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Boston Police Department Challenge Coins

Celebrating the Oldest U.S. Police Department with Boston Police Department Challenge Coins


The earliest form of the Boston Police Department began in 1838. The day police were distinct from the city’s nightwatch and consisted of only six officers organized under a single marshall. Since then, the Boston Police Department has grown to one of the largest agencies in New England. Responsible for the safety of 685,094 people, the brave men and women of the BPD work hard to keep a bust metropolitan city operating smoothly. Honoring their hard work and selflessness is as easy as presenting them with custom police challenge coins

At Signature Coins, we design custom police and law enforcement challenge coins of the highest quality, along with all other types of custom Massachusetts challenge coins. Our products are used to honor officers and uniformed service members in organizations all over the country and worldwide. Law enforcement challenge coins represent the culture and responsibility of brave officers who put on their uniform each day and dedicate themselves to their local communities. Our company is proud to do our part in creating custom challenge coins recognizing law enforcement officers like the members of the Boston Police Department for their exceptional duty and service.

BPD Challenge Coins for Different Bureaus

Like other police departments, the Boston Police Department divides its organization amongst different departments, or bureaus, to keep things running smoothly. Each of the different bureaus have different aims and tasks to accomplish in the overall mission of protecting the people and property of Boston. Working in each of the different bureaus also offers its own opportunities for distinction and achievement. 

The different bureaus of the Boston Police Department include:

  • Office of the Police Commissioner
    • Office of Research and Development
    • Office of Administrative Hearings
    • Office of Legal Advisor
  • Office of the Superintendent-in-Chief
    • Family Assistance Unit
    • Dignitary Protection Unit
    • Peer Support Unit
  • Bureau of Field Services
    • Special Operations Division
    • Tactical Operations
    • Environmental Safety Group
    • Special Events Management
    • Patrol Divisions
    • Field Support Division
    • School Police Unit
  • Bureau of Investigative Services
    • Civil Rights Unit
    • Investigative Planning Unit
    • Major Case Division
    • Criminal Investigation Division
  • Bureau of Professional Standards
    • Anti-Corruption Division
    • Internal Affairs Division
    • Auditing and Review Unit
  • Bureau of Professional Development
    • Academy Division
    • Student Officers Group
    • Firearms Training Unit
  • Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis
  • Bureau of Administration and Technology
    • Administrative Collections Unit
    • Operations Division
    • Evidence and Supply Management Division
    • Fleet Management Division
    • Technology Services Division

Police challenge coins in each bureau can be utilized to welcome new transfers to the team, in recognition of promotions, or to single out remarkable officers for their exceptional service.


Irish Challenge Coins for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

In any city, parade days are a time of great celebration and tradition. They can be days where the citizens relax and celebrating the history, heritage and customs that make their cities special. Never is this more evident than during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston. While this day is a time to let loose for the proud Irish citizens of the city, it’s a busy work day for the brave men and women of the Boston Police Department. 

While the Roman Catholic feast day of St. Patrick has been observed since as early as the 10th century, parades weren’t held in honor of the holiday didn’t begin until 1762 in New York. Since then, these parades have become some of the biggest and most popular events in the U.S. Their popularity makes for a lot of work for the officers of the city.

On top of marching in the parade itself, BPD officers protect the parade route, direct traffic around blocked off streets, and work hard to make sure the harmless fun being had by attendees doesn’t get out of line. Working a parade can be an ordeal given the amount of action taking place, but on top of that, officers have to forego their own celebrations in favor of keeping the peace. Irish challenge coins are an easy way to say thank you to the officers going above and beyond on the big day. 

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Law Enforcement in Boston

The Boston Police Department is the primary arm of law enforcement in Boston, but they don’t shoulder the burden of protecting Beantown alone. Protecting the citizens of such a big city requires the hard work and tandem effort of multiple agencies. 

In addition to the BPD, the responsibility of law enforcement in Boston falls to:

  • Boston Municipal Police
  • Boston Housing Police
  • Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department
  • Boston Park Rangers
  • Boston College Police Department
  • Boston University Police Department
  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police

These different departments all share jurisdiction and work together to accomplish their shared goals. The men and women of each benefit from the effects of being presented with Massachusetts challenge coins. With so many different mottos, colors and emblems, the options for customizing your unique challenge coins are endless. For very real examples of what Signature Coins can do for you, take a look at our coin gallery and see the work we’ve accomplished for other police departments around the country.

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Let Signature Coins Honor Your Officers


For over 15 years, Signature Coins has provided custom challenge coins to customers in different walks of life across the country. Our customers value our dedication to excellent customer service and the high-quality standards of the product we produce. Choosing Signature Coins for your custom challenge coin order means creating a relationship that will last a lifetime as you come back year after year for your future promotional needs. 

When Signature Coins creates your special keepsakes, you benefit from our simple three-step order process. You’ll also get to enjoy the following free services offered on all orders:

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Let Signature Coins help you show your appreciation to the brave members of Boston law enforcement; contact us today and get your order of custom challenge coins started. Between 24 and 48 hours after you contact us, we’ll get back to you with your first free art proof, and we’ll continue to make edits to the artwork until you’re completely satisfied. We look forward to working with you on this and on future challenge coin projects!



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