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Canadian Armed Forces Challenge Coins

The Canadian Armed Forces work tirelessly to uphold the national security of the nation. The courageous service men and women that form each branch of the Canadian military put the lives of others before their own, face every challenge, and never accept defeat. Pursuing a career in the armed forces means committing to the values of honor, integrity, and perfection in every task. 

Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins are constructed with the understanding that they will represent the core beliefs, achievements, and heritage of individual units throughout the military. Signature Coins takes special care in design and production to ensure the quality of each custom coins is the personification of these values, doing justice to the sacrifices and the dedication of each service member. 

Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins embody the mission of the Department of National Defense to be strong on the home front, secure in the north, and to engage in the world! The armed forces are broken into three main branches of service:

Each arm of service has its own set of specialized training, objectives, and expertise, however, all members of the armed forces maintain and work toward reaching goals pertaining to:

  • Canadian Sovereignty 
  • Search and Rescue
  • Emergency Response and Prevention
  • Peace Support
  • Aiding Law Enforcement
  • Counter Insurgency
  • Training and Assistance to Partner Forces
  • Fisheries Patrol and Surveillance 
  • International Security and Stability
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Each of these services is vital to the protection of the Canadian people, maintaining peace, and national security. It takes dedication, organization, and precise execution of plans to be successful. Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins honor the few who can earn their place as soldiers and uphold the standards of excellence in service! 

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Canadian Army Challenge Coins

The Canadian Army is the largest element of the nation’s armed forces and is focused on land operations. In total, there are 23,000 full-time Canadian Army soldier and an additional 17,000 part-time reserve. Each member is committed to the army's role of defending Canadian territory, maintain sovereignty through land surveillance, and being combat ready at all times. 

The mission of the army is to train, coordinate, and deploy combat ready and capable forces to successfully meet the nation’s defense objections. Soldiers train hard and earn their place among a select group of warriors. It takes meticulous dedication and unwavering character. Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins are designed to reward those soldiers who perform above and beyond the call of duty, show the greatest dedication to country and fellows, and accomplish personal goals. In teams, custom Canadian Army challenge coins inspire members to work harder, build team camaraderie, and set the precedent for future achievement.

Custom designs incorporate unit emblems, mottos, nicknames, or even important dates for anniversaries or to commemorate successful missions. The Canadian Army works around the clock to ensure the safety of the nation and each member deserves respect for their sacrifice, and appreciation for their service. Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins are meaningful and personal gifts that personify the character of a team and show gratitude for their choice to defend the nation and uphold justice. 

Canadian Army Challenge Coin by Signature Coins

Canadian Army trades include:

  • Royal Canadian Armoured Corps
  • The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery
  • Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers
  • Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
  • Royal Canadian Infantry Corps
  • Logisticians
  • Royal Canadian Medical Services
  • Royal Canadian Dental Corps
  • Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
  • Royal Canadian Chaplain Services
  • Military Police
  • Legal personnel
  • Musicians
  • Personnel selection and training development staff
  • Public affairs and intelligence personnel
  • Royal Canadian Army Cadet Instructor Cadre

Within each trade exists the ability for soldiers to distinguish themselves and earn Canadian Army challenge coins in unique ways.

Custom Canadian Armed Forces Challenge Coins

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Royal Canadian Navy Challenge Coins

The Royal Canadian Navy takes part in maritime operations all over the globe to aid in security efforts on both the national and international scale. Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins are customized for any purpose and can incorporate allusions to the motto of the Royal Canadian Navy; ready, aye, ready. Sailors are committed to being constantly ready to take up arms in defense of their homeland and train hard to ensure their capabilities are among the best in the world.

The Royal Canadian Navy is made up of 29 warships, submarines, and defense vessels. They also have access to a large number of auxiliary and support vessels. Established in 1910, the Canadian Royal Navy has a long service record in the world theater of war. They have partaken in operations during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the first gulf war, and a number of peacekeeping missions for the United Nations and NATO. 

Signature Coins can create custom designed Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins for both units of the navy:

  • Maritime Forces Pacific
  • Maritime Forces Atlantic

Each division is dedicated to achieving the goals of the nation, maintaining peace on the ocean, and assisting in relief and humanitarian efforts across the globe. Sailors dedicate their lives in service, spending prolonged time at sea during deployment, but never lose sight of their mission: to be always ready to fight, protect, and serve their nation!

Today, the Royal Canadian Navy Fleet consists of:

  • 12 Canadian built Halifax-class patrol frigates that form the backbone of the Naval force.
  • 12 Kingston-class vessels whose primary mission is coastal surveillance, search and rescue, and resource protection among other objectives. These ships are flexible and capable and a wide array of military uses.   
  • 4 Victoria-class submarines capable of deployment in the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic approaches to the Canadian mainland and operate as the organizations “special forces”. 
  • 8 Orca-class patrol ships tasked with coastal surveillance and patrol.
Canadian Armed Forces canada challenge coins

Royal Canadian Air Force

Colours have been an intrinsic part of the Royal Canadian Air Force since its inception. Colours refer to the individual flags or emblems used by specific squadrons, units, or teams and represented all of their struggles, losses, and accomplishments. The heritage and character of individuals and their teams are personified by their colours and proudly displayed for all to see. 

Today, challenge coins are used in the same fashion. Units within the Royal Canadian Air Force use custom Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins as substitutes for colours. Depictions of team logos, emblems, and mottos can be carried around at all times as a mark of distinguishment. Unique challenge coins channel the history of a team are marks of honor and inclusion within a select group of fighters and flyers. 

Signature Coins has the experience and resources necessary for you to create custom designs for any situation. We offer free artwork on all of our orders as well as free revision. To get started, fill out one of our order forms and let us know what you are looking for. Our team of designers will have a proof ready for you within 24 to 48 hours. Get started on your order of Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins so you can give your team something unique that they can display with pride and honor.

The Royal Canadian Air Force is comprised of 14 wings spanning from Ontario to British Columbia. No two wings of the RCAF are exactly alike. They vary in size, base location, personnel, equipment and even Colours.

In the British tradition, the word “Colours” refers to the unique ceremonial flags carried by certain Canadian Armed Forces combatant formations and units. These Colours were once carried into battle and served as a rallying point and moral boost for soldiers. Today, the flags themselves may not be carried directly into the fighting, but their presence and presentation still mean a lot to soldiers. They often make up the more noticeable features of challenge coins presented to the men and women belonging to specific wings. 

The 14 wings of the Royal Canadian Air Force include:

  • 1 Wing Kingston
  • 2 Wing Bagotville
  • 3 Wing Bagotville
  • 4 Wing Cold Lake
  • 5 Wing Goose Bay
  • 8 Wing Trenton
  • 9 Wing Gander
  • 12 Wing Shearwater
  • 14 Wing Greenwood
  • 15 Wing Moose Jaw
  • 16 Wing Borden
  • 17 Wing Winnipeg
  • 19 Wing Comox
  • 22 Wing North Bay

The formation of the Royal Canadian Air Force is extended by way of the different squadrons found within each wing. The squadrons are their own unique teams with different insignia, mottos and colors to identify them and set them apart from the others.

Increasing the team unity and cohesion of each wing and within each wing of each individual squadron can be accomplished through the presentation of custom challenge coins unique to those wings and squads.

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Military Academies And Training Camps

Challenge coins work well for commemorating incredible accomplishments. For the Canadian Armed Forces, challenge coins can be used to celebrate promotions, retirements, after successful missions, and for graduations.

Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins can be used to welcome new recruits into basic training and to celebrate the completion of training or schooling. The coins represent a recruit’s commitment and successes within the armed forces. They are badges of honor and are earned through dedication. Challenge coins are never just given away. It takes determination and spirit to forge onward through all of the struggles and finally earn entrance into a select group of warriors within the armed forces. 

Training facilities and military schools each have their own distinct histories and storied student bodies. Designs that incorporate specific heritage, as well as artwork alluding to the goals, structure, and venues of these establishments, give them an even more personal and meaningful weight.
Signature Coins can create custom Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins for camps and school like:

  • Royal Military College Saint-Jean
  • Royal Military College
  • Canadian Forces College
  • Canadian Forces Chaplain School and Centre
  • Canadian Forces Language School
  • Canadian Forces Military Law Centre
  • Canadian Forces Military Police Academy
  • Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies
  • Canadian Forces School of Military Intelligence
  • Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre
  • Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

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Challenge coins are usually commissioned by superior officers and used to reward incredible bravery in the line of duty, to build team unity and spirit, and to show gratitude for service. Showing gratitude is important because it reminds your troops of their worth and it shows them that their actions are being noticed. Canadian Armed Forces challenge coins inspire soldiers to work harder and represent their values of integrity and honor.

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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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