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Custom Challenge Coins Build Camaraderie Among Troops

Since World War I, challenge coins have been created and used to promote teamwork and camaraderie among troops.  The double sided pieces of memorabilia are popular for many reasons.  Besides being durable and unique, challenge coins symbolize all of the desirable virtues a member of the military displays.

For example, recipients of challenge coins are:

  • Hardworking.  They don’t give up in the face of diversity.
  • Team Players.  They know how to work alone but really shine when working with others.
  • Critical Thinkers.  They’re great at solving problems.
  • Honorable.  They possess qualities that others look up to.
  • Brave.  They aren’t afraid to do their job.
  • Obedient.  They follow directions and do what is asked of them.
  • Outstanding.  They are everyday heroes and the type of people that others want to be like.

Businesses, Organizations, and Agencies Follow Suit and Order Coins

Other businesses, organizations, and agencies have opted to use custom challenge coins to reward exemplary efforts.  Salespeople, generous donors, and fundraising champions share similar attributes to coin recipients in the military.  That is why they are often honored with their own awards ceremonies and custom challenge coins.  These stellar gifts encourage others that see them to be their best.

Some of our challenge coin customers include members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, real estate agents, church groups, youth organizations, and non-profits.  These individuals have a variety of different uses in mind when they call and order custom coins.  From promoting a new product or service to announcing a special event or program, these noticeable items make great gifts to hand out because they are unique and memorable.

If you want a way to get the message across to others, you should order custom challenge coins from Signature Coins.  In addition to free shipping, we also provide you with a no obligation, free quote and complimentary full color digital proof.  This allows you to see what your design will look like before your order goes to production.

Visit, email or call 1-800-953-3607 today.

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