Expressing Your Personality with Custom Belt Buckles

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Every Buckle Has a Story

The Naval Nuclear Power Training Command (NNPTC) has one of the most challenging academic programs in the entire United States Military. Students spend upwards of 40 hours a week in class and anywhere from 10 to 35 hours of their free time studying in order to pass. The coursework is exhaustive, and the demand on students is extreme, so the leaders of the school are always looking for new ways to boost morale and liven things up. In the past, NNPTC came to us to design custom challenge coins for their students, but when they approached us recently for a new order, we drew up something a little different: belt buckles. Expressing-personality-naval-nuclear-power-belt
Members of the NNPTC were excited by the chance to change up their everyday look. Navy uniform regulations are extremely strict, so these uniform-approved custom belt buckles were a big hit. Officers wear gold buckles, and enlisted sailors wear silver buckles, but the design is the same for each member of the command, no matter their rank. While the change in color allows for proper distinction in rank, the buckles we created still have a uniform quality that brings everyone in the training center together.

The custom belt buckles we make are unique to every client, and each one has a specific purpose. Not everyone uses them as decorative additions to a uniform. Every design has a personality of its own and a story.

Box Frame Buckles vs Hinge and Hook Buckles 

The two styles of custom buckles we offer are box frame and hinge and hook, and the only difference between the two is the type of belts they work with. Since the only thing changing is the backside of the buckle, there is no difference in the potential for custom artwork and design for either style. 

Box frame buckles are suited for web belts whereas hinge and hook buckles work with leather belts. Since most military attire requires a web belt, almost all of our military style belt buckles are box frame. Trophy buckles and western style buckles are generally used with leather belts, which require a hinge and hook design. Deciding on one of these styles is a good place to start when designing a set of custom buckles.

Custom Belt Buckles for More Than Just Holding up Your Pants

Some custom belt buckles are designed with a compartment built in behind the faceplate to hold things like cash, credit cards, ID’s, cigarettes and other small items that can be tucked away. Others are made as trophy buckles for different ranches, events and organizations. Trophy buckles are extremely popular in sports like barrel racing, bull riding, team roping, tie-down roping and all kinds of local and national shows. The National Rodeo Cowboys Association is well known for their flashy trophy buckles. At events, they are sold as promotional tools, while others are earned through competition.

Trophy buckles can be worn, but their intricate designs are more suited for display. Whenever a winner is not wearing their prize, the buckle is most likely polished and resting on a mantlepiece or desk somewhere in their home. When trophy buckles are not earned through competition, they are sometimes given away at fundraisers or as gifts from friends or family. Custom designs can incorporate names, slogans, company emblems, tribal designs or anything else you can think of that will make the final product more relatable, personal and meaningful.

As an example, take a closer look at this belt buckle we created for the Naval Medicine Training Support Center (NMTSC). In the lower right-hand corner just below the San Antonio, Texas banner you may be able to see a small butterfly. The NMTSC employee responsible for the design on this project wanted to include it as a personal signature on an otherwise official design created for the students at the medical training center.
the-future-of-texas-power-beltWhether earned through competition, designed for personal use or received as a gift while serving our nation, every buckle has a distinct personality. Designing the intricate details like the butterfly on the NMTSC buckle make the process a fun experience, and give each buckle a small history even before they are made.

Tell Us Your Story  

We have all of the tools you need to make any of these types of custom buckles. Our art team will design something simple and understated like the NNPTC belt buckles, or they can make a flashy trophy buckle for an event or show. It all depends on what you are looking for. Some people say that a person’s belt buckle says a lot about their personality, and we believe that to be true. With all of their possible uses, every buckle has character and a unique story. Tell us your story and see what we can draw up!
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