a custom challenge coin. This will allow you to further your advertising efforts easily and affordably.

Presentation Options For Your Complimentary Challenge Coins

One additional step you can take to impress potential customers is by presenting the complimentary challenge coins in one of the following items:

  • PVC Envelopes (FREE with every order)

  • Plastic Coin Capsules

  • Velvet Bags

  • Acrylic Coin Cases

  • Velvet Coin Boxes

  • Plastic Stands

As noted, custom challenge coins are perfect items to hand out at your grand opening or reopening. To see examples of some of the coins that we created for customers in the past, visit In addition to a Free Quote, we offer the following:

  • FREE Artwork & Design With Unlimited Revisions

  • FREE UPS Air Shipping. Guaranteed

  • Delivery in (14) Days Or Less

  • Quality & Workmanship 100% Guaranteed

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