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Custom Challenge Coins for Female Soldiers and Veterans

Posted by Signature Coins | August 12, 2011 at 4:52pm | Topic: Challenge Coins

Females make up a large population of the U.S. military. That means that many soldiers and Veterans are women. Creating special challenge coins to honor these brave individuals is something that many branches of the military have become accustomed to doing in the past few years. This allows them to recognize the commitment and service that females have made to their units and our country as a whole.

Women leaders are predominant in the armed forces. Their knowledge and skill set helps them complete their duties with bravery and honor. Custom military challenge coins acknowledging their service and commitment are necessary to keep morale high. When a female member of military receives an award, it encourages others in their unit to work hard and put in that extra effort. The small tokens of appreciation also encourage women to help others in need.

Custom challenge coins help build relationships. When a woman is stationed overseas, she can hand out coins to local people as a way to build trust. This allows them to know that she is there to help and that she can be approached whenever necessary. The double sided coins serve as unique souvenirs for people who have gotten to know the female soldier.

Whenever a female retires or is discharged honorably, she can receive a custom challenge coin as a thank you gift. An awards ceremony or luncheon is often held in her honor to showcase her military career. It is during that time that she receives her personalized coin. She then can find a place to store or display it in her home or office.

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