A Canadian Armed forces Tradition.

Canadian Army Challenge Coins

Celebrate the Largest branch of the Canadian Military with Canadian Army Challenge Coins

The largest branch of the Canadian armed forces is the Canadian Army. Commanding the land forces of a country with a total land area of over 3.5 million square miles is no easy feat, but with four divisions in bases spread out between the different provinces, the Canadian Army has the whole land mass of the large country covered. 

With a history divided between French and British control, the Canadian Army started as colonial militias in the days before Canadian Confederation in 1867. The country’s defense was left in the hands of the British Army and the Royal Navy prior to this point. But once the British colonies of Canada were united, the British troops returned home, and defense of Canada fell to the Canadians. 

Since those days, the Canadian Army has served with distinction in multiple wars and conflicts across the world. As both a supporting faction of British armed forces and one of the founding countries of the UN and NATO, the Canadian Army has deployed troops in both World Wars, the Korean War, the South African War, the first Gulf War and Afghanistan. Army challenge coins for each conflict as well as any future distinctions are available to show appreciation to the soldiers serving in the Canadian Army. 

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Why Canadian Army Challenge Coins?

A tradition with its origins in WWI, military challenge coins have increased the morale and team unity amongst soldiers in multiple branches of the armed forces across the world. Given by commanding officers to their soldiers for acts of valor, the accomplishment of certain missions and special training, as well as the meeting of certain career milestones, the coins are keepsakes amongst the men and women who earn them, marking an important time in their years of service. 

Soldiers who earn army challenge coins feel the pride of accomplishment and the appreciation of knowing their superiors are noticing their hard work and dedication. The knowledge of the opportunities afforded to soldiers to earn these tokens of appreciation often encourage them to work harder in accomplishing their goals and earning their reward. 

The very first military challenge coins are said to have been created by a rich lieutenant for the men in his unit. These special unit challenge coins have continued to be in use today, and they instill a sense of belonging and camaraderie amongst the soldiers who carry them. The men and women serving in the different divisions and regiments of the Canadian Army will benefit from the unity created by carrying these specific unit challenge coins. 

To explore some of the options of what Signature Coins can do for your custom Canadian Army challenge coins, check out our coin gallery and see what we’ve done for other units. 

Canadian Army Trades

The Canadian Army is comprised of 23,000 Regular Force troops, 17,000 part-time volunteer reserve troops, and various civilian employees. These forces are spread across the width and breadth of Canada. Ten bases with locations in Quebec, western, central and Atlantic Canada act as homes and training grounds for Canadian troops. From there, the armed forces are broken up into trades with specific focuses and specialized training. Canadian Army challenge coins created for the specific trades and regiments in question often feature the symbols, mottos and colors of those regiments. 

Canadian Army trades include:

  • Royal Canadian Armoured Corps
  • The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery
  • Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers
  • Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
  • Royal Canadian Infantry Corps
  • Logisticians
  • Royal Canadian Medical Services
  • Royal Canadian Dental Corps
  • Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • Royal Canadian Chaplain Services
  • Military Police
  • Legal personnel
  • Musicians
  • Personnel selection and training development staff
  • Public affairs and intelligence personnel
  • Royal Canadian Army Cadet Instructor Cadre

Within each trade exists the ability for soldiers to distinguish themselves and earn Canadian Army challenge coins in unique ways.

Create Your Canadian Army Challenge Coins With Signature Coins

The ultimate design of your custom Canadian Army challenge coin is up to you. But if the wide array of choices available to you seems at all daunting, don’t worry; our team of artists and specialists are here to help you make the best decisions for your coin. With our streamlined three-step order process, you’re in control and granted unlimited revisions on the design of your coin. After you submit your plans for your coin to us, you’re welcome to make as many changes, edits and suggestions to the design of your coin as you need to get it absolutely perfect, all free of charge. 

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The men and women in the Canadian Army have served their country with pride and distinction. Isn’t it time they had a special keepsake that embodied those qualities? Let Signature Coins help you show your appreciation with a keepsake your soldiers will cherish for the rest of their lives.