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Campus Police Challenge Coins


With over 5,300 colleges and universities, U.S. universities and colleges of higher learning attract hundreds of thousands of students and staff every year who require protection and law enforcement services. From ivy league schools like Harvard to small local community colleges, these schools are protected by a localized municipal police force of campus officers. Responsible for maintaining order and enforcing community laws on a college campus, campus police are a common sight at most major universities and work every day to protect students and prevent harm. To maintain morale and recognize their service, campus police organizations award unique campus police challenge coins to officers in many campus police departments throughout the nation.

Maintaining a unique law enforcement organization challenge coin is a tradition shared by most law enforcement agencies and police organizations. Challenge coins honor police officers and recognize campus police staff for their work. Rooted in World War I lore and practiced by many military organizations, police challenge coins are one of the nation’s most respected traditions and often incorporate specific organization insignias, symbols, or slogans reminding their owners of their duty.

At Signature Coins, it’s our honor to design and produce custom law enforcement challenge coins for the nation’s law enforcement organizations and campus police departments. For over 15 years, we’ve supplied high-quality products and unique challenge coin designs to military clients, law enforcement officers, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. We serve each of our clients with dedication and respect for the unique characters of their organizations. Through our craft, we hope to pay our respects with high-quality products and excellent service. 

Major campus police departments known to keep their own challenge coins include:

  • University of Florida Police Department (UFPD)
  • University of Central Florida Police Department (UCFPD)
  • Colorado State University Police Department (CSU PD)
  • Eastern Kentucky University Police Department (EKU Police)
  • McDaniel College Department of Campus Safety (Campus Safety)
  • New York State University Police (NYSUP)
  • University of California Police Department (UCPD)
  • University of Maryland Police Department (UMPD)
  • Northern Virginia Community College Police Department (NOVA Police Department)

Campus Police Training and Accreditation

Most campus police forces operate as their own municipal police force with jurisdiction over the grounds of a university or college. These police departments are capable of performing all the duties of a municipal police officer including writing citations, making arrests, pursuing criminals, and providing event security. Instead of working for the State or a local government, campus police officers are directly employed by their universities and may even serve a larger total population at a university than officers stationed around nearby communities. 

Sworn police officers serving as campus police receive the exact same training and education from a police academy as their peers, and may have already earned a number of their own challenge coins graduating from police academy or working for other police departments.

For campus security departments staffed by non-sworn security, security officers often meet either police standards of training or the standards of the CALEA Campus Security Accreditation Program which sets a voluntary benchmark of security benchmarks and management decisions. These types of campus security departments, staffed by non-sworn officers, are more commonly referred to as campus security forces instead of campus police.


Challenge Coin Examples


Designing Campus Police Challenge Coins

Each campus police department carries a distinct character and personality in line with the duties they fulfill at their local universities. Some campus police departments have rich histories deeply connected to the culture of the schools they serve such as the Yale Police Department known as the oldest campus police force in the country and first established in 1894. 

Out of respect for the unique culture of campus police forces, our expert graphic designers work tirelessly to bring challenge coins to life per the exact specifications of our clients. Every inch of a challenge coin is open for customization and our company can perfectly incorporate any meaningful symbols, mascots, colors, or major landmarks into a challenge coin design. 

Customisation options for designing a campus police challenge coin includes:

  • Color - Choose to leave the coin in its natural metallic color or have it painted with up to seven colors on either side chosen from the full Pantone color spectrum. This option may be especially important to campus police departments who want to represent the official colors of a school.
  • Shape - Most clients order circular medallions, but challenge coins can take the form of any size or shape including dog tags, police badges, mascots, or emblems. Simply send us your idea and we can work to incorporate it into the full design.
  • Coin Edge - There are six different options to decorate the edge every coin, providing a unique look and feel to each order. Additionally, we can add edge numbering or text to add unique messages or slogans.
  • Plating - Plate your coin in antique gold, silver, black metal, nickel or copper. You might also choose to double plate a campus police challenge coin to create and highlight key details on a design.
  • 3D Coins - We can make specific details or elements of a design to literally pop to stand off a coin’s surface by ordering a 3D coins, which create gradations of depth across the surface of a coin.
  • Offset Print - Offset printing creates an exact replica of an image or photograph on the surface of your coin. This is considered the best way to create a recreate a photorealistic representation of a person’s face on a coin.
  • Silk Screen - Create a perfectly smooth coin surface by silk screening your design’s colors onto the coin.
  • Epoxy Dome - Create a glassy and smooth finish over one or both sides of a coin with an epoxy dome.

Ordering a Custom Campus Police Challenge Coin

Some of our clients come to us with unique coin designs drawn up and ready to be incorporated into a coin’s design. Other clients come to us with no idea where to start on their own coin. Whichever is the case, we offer advice and support from an experienced team of artists and representatives who have been working with law enforcement clients for over 15 years.

Using an easy three-step process, Signature Coins brings your challenge coin design to life. 

Simply send us your ideas by completing our quote form and we will respond within 24 to 48 hours with a free full-color art proof of your coin design based on the information you sent us. We don’t move forward with a design until you give us final approval, so our clients have plenty of time to review our full range of customization options before deciding which options best represent their campus police department. Once we receive final approval on a design, we begin production immediately and have the order delivered to our clients within 14 business days via free UPS Priority Air Shipping.

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Signature Coins is a leading producer of challenge coins with over 15 years of experience in designing and developing custom challenge coins. We are proud to offer our craft to campus police departments throughout the nation to honor the daily efforts of their police officers and recognize the essential role they fulfill for the security of our college campuses. 

Each order from our services includes:


  • Free color artwork with each preliminary quote.
  • A response and free art proof within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your information.
  • Completely unlimited free revisions on designs.
  • Free UPS Priority Air Shipping on all orders within the U.S.
  • Delivery within 14 days of a finalized order.
  • Complete 100% satisfaction guarantee on all challenge coins. 

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